July 31st, 2015

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31 Responses to “dual”

  1. Amy was a dual citizen – born in San Francisco, California to two Australian parents who happened to be walking across the Golden Gate Bridge when her mother’s water broke. She had spent her early years in Melbourne before her parents both unexpectedly died in a bus accident; after that, she was bound for the bay area again, this time living with her very wealthy aunt. Amy didn’t mind – she liked America, despite its flaws, and made herself at home.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.31.2015

  2. Dual purpose garage liner. This thing will put a damper to your headaches and breath lif einto your ars exhaust. We know youi keep your car indoors by the way that you write your heads. Every sentence scream “Bentley, Beanz, Or Beamer”

    By ajloopy URL on 07.31.2015

  3. We were sitting together, eating sandwiches and sugar doodles by the steps of the student union. I think we were talking about something inconsequential: homework, chores, my lack of interest in anything romantic.

    That last point I remember even now, because while you were of the opinion that I had the soul of a particularly lifelike robot, all I could see was the way the sunlight reflected off your bright red nails, as if fire was dancing on your skin.

    By Anna Meursault on 07.31.2015

  4. I blinked after reading the texting message.


    Was it a typo?

    I hadn’t heard from Alexa in three years– I thought by now she was probably overdosed with drugs and dead– but here was a text, “dual”, and the only real meaning I could think it would have would be a misspelling of “do al”, which is one of the only things I could really think of Alexa actually texting me.

    By Peach URL on 07.31.2015

  5. dual means two . you can use this word while purchasing something “make it dual”.some electronic devices like remote needs dual battery for long life run.

    By kb URL on 07.31.2015

  6. what is Dual? du al. Dumb Aluminium? Dangerous Under A Lamp? what is dual. english is my first language but i have never seen dual. how do u even pronounce it?

    By flo URL on 07.31.2015

  7. It’s hard to be a dual personality kind of person. It makes you full on contradictions, which makes people hate you more and more while they get to know you.

    By Ryann on 07.31.2015

  8. Dual dual dual dual dual dual….

    nothing comes to mind to write about dual…

    a new word would be better… nothing for dual, nothing at all.

    By Ryann on 07.31.2015

  9. I often feel my own thoughts conflicting with each other. It’s as if there’s a duel going on in my mind.

    By Brent URL on 07.31.2015

  10. There was a trial in which I was faced. A man standing before me. He handed me my sword and it began. I raised my right and and thrusted forwards. He yelled as he lunged forward, only to hit my shield. It was a close call. I almost breathed my last.

    By MacKenna Wilson on 08.01.2015

  11. it’s a broken kind of thought pattern
    repeating yourself over and over again
    the same mistakes made making afraid
    dual duality
    who am i if i don’t know who i am
    who i am if you know me too well
    i can see the circle breaking into different sides
    i can see the light in your eyes
    one path is truth
    one path is past

    By matt m on 08.01.2015

  12. dual means two. dual sims

    By LiteratureBUG URL on 08.01.2015

  13. I have dual thoughts to write but can’t decide what to bite.Dual weather dual moods. :)

    By LiteratureBUG URL on 08.01.2015

  14. Two motorcycles turned onto the street and sped past the park, the dual engines producing enough noise to make me queasy, make my baby niece cry, and cause the dog to jump up, snarling at the threat she thought the noise posed to her people.

    By Annie on 08.01.2015

  15. I read this book once on the evilness of evil. “I Wear the Black Hat,” it’s was an interesting…it ended on a twistedly optimistic note.

    By Intuition URL on 08.01.2015

  16. In our lives we have duality. The brain and the sub brain. The sub brain is not a loving brain although it thinks it is. Just accept and watch…because you are not your thoughts.

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.01.2015

  17. dual it is to slip one self to two things
    to be humble but does not let go of bride.
    it brings so much pain on me
    prolonging acceptance of what is real

    this is my way humility
    why am i still wallowing in this forked road
    i should be moving on
    accept that you are nothing
    but strive to be something

    the sun will still rise
    let that ego sleep
    and let it slumber forever

    By Light Blue Fox 333 URL on 08.01.2015

  18. i cannot help but notice my hesitation on my path of humility. giving all that i have just to see the reality.

