October 13th, 2014

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141 Responses to “greedy”

  1. He took all of her.
    Sucked her back,
    Drained her down,
    Drank her marrow,
    Consumed her flesh,
    Until she was nothing,
    And he was her everything.
    This twisted yin yang danced around the corners of her retinas whenever she left the house,
    Hypnotizing until the end of time,
    Which is a week from now.

    By Siege URL on 10.13.2014

  2. Her lips were wide and ruby
    her eyes were green and cold
    her hands reached out in envy
    at all she couldn’t hold.

    By teachthegirl URL on 10.13.2014

  3. greedy…describes those who never have enough! They take and take and take. Greed is one of the seven venial sins! I think. There are lots of stories that teach about the evil of greed. Scrooge is a great example.

    By susan hoffman URL on 10.13.2014

  4. the witch wanted everything. she wanted her daughter back, she wanted her life back and once she had the blood of her daughter she could cast the spell that would take them back in time to the time before her daughter burned the house down. before her father decided to raise her without magic.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.13.2014

  5. “You greedy bastard,” she said through gritted teeth. He didn’t care what she thought anymore, and didn’t even care about that fact, which was more amusing than her rage. He grabbed his fedora off the coat rack with practiced swiftness and headed out the door.

    By Craig on 10.13.2014

  6. He was greedy. Thats what he was. She was pacing outside the office, silently swearing to herself. It wasn’t anyone else he considered-it wasn’t anyone else he had ever considered. It was just him. HIs wants, his needs.

    By Gratia on 10.13.2014

  7. День був скупий на світло. Все наче покрилось патиною, невидимою для ока, яка, однак, окрала кольори — розчинились і падолист, і яскраві сукні студенток, і навіть сміх їх став ледь чутним, наче долинав крізь шум дощу.

    By mykolan on 10.13.2014

  8. I feel greedy when I go home: I take and take and pay all of this money to live here but I once again feel greedy for not being able to unblind myself from the fact that I have all of this while some people are living under a bridge in a sleeping bag if they so have the luxury

    By Kendalyn Liebzeit on 10.13.2014

  9. she grinned, her lipstick smeared and dripping, mixed with the blood. her eyes were blue and her hair was raven. morals were lost on her, in fact, she mocked them, with that grin and crazed, gorgeous glisten in her eyes. it was impossible to despise her, despite her actions. whenever she explained herself, she turned it around so that the other person was forced into sympathy. it was sickening yet hypnotizing. she was sickening yer hypnotizing.

    By newt on 10.13.2014

  10. “And basically, what I’m trying to say is, ninety-percent of man-made tragedies are a result of greedy bastards.”

    Amelia was attempting to crack the nuts they had gathered open while she listened to Norine’s rant. “That’s what six years of scholarly apprenticeship taught you?” Amelia asked for clarification.

    “Essentially. That, and how to manage an apothecar’s garden.”

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 10.13.2014

  11. The two of you sat on opposite sides of the room, space in between you filled with flurries of other people. You were completely oblivious to the crowd, simply thinking of the one man farthest away from you.

    Without even turning around, you knew there would be some other girl on his lap, some drink in his hand, or mouth on his. Or even worse, all three. He was completely ignorant to your feelings and your needs, only wanting to satisfy himself as much as he could.

    You on the meanwhile, were filled with tears and raw anger and helplessness and you thought of him. Why did he have to be so greedy?

    By Adri on 10.13.2014

  12. It was the way that she walked through the halls, hips swinging craving attention like someone craved water in the middle of the desert. It was maddening really, the effect that she had on people and even more so

    By Riley Powers on 10.13.2014

  13. You’re greedy. Asking me to give up the things I love for your vision and idea of what my life should look like. I’m greedy, for not wanting to give it up. To give him up. To give us up. Im greedy, wanting you to love me and to be able to love him, too. Unfortunately, greed only leads to trouble, mischief, and disaster.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 10.13.2014

  14. means to want or need a lot of different things or people and to want to have it all to yourself. someone who is greedy feels there is not enough of something in the world for everyone and that they need to get it before it runs out.

