May 5th, 2014

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96 Responses to “fought”

  1. She fought against the undercurrent, hair swirling around her face as she struggled. Every way was down, there was no light to swim towards. Eventually, the struggling stopped and her breath faded away. Her legacy reduced to bubbles floating towards the surface. Empty.

    By Sylver Moon on 05.05.2014

  2. We fought all night until the morning came. My blood poured from my nose, my mouth, my eyes, but we sure got a good laugh when it was all over. Because I’d rather get punched in the face and watch the world fucking explode than never have the courage to use my fists in full, intelligent, knowing recreation. It was enough, only enough.

    By Derek on 05.05.2014

  3. Their hands were striped with scarlet banners and so were their cheeks, ribbons of paint across his bones and his fire. He wants to eat them. the corpses, very badly. he wants to rip off their heads and feast on their skulls, crack open their bones and run his fingers through the still-soft marrow of their freshly killed bodies and oh, oh oh! it’s an orgasmic thought, he tips back his chin and sighs gently and he has meat on his face

    By owl eyed on 05.05.2014

  4. I fought with my brother. He started yelling at me because I was eating his chocolate bar and it was the last one. I was so hungry though and chocolate sounded marvelous, so I took his. He pushed me down the last few stairs and I twisted my ankle. My parents thought I was clumsy and just fell, but he pushed me.

    By Allie Exstrom on 05.05.2014

  5. He fought with her so much the past few months. He didn’t know why. Maybe they were growing apart? He could see that what he was saying hurt her, but he couldn’t stop. It’s as if he was being possessed and wanted to incorporate pain everywhere he went with her. Why did he feel the need to do this?

    By Allie on 05.05.2014

  6. Kakashi’s kunai slashed past what would have been Naruto’s hair a few minutes ago, missing him by just an inch. “Sensei, what-” he never got to finish his sentence as the jounin gave him punches after punches, making the student dizzy from the fast motion of dodging so fast. It had been a while since his last battle, but that was not on Naruto’s mind anymore as his whole being focused on dodging Kakashi’s attacks and staying in one piece. The silver man fought fiercely, dancing the old tunes with his body, captivating Naruto at the same time threatening him; he couldn’t understand why a simple prank had turned out to be so devastating.

    By Shion on 05.05.2014

  7. It was as if he were made of iron; no matter how many blows she managed to deliver, he counter-attacked with ones much more severe. A scream dislodged itself from her throat as blood dribbled down her chin, but it was carried away into the wind, landing on the ears of only the invisible.

    She would die tonight—no matter how hard she fought, or wanted to fight, it was futile. And that hurt more than the foot being planted in her gut.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.05.2014

  8. He stared at the world ahead of him and went on.

    By Rocksoxer on 05.05.2014

  9. You’ve fought everything. You fought every battle. You keep on fighting for your life. Keep fighting for your loved ones, for yourbrights, everything. You don’t care if anybody notices you or what you are doing. You don’t care.

    At least you know what you have to do. Just fight, everyday and never lose hope that you can do whatever you want. Be successful, do your thing. Continue rising up and up.

    By roze_princess on 05.05.2014

  10. The day was ending, and still we fought over bloodstained ground and tripped over bodies. Darkness fell, but we could not be stilled. We believed too strongly in what we knew was right, and until we fell we would continue on into the night.

    By Te'Bazile Eiryk on 05.05.2014

  11. lots of hair flew around
    and teeth was gnashed
    and i’m sure a knee or two was banged.
    our bodies were unfeeling until the last
    that final frame
    of frozen time
    when we saw each other for the first time.
    i did not say i’m sorry.
    i said i saw you

    By Kairn on 05.05.2014

  12. they always fought. they could never stop. it was always “clean up the coffee grinds after you spill them!” or “don’t get aggravated with me, i only asked how your day was!” it wasn’t pleasant, and it really sort of ruined their moods almost every day. unplugging the alarm clock in the morning because it’s a saturday and you just want to sleep should be a harmless action, but when your significant other yells at you for it because, “that damned thing is hard to set,” well, that would probably make your day a little less than happy. and they really weren’t happy most of the time, though they very much hated trying to admit that to themselves and to each other. it was a horrible way of living. all they always thought was “if we were really in love, we wouldn’t be fighting, would we?” it sucked, to say the least. the arguments were pointless and maybe that’s what made it all the more depressing- there was never anything worth /really/ fighting over, they only did it because that’s just who they were, two stubborn and snarky peas in a kind of unstable relationship. that’s not how the saying goes, but they never followed guidelines or rules. after all, their parents and most shrinks had told them to get the hell out before the relationship got violent, before that nitpicking about leaving the cap off of the toothpaste turned into fist-fights because the toast was burned. the thing was though, despite how much they knew it was unhealthy to continue it, they just couldn’t get out of their relationship. at the end of the day, or sometimes week, if it took that long to cool down or finally catch a sweet moment, they /were/ really in love. and they just knew, that even though if they took too long of a shower and got screamed at for increasing the water bill, that the love they had was enough to overcome that. no matter how burnt the toast was, it was still just bread after all, albeit a little dark.