    By Light Blue Fox 333 URL on 08.01.2015

  19. Many peoples have dual personality.

    By ze URL on 08.01.2015

  20. It was a dual to the finish, she was bound and determined to see this through for she knew what she wanted, and she wanted him with all her heart and soul. But would he want her? That was the question.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.01.2015

  21. 1dual = devairpercle unified at level

    By garz on 08.01.2015

  22. I am doing research with correlates with the word dual a lot. In this research, people are dually impacted by both a natural disaster and by internal disaster in their homes. Dealing with both issues at once makes things very complicated for these individuals. It is so fascinating how people are so mulit faceted and how things come in twos.

    By Christie on 08.01.2015

  23. Dual packed battery was deeply nestled into my Christmas stocking. On the very bottom still it was the first mystery item that I grabbed out. I knew what the others were when I touched them. The carmex, the axe body soap, the Christmas pack of life savers.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.01.2015

  24. There is always a dual part of our personality that struggles with the other side. We have a good and a bad side. Or just two opposing sides that see things differently. Each with their own unique perspective. Like two wolves…reminds me of the native American parable. Which perspective will you choose to feed? The one that is positive? Or the negative one?

    By Mistress Quickly URL on 08.01.2015

  25. one word is DUAL word for what?

    By fredsheila URL on 08.01.2015

  26. The one of me that gets that exciting Anthing’s-possible feeling and sits down to write has been at war for years with the one of me that gets that But-first-start-a-load-of-laundry sort of feeling and goes off to do that and looks out the window and sees the car and goes to crack the windows so it won’t be roasting inside later and then sees the plants need watering and then sits down to write and remembers the laundry never got started and goes off to do that and…

    By Nada on 08.01.2015

  27. “Okay. Today is a dual class.” the teacher spoke firmly. It was not everyday that the two different classrooms would be put together to learn one amazing thing. But that is actually what was going on. They seemed unsure of how to even do this, but with the teacher’s help, everyone did a good job and had fun.

    By Maya URL on 08.01.2015

  28. The dual compartment of the car had a leather interior and was cherry red in color.

    By JerriBeth1 URL on 08.01.2015

  29. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I’ve never felt like this before. Its like one part of my mind is leading me one way and the other part is leading me another. Its like I have dual personalities and I don’t know what to make of it.

    By jenna URL on 08.01.2015

  30. somewhere between watching him peel off the dirty bandaid and picking strands of dust out of the half-dried blistering wound underneath, he feels sick, gut and throat. the travesty of all their dreams is here.

    By paper URL on 08.01.2015

  31. “Esme, This is not acceptable behaviour.” muttered Mel. his head quivering almost imperceptibly as it did whenever he was making a statement the ending of which he had no foreknowledge of. “Absolutely not!” shrilled Audrey. “Absolutely not” Mel turned his head towards Audrey. “Do you mind. This is mine.” “Hmph, fine” came the curt response. Mel turned back to Esme, who was leaning on the side of her car, arms folded. head cocked. a whole body daring him to continue. He stared at his daughter, whom he had now indicated he would consider a punishment for. Searching for the his words he suddenly became hyper aware of the dual racing lanes of thought and speech that buzzed in his head “Now Esme . . .” what is the punishment, What can I ask of her? “You really shouldn’t have done this…”Can I ask her to make an apology? Yes ” So I think you should apologize to Petra and Andy and . . .”, maybe she should pay for the cake? “and offer to pay for the cake. . .” But she’s not worked for a while. “Somehow . . .” She is living at home. “Perhaps you could work out a payment plan with your sister. . . ” If she will talk to you. ” Perhaps we can all sit down . . .” Petra really looks pissed. ” And I will help mediate . . .” How can I make this better? “In order to find a way to put things right” I hate doling out consequences. ” And if you need a little help, I will help.” Suddenly wheels squealed across the dual carriageway and cut him off. “What kind of punishment is that!” He slowly resumed the drive, avoiding the asshole that cut him off. Why is Audrey such a bitch? “Just a second . . . So . . .” Uh frack. How am I going to get out of this?

    By Erica URL on 08.02.2015