    By michelle on 10.13.2014

  15. “I want a toy truck and a toy brontosaurus!” cried the little girl, pointing at the rows of goodies. Her father chuckled and squeezed her hand.

    “Don’t be greedy, Nadia,” he grinned. “One or the other.”

    This was a far better response than I would have imagined. Most mothers or fathers seemed to discourage their daughters from getting anything that wasn’t pink or sparkly. Today, however, was different, and the girl’s defense was even more enjoyable to hear from my position behind the counter.

    “But, Daddy,” she argued, “if I don’t get the brontosaurus, then who’s going to drive the truck?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.13.2014

  16. it wasn’t their fingers or eyes
    or pockets
    or pockets under eyes.
    it was just their syrupy desire
    to stay on this rock a little longer that
    was so relatable.
    i’m afraid the court will
    side with Death on this one.

    By Kairn on 10.13.2014

  17. I don’t know what makes people so greedy. A relentless dissatisfaction they can’t overcome maybe, their impossibility to stop comparing themselves to their neighbour?

    By Violhaine Larsen on 10.13.2014

  18. My fingers twitched at the sight of him.
    Him, and his cute little lopsided smirk, and his shining eyes that seemed to stretch on for miles.
    BUT, I can’t have him.
    He belonged to that red haired girl.
    Most people envied the little miss popular.
    Some, didn’t mind her.
    She on the other hand, despised her.
    Because that RED was the one who had him, she was the one who could reach out and grab him close.
    I sighed in despair, “I guess my dad lied to me.” I mumbled as I shut my book tight.
    Dreams don’t come true.

    By MaybeIWillBeSomeoneOneDay on 10.13.2014

  19. Something that I feel you are when it comes to our conversations, to our relationship, to the way you handle peoples emotions…I don’t think you know that you aren’t a planet; you aren’t a galaxy…you are a blade of grass in this lawn we’ve been mowing down for 9 years now

    By Jill Von Buskirk on 10.13.2014

  20. There are some people who hoard way too many material possessions. When you hoard things and have a tendency not to share those things with others, you are considered Greedy. I think that if you don’t have many things, you aren’t considered greedy even if you don’t share them with others. But when you do have a lot of things that other people want or could use, you are considered greedy if you don’t share with them.

    By AJ Greenman on 10.13.2014

  21. the greedy man sat at his desk counting his money he was happy with all his food and all his money. he sat at his desk when his resptionist called him and was begging for more money he slamed his hand down angrily.

    By Loriana on 10.13.2014

  22. He was as greedy as a dragon. He hoarded his knowledge as if it were gold and rubies. I could see steam rise from his nostrils as I approached his books, a tentative hand outstretched.

    “No,” his harsh voice rang out, shattering the tense silence. “Those are not for you.”

    By Kate on 10.13.2014

  23. The worst of the seven sins. Greed has driven many insane, even more to a premature death. If the world was to be ridden of its treachery, maybe we’d be capable of loving and caring for one another.

    By Michael Kober on 10.13.2014

  24. He was a greedy bastard. In all my years of working with him, I had never seen him given even a living wage to anyone who worked for him – not me, not the nanny or the gardener. It was the sadness of the children that kept us with him – the desire to nourish their hearts with something that he was too self-absorbed to provide.

    By Ayesha_A on 10.13.2014

  25. i wish i could have it all again
    i dont know what all of it is yet, but i am willing to try and consume it
    it’s easy to believe you’re worth your own greed when you think you’re worth anything
    i think i’m worth something
    greed the avaricious
    i’m two halves of whole

    By julia URL on 10.13.2014

  26. The creature was greedy, I thought. It sounded like a stereotype, but it was true – the dragon, hatchling as it was, had gathered up piles of bottle caps, those silly activist brooches I could not help but accrue, and bits of scattered yarn that I heartily suspected came from some of my favourite shirts. I would need to set aside more space for it, I thought, if it was going to keep stealing things.

