May 8th, 2015

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31 Responses to “dissolve”

  1. I place the pill onto my tongue and waited for it to dissolve. I can instantly feel the effects of it running through my veins. It kills me slowly.

    By Kailey on 05.08.2015

  2. Her fear did not dissolve. It was there like a stone intruding her airways, shaking her from the ground up to her five foot frame. If I run he’ll follow, if I stay he’ll kill me. She didn’t run, not at first. She looked to Wendy to her drawn face. Their history was not a happy one. She turned toward the crowd, gather like ducks around a pond, hard to slice through, harder to kill.

    By MB on 05.08.2015

  3. This was the moment when I wanted to disintegrate, to dissolve into a great salty puddle and slip through the slats of the air vent, trickling down to whatever lay beneath. But I wasn’t dissolving. I was still solid and tangible and staring at the red-faced teacher in front of me, holding my phone in his hand. No one in the class snickered. They were all eerily silent.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.08.2015

  4. The late night eats away at my already torn up soul.
    It dissolves the remaining ounces of sanity that’s locked up between my temples.
    Reality isn’t the same anymore.

    By Siraj Lyons URL on 05.08.2015

  5. breakdown fallapart easeintopieces worndown bitbybit spreadthinandwornout lostandforgot buriedandchanged forgotten

    By WrittenOut URL on 05.08.2015

  6. The colours faded as soon as they touched the water’s surface. The red and green, fading instantaneously. The pipette was poised above the meniscus, the drops fell one by one. My hand was steady. I was bored. Surely there are better ways of making science interesting.

    By Archanza URL on 05.08.2015

  7. how may I dissolve when I have nothing left to live for. who else out there even agrees with me?

    By Anthony on 05.08.2015

  8. Dissolve in me. Dissolve in you. Pushing and pulling each other through a myriad of circles. We dance around each other.

    By Senya20 URL on 05.08.2015

  9. It’ll melt away to nothing. Your pain that is. At its fullest you’ll never know that once the bubbles disperse, you’ll know that the pain is on the other side. It’s dissolved.

    By rhona millar on 05.09.2015

  10. We merge into one another. Where do you end and I begin. I never learned detachment. You taught me attachment. I dissolve into you and see myself in all you do. In all I do, and I wish I didn’t.

    By brightstart URL on 05.09.2015

  11. I dissolved a tablet in the water. I watched it fizz and dissolve into nothing. I drank the drink. Yuck! I hated panado tablets that you dissolve in water. They just taste wrong.

    By DolphinDreams URL on 05.09.2015

  12. he think while dissolve the tablet in glass of water that what’s wrong with his friend ? didnt get the clue but water dissolve the medicine. and he think that ok will give one more chance to friendship.

    By gopal khetani on 05.09.2015

  13. @Senya 20 just superbb !!

    By gopal khetani on 05.09.2015

  14. Dreams dissolve. If you throw a tablet into water, it dissolves too. Dissolves. Obliterated. You’ll never see it again. But it still exists, although in a different form. It’s still there; but in bits and pieces, so tiny, you can’t even see them. Each iota floats in the water, but the original can’t be pieced together again. There’s a sense of finality when something dissolves. But perhaps it doesn’t disappear. It simply turns into another form.

    By Connie Foong on 05.09.2015

  15. This word scares me when I think of it as an emotional, metaphorical thing. I don’t want to think of my life dissolving, or time dissolving, or my emotions dissolving, or love, or identity…
    This word is more innocent when it’s scientific. It’s just salt in water, sugar in tea, turmeric in methylated spirits and cloudy ammonia. That’s all that’s dissolving. Just substances. Not me.

    By Archanza URL on 05.09.2015

  16. I dissolve into nothingness, become one with the ether that swirls colorless, tasteless among the population. I was once a part of you, but I disappeared, unnoticed, unwanted, as if I never existed at all.

    By Ashi URL on 05.09.2015

  17. I lied in the space – in a firm hold. As every breath began to be more burdening, my fingertips and strands of hair started seeping away… One into another, and to the end.

    too long (and cheesy), but once again all-encompassing capture; even if it is hard to notice
    Thank You!

    By Samsara on 05.09.2015

  18. She watched as the gently lapping waves washed over her sand castle, dissolving more of its majestic presence with each repetition.

    Something seemed wrong, though. A voice in her mind wouldn’t stop.

    She gasped and reached into the castle to rescue the tiny kitten buried inside, but it was too late. He had dissolved too.

    By betaveros URL on 05.09.2015

  19. he raised his voice, from a calm, commanding voice to yelling at the top of his lungs.
    ” JUST DO IT! ” He screamed at her, then hitting her.

    She was whimpered, her body scarred with bruises and cuts, on her arms and legs, where the belt had hit.

    I wish it could stop, I wish I could dissolve in air and disappear, she thought.

    By suje0ngz on 05.09.2015

  20. I watched him dissolve under crystal white grains of salt. Mother doesn’t like slugs, and neither do I.

    By Cat URL on 05.09.2015

  21. As I sat, I saw the tips of my fingers begin to fade. I saw the ends of my hair turn clear and then disappear all together. My toes tingled as they evaporated into the air and my body slowly, surely, and silently began to dissolve. I was turning into the universe more than it would ever turn into me.

    By Bridget on 05.09.2015

  22. Slowly,
    I dissolved
    from the fear of losing
    and loving you

    By weirdific URL on 05.09.2015

  23. The tablet slowly dissolved as it sunk into the glass of water. As I waited for the tablet to disappear, I tried not to think about how awful my headache was.

    By Blunz URL on 05.09.2015

  24. Time.

    It’s all it takes.

    Eventually, everything fades.

    Rather than evolve, we simply dissolve

    Into the terrifying never-ending nothingness

    Or the eternal bliss of the happy land of the Trinity.

    By Chris Gensheer URL on 05.09.2015

  25. The cacophony in her head ceased to clear out. Her endless musings became an incoherent bubble of fiasco, edging towards dangerous. All she needed was a distraction. No, not some stupid advice to meditate and do whatnot. Just a temporary distraction which could dissolve into her mind and restore the emptiness it was used to.

    She longed for boredom, and freedom from those thoughts.

    By kyungsoo on 05.09.2015

  26. The milk left the botle in an intransigent Universe and began to dissolve

    By John URL on 05.09.2015

  27. Let go of what you thought was real. Dance with the dust off your former life. Talk to me as a thousand rays of light, space dissolving back into what we are able to see.

    By emay URL on 05.09.2015

  28. the bacteria dissolve
    in the water
    they called ooze

    some memories
    dissolve faster
    and remain as a buzz

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 05.09.2015

  29. You can put water in a glass with whatever you wish to dissolve. Stir it up and drink it! It may taste good, may not! You just never know. Maybe you have chosen something that has color to the dissolvent? It so, you will have a nice tint to the liquid you have dissolved your tablet in!

    By Mitch URL on 05.09.2015

  30. As she broke down, her brother can only watch as she slipped away from him before her eyes. One question remained on his mind: why didn’t I notice?

    By Amaera on 05.09.2015

  31. I think I might dissolve, that’s right that’s the best I could do. its really my fault, I don’t need to be afraid of others, surely they are not afraid of me

    By Iopout on 05.09.2015