    By pj ligouri on 05.05.2014

  13. i should have never had any expectations
    never dreamt of it before it happened
    i’ve crossed countless imaginary social lines,
    an easy fall from grace
    transgression came naturally for me
    i won’t pretend to be innocent
    to let slip the sins i’ve committed
    or sedate all the pain that i’ve created
    i made you cry more times than necessary
    i have a knack for destroying things
    and people
    when you remind me
    “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us
    from evil”
    you make that forbidden fruit so much sweeter.
    (do not repent me for all that i’ve done)
    for it is true i am so tempted so bent
    but i am not shattered
    i picked myself up
    with a little help rough help
    black and blue
    finally, i am no longer you
    but i am truly angry
    and i haven’t forgotten to put up a fight
    my fists are clenched but gentle
    aware and at ease
    i still break everything i touch
    and i ran into the wall in my hallway three times yesterday
    sliced my finger while cooking dinner
    and didn’t even think about slicing my wrists
    i’d say i’m doing okay
    my laughter isn’t my defense
    there are no mechanics in my body
    i am the furthest thing from a machine
    robotic gestures end at my front door
    i don’t allow that bullshit any more no longer
    filter out honesty,
    you could say i’ve learned my lesson
    but i am a patient waiting impatiently for
    the next time i fuck up
    no doubt i am going to fuck this all up
    and i am not scared i am not tired of fighting
    i fought the law
    and watched the law run
    away cower and obey me
    my rules my battle
    at war with the war inside my rattled soul
    i let drip away the doctrine of divine belief
    and started thinking for myself
    i guess i expected myself to give up
    to get stuck, but i’ve made the decision
    to continue being a mess
    a rainbow of emotion
    a wildcard
    i can’t hide how i feel
    i really do destroy myself

    By stargirl on 05.05.2014

  14. She fought with Wednesday afternoon until she wrestled it to the ground and punched the time clock. With a weary creak of the screen door, she saunters into the four walls that provide fleeting clarity until Thursday rears its head.

    By asavas on 05.05.2014

  15. She screamed.
    He yelled back.
    She hit him.
    He didn’t raise a finger.
    She told him she never loved him.
    He told her that he loved her.
    And their children pretended not to hear.

    By Lauren on 05.05.2014

  16. I fought and struggled to free myself. Oh, to be released from the chains that bound me to the ground, like roots that were no longer nourishing my bones! I ripped and roared against the heavy shackles that were forcing me to stay, trying to pull myself together while pulling myself away.

    By Heidi P. on 05.05.2014

  17. They fought like dogs.
    A murky and violent wind competed with them at every blow to resemble something even more canine than themselves, howling relentlessly at their backs.
    One mailed fist connected suddenly with flesh, plummeting a spray of blood and fragmented teeth from jagged and wildly tearing jaws.

    By Janelle Hooper on 05.05.2014

  18. tears stung at her eyes as she glared up at him, and their gazes met. She wanted to burst into tears right then and there as she felt her feelings tremor inside her, but no. no she could not do that without expecting his ridicule. Bitter words came out from her mouth, stinging in nature but he appeared unfazed. He spat back at her,
    “you aren’t worth this”
    she felt as though she’d been slapped in the face.

    By Kay on 05.05.2014

  19. The crack of the the door reverberated throughout the house. She sighed. It wasn’t fair to the door if nothing else, it didn’t deserve to be slammed. It wasn’t the fault of the door they were arguing again. The neighbors would start talking again, she hated their reproachful stares. It wasn’t as if they never got into any tiffs either. True as that may be, it didn’t stop the flush crawling her neck at the memory. It was going to be a very long week.

    By The Black Flamingo on 05.05.2014

  20. We fought for our freedom with dignity and without boasting. Our values and standards that we hold fast too, is the result of our belief in ourselves to be strong and faithful to each others.

    By victor URL on 05.05.2014

  21. He fought bravely for his life. But in the end it wasn’t enough.
    Tiredness and wariness set in too fast. Two inches more and the foxhole would have been deep enough. But even then, who knows. Shrapnel is a fucking beast. He never knew what hit him. His dogtags were picked up two hours later.

    By Acid URL on 05.05.2014

  22. She pulled the blade out from the demons chest. The dark blood of the monster dripped off the edge of the curved blade. The demon let out a gurgle and fell to the ground.

    By Ashley on 05.05.2014

  23. Anger. Despair. Regret. His cheeks fumed with the sparks that leaped from his fiery eyes. His lips trembled, not from sorrow, nay, from regret. He already knew he had lost.

    By Sophie T on 05.05.2014

  24. They fought mercilessly. The bills weren’t paid. The grass was never mowed. The flowers weren’t watered. They didn’t know quite know how to function together, but the one thing they always did was love. Their hearts were full.

    By N on 05.05.2014

  25. They fought about most things, about everything, from the sky being blue to someone being up there, they never stopped fighting, the worst part, i always hear them fighting, the voices in my mind.

    By AJ on 05.05.2014

  26. With all the fights and battles I’ve fought, I never felt it was enough. I always yearned for that extra bit of indulgence that come from the victory of a battle well won.