    By a terrible poet on 10.13.2014

  27. she knew he watched her from down the hallway. she felt nervous but excited at the prospect. he knew she knew. he was greedy and wanted everyone to know. she knew that he wanted all of her.

    By david on 10.13.2014

  28. As he looked at her, his expression was greedy and his eyes, so covetous and bright, sent a shiver up her spine. She knew, in that moment, that he would NEVER see her as anything more than a trophy, something to sit pretty upon a shelf and wait to be pointed out to guests. This man would never abuse her, surely, but he would never love her either, never feel anything for her, really, not affection, not even hatred. Worst of all, this man…was soon to be her husband.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.13.2014

  29. Oh that smooth fucker. He stole my fucking job, that asshole. We both knew Michael would have given me that job had Jim not found out about the affair. He’s so fucking greedy. I would kill him if I could. Maybe I could. Maybe.

    By Charlie Strauss on 10.13.2014

  30. Greed is what makes life possible you need to be greedy to be an active member in society. The want for more is what you need to succeed in today’s world.

    By Zack on 10.13.2014

  31. Many people are greedy these days. And it is surprising that a lot of people don’t realize it. It has been a very weird couple of decades with people learning to cope with greediness and learning to cope with it. However it still is a problem.

    By Greg Norman on 10.13.2014

  32. Greed. What it does to us…

    By Greg Norman on 10.13.2014

  33. Butter fingers and napkins full of bits of scattered pig. Beyond that, the deranged swollen gang green of bugged eyes smacking lips lapping lick “more, more, more, more, more, moorreee!” You will choke on the fat of your neck stuffed pigly into starch shirts, a mother that never loved you, refused to believe in you, saw always the girl in you, begged for you is begging, we all are, turn back into girl. Unstarch the shirts, blue the collars. Piggies, you will never satisfy your hunger until you find what it is you truly want to eat. For now, I glue your pictures to my dart targets. Fuck.

    By Rune on 10.13.2014

  34. Greedy. That’s what’s happening right now. Town council is voting on annexation of surrounding area and is listening to money more than the people. This pisses me off. The people have stated a nearly unanimous no to the annexation, yet the council will proceed anyway. Fuck them.

    By Stefan Rust on 10.13.2014

  35. this word describes human nature better than any other

    it’s a sad truth

    greed is required to succeed

    By Josh on 10.13.2014

  36. You cannot be greedy when it comes to love. If someone really loves you they will show you by their actions. But whatever you do, don’t chase after it. When it is right it will be there.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.13.2014

  37. The king sat upon his ornate, glittering throne with a long dining table before him, covered in more food than a peasant in the poor village could hope to see his whole lifetime. Bowls of tropical fruits, stacks of freshly baked bread, pots of steaming stew, plates of delicious sweets and a giant whole pig with a rosy ripe apple in it’s mouth. He was surrounded by several voluptuous women with jewels around their necks – his many mistresses. Before his table, gold and silver trinkets galore glistened, spilling across the floor, boasting his great fortune.

    And outside the window a little boy with wide, hungry eyes, clutching at his rags and shivering in the winter cold, licked his lips.

    By Arnia on 10.13.2014

  38. the man had lost his last coin, his last bill, his last working essence. He knew not of what he wanted to do, now that his life had passed him by. The man, the greedy bastard he once was, had given it all up. He threw the money away, because in part, of a woman. A woman who changed his world.

    By Sean on 10.13.2014

  39. There once was a man whowas greedy. He liked to steal things from the needy. He would normally walk up to homeless people and just grab the money out of the tin cans they used to collect the money for cigarrets. He then gave this money to the ‘voices in his heads’ by eating the money.

    By Boboclown89 on 10.13.2014

  40. Dwarves and their goddamn holes. All mud and piss and ale. They think they’re soooo great in there with their gold and their crossbows! I’ll show them! I’ll show them all what it means to be a goblin! Strongest of all the races of the world!

    By JamondaIce on 10.13.2014