August 23rd, 2015

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51 Responses to “fumes”

  1. He couldn’t see clearly. The fumes rose in black gases. He could barely make out what looked like a shore at the edge of the horizon.

    By Becky on 08.24.2015

  2. I was fuming when I found out I did the wrong assignment. This is how I felt the other day. I did all that work for nothing. I was extremly mad.

    By Haleigh on 08.24.2015

  3. I smelled the fumes of the fire. So i got out as fast as i could.

    By Alisha W. URL on 08.24.2015

  4. Disgusting and not polite.

    By Jessica Fontoura on 08.24.2015

  5. This was it. I was gonna die. I lay back slowly in my bed and waited for the deadly fumes to hit me. Suddenly I sat up in shock. A horrid rubbery taste had filled my mouth

    By Jesse on 08.24.2015

  6. i think of a smoke because people tend too blow smoke fumes in my face

    By aly on 08.24.2015

  7. thats my opinion

    By aly on 08.24.2015

  8. Everyday there were fumes. They were coming from the darkness and eating us alive. We couldn’t ever focus on such nonsense though. They were always coming for us, looking for us, trying to find us. And so here I am, trying to come to terms with it all and decide if this is truly what I am here to do. To be. You know, I never thought it was going to be like this.

    By Amber on 08.24.2015

  9. I worked for her because she needed the help. But everyone knew that dog would die. And everyone who knew me knew that she was going shortly after the dog. I found her one day refinishing a photo frame in the basement. The fumes were so strong you could have cut the air. She moved her oxygen lines and lit a cigarette. “Can’t get anyone to do anything for you anymore…damn idiots”

    By Eli on 08.24.2015

  10. I looked through the fog. Nothing but clouds. It’s not clouds, it’s Fumes, just fumes.

    By Jaime L on 08.24.2015

  11. I looked through the fog. Nothing but clouds. It’s not clouds, it’s fumes, just fumes. Pollution, that’s all I see. Death and destruction, the entire planet, just smothered in fumes.

    By Jaime L on 08.24.2015