    By Dini Arnold on 05.05.2014

  27. They fought about most things, about everything, from the sky being blue to someone being up there, they never stopped fighting, the worst part, i always heard them fighting, the voices in my mind.
    And sometimes, i joined in.

    By AJ on 05.05.2014

  28. She struggled against the chains that bounds her. Beads of sweat popped up along her hairline and wound a trail down through her grimy, worn-thin clothes to her navel. The finiteness of her existence wormed its way from its designated spot at the back of her mind to the front of her working memory. She knew that rehearsal was the only way to embed a thought in one’s long term memory, meaning she had resigned herself to the inevitable. Everyone perishes eventually, her final breath will just happen to be at 17 with only empty eyes to weep.

    By Becca on 05.05.2014

  29. Violence. The war had seemingly been going on forever. So long, that I wouldn’t have understood the reasons lest I had not been born during such events. It started before I was born. Nay, before I was even a twinkle, a thought, and it seems as though it won’t end until my countless generations have pasts. “Why? Why are we fighting” I asked my teacher. “We fight to survive” she said. “We fight so that we can live peacefully?” Peacefully? What is peace if it is only the harbinger of death. If it only seems to be peace, but leaves countless lives misshapen with it’s frivolous delusions. Something that is strived towards with such hunger. Good intentions and bad people? Or maybe it’s the other way around? Maybe it’s the fact that we can’t be honest with ourselves. We seem to want this peace, this tranquility. But do we really? Is it true that we do not in fact hunger for that lust? Bloodlust? Not even close. We hunger for exsistence. Using rage as an outlet, we deform the lives of other living things, and it makes us happy. It makes us somewhat content knowing that we have the power, that we have the ability to impact another beings course of life. Despite knowing this, despite know that we have this power, we choose to use it negatively. It fills our hunger, quenches our thirst. Why do something positive when you can just leave someone in shambles? By solely using the brain, you can break a being’s will, essence, their very soul. What remains? IF anything remains you mean? Simple. A fraction of a whole. A piece of a puzzle, who’s edges are so jagged, that it can only pray to be part of a bigger picture again. Hope. Hope that one day this war will be over, and that once everything is said and done, we can turn over a new leaf. If this keeps up however, there won’t be any leaves to turn over, nothing but a barren wasteland, desecrated by the very people it tried to advocate

    By NJimmy on 05.05.2014

  30. they fought, we cried.. life went on….

    By Evan on 05.05.2014

  31. I fought hard to get a good grade on my test. i studied almost every day for about an hour and a half. But i didn’t get a 98 on this test alone. My friends helped me pass science every day!

    By rebecca on 05.05.2014

  32. As the soldier returned home from Canaan, he looked back at the ruins of an empire he once protected. Scratching his beard, he turned his head to see the slavers on the other side of Canaan enslaving the Canaanites. Looking at his hands, he wondered what kind of monster he had become. He was once considered a noble to his people. Now, he was a traitor.

    By Arman on 05.05.2014

  33. He stood before the crowd, a row of medals on his chest. “I’m sorry to shatter your illusions,” he said” “but I never fought for my country. I only fought for what I believed to be right. It just happens I was just lucky enough to be born in a country that shared the same values as I did. Were that not the case, you would probably be condemning me as a traitor now.”
    After a few seconds of silence, only three people started to applaud. The rest did not understand.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.05.2014

  34. I know you never meant to start any of those stupid battles that tore us apart, you never meant to wage war on our hearts, it’s just something that happens when people care about each other for the wrong reasons sometimes. And sometimes no one is responisible for any of it at all, merely time and differences, thoughts and fears that take the honors before we have the chance. It’s almost never that love was not enough or that there was no love at all, but really, really sometimes it’s just that we as people, pieces and parts of the human race, fight because they feel the need to shoot up with adrenalin. Darling, I’m so sorry that we ever fought, but we’re so much better off without each other.

    By Madison on 05.05.2014

  35. Conflict engaged a tumultuous battles between the here and now. Conflicted and a struggle, who’s right, who’s wrong – but what does it matter? A battle that ends up with no winners and all losers.

    By Protean on 05.05.2014

  36. Long and hard, through forests of stone. Blazing swords and smoking guns. Withered the soul and wallowed the heart. Let it be know that this war was well fought.

    By Chris on 05.05.2014

  37. The couple fought for the times that words fell. When neither of them knew what to say to one another on a simple subject. Not wanting to step on the others toes they thought.

    By Mary on 05.05.2014

  38. “You fought well, ser,”
    He laughed, taking the hand offered and using it to pull himself to his feet. “No need to sound so surprised,” he said, laughing even as he pressed his free hand to his side. No doubt her lance had bruised, if not broken, at least two ribs. “Still, in comparison to you, I’m sure the queen will find my skills lacking,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.05.2014

  39. Bought, fought, fraught
    Caught, sought, taught
    Spot, dot, shot
    Aught, draught, naught
    Might, night, fight

    By Intuition on 05.05.2014

  40. We fought about everything. We even fought about the shoes that he bought me. I wanted to wear them but he thought they were not right for where we were going. Fighting. All the time. It was a never ending process.

    By Reese on 05.05.2014