August 13th, 2014

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66 Responses to “difficult”

  1. to walk, talk, stride, bend the knee,
    to worship thee, love thee, see thee,

    By Kristopher URL on 08.13.2014

  2. I see a man across the street and he has a look on his face that seems as though he has been working on the most difficult puzzle ever.
    I walk up to him and say hi. once the word slips from my mouth his face turns into the most kind and gentle one that you’ve ever seen. Just goes to show you never really know a person till you talk to them.

    By Grace on 08.13.2014

  3. It might be a hard time for you to get your point across but so what. The significant gesture is the attempt at it. All the doors to be opened to your insight and others to have an interpretation. Everything is one.

    By Terrence on 08.13.2014

  4. Difficult situations happen everyday and can potentially make you unhappy. The key is to work to overcome these situations, reflect and grow from these challenging experiences.

    By Alex Evans URL on 08.13.2014

  5. Interesting.

    By Alex Evans URL on 08.13.2014

  6. She wasn’t trying to be difficult. She had every intention of being as agreeable as possible. Of course as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and she was an absolute monster to deal with. At least that is how he perceived the entire event, being unaccustomed to her wild and weird ways. He was just hoping they could go on with the evening as calmly as possible.

    By B on 08.13.2014

  7. She told me I didn’t have to be so difficult, that we would only be staying for a few days, and I’d barely even have to see my parents at all if we went out enough. But the idea of even staying in their house – whether or not in the guest room – was enough to make my skin crawl and the contents of my stomach to almost curdle. I did want ever want to return to their residence, and yet here I was, being heckled by my sister to do just that.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.13.2014

  8. How is it that you’re supposed to move on from something that tore you apart? It’s the impossible thing, or so it seems…and through the beams of light, it continuously alows the darkness to creep up on you. It’s just plain difficult.

    By Macha on 08.13.2014

  9. tried and tired. hard to work with or around. consciousness

    By Janaki on 08.13.2014

  10. no

    By emma on 08.13.2014

  11. I pushed at the wall once again. I knew it was the weakest – I had /built/ this prison, after all, it ought to be the easiest one to break through.

    But ‘easiest’ didn’t not mean ‘difficult’.

    By a terrible poet on 08.13.2014

  12. How difficult is this to overcome? How is it that even when I don’t think I’m depressed anymore, I just quit therapy, I’m feeling good about just about everything in my life, I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever been in and have high hopes for the future but I am also able to exist in the moment and feel good about where I am right now and the rate of the progress I’m making, how is it that even now, it is extremely difficult to get myself to DO ANYTHING when I am at home on my day off???!!!

    By Laurel on 08.13.2014

  13. You are such a difficult person and it makes me weep at night when you haven’t called me back for another time. On the other hand I’m afraid that’s your only quality I love abo

    By Erna Eminenz on 08.13.2014

  14. For a while, it was difficult. Then, I realized that you were l’petit objet a. Then, I moved through the city without looking for your analogues, your codename on scaffolds, your comic book portrait. Then, you came back.

    By Ella Emma Em on 08.13.2014

  15. Difficult as it is to resist, I will not celebrate yet. You said you would come in tomorrow, but you made it clear that wasn’t a promise. Just know what I haven’t told you: two weeks, I’ll be gone, back where I was before, where water surrounds you and the highest points are bathed in gold. And you, who have been traveling, will not be there.

    By Ella Emma Em on 08.13.2014

  16. It’s difficult for me to tell you how I feel. I think your incredible. You are exactly what I am looking for. But, you don’t show me that you’re interested. I don’t want to put myself out there, if it could scare you away.

    By Marina URL on 08.13.2014

  17. Working towards something that your love. Something you’re passionate about. Something that means something to you. Like means a great deal to you (to your heart). You can feel it slipping through your finger tips. You can smell it when it’s near. You can see it fading away. You can hear it call your name.

    By Makayla URL on 08.13.2014

  18. my brothers are difficult. thats a fact.
    anyone here got a problem with that?
    they are both young, with problems like, ‘mom’
    all i gotta say is, they aint got no swag!

    By elaina on 08.13.2014

  19. Finding a flourishing yellow rose in the the thick darkness of the human heart is the #difficult path I’ve been given. I often wonder how many nourish lustful anger and why. And not because I like to think about such mysteries, rather, because in my creation, I was a bloody, burnt rose. #oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.13.2014

  20. “Simple, but hard” the teacher says. In ballet class today, a light rain left patterns all over the windows that let in gray light from outside. I love the way the piano sounds on a gloomy morning. I’m dripping with sweat twenty minutes in, but I don’t mind.

    By Holly on 08.13.2014

  21. People thought life was difficult. What they would never know – never guess – is that death is infinitely harder.

    By Tara K on 08.13.2014

  22. it was difficult to love him.
    Every time he asked her to do something, she would put his needs before her own. Something about it felt wrong. It was wrong, but he silenced her when she tried to speak out.
    She was tired of fighting with him. He threw a fit over everything.
    She wanted him to just be the prince of her dreams, but that would never happen.

    By Eri on 08.13.2014

  23. “God damnit i hate this.” Aiden sighed in frustration, running a finger through his hair. He just wants to reach the damn peanut butter on the top shelf. Why is this house so ridiculous? I mean he’s a tall guy and all but why is this peanut butter jar all the way up there?!

    By Savi on 08.13.2014

  24. Life is a difficult thing. No one knows what to expect from it, and no one knows what they have to do in order to succeed in life. It is difficult to know whether or not you are truly getting the best out of life or not, but that’s just how things are.

    By Maria on 08.13.2014

  25. Things have always felt difficult and like I can’t handle them. I’m not ready now, but was I ever ready for what was to come? WIll I ever feel ready or will it always feel like a dead end? I don’t expect it to be easy but I want to be stronger. And happier. Mostly happier.

    By Lo on 08.13.2014

  26. There are few things more difficult than turning around to see yourself
    in retrospect, without the blind spots that once protected you
    from seeing the ugly things that are so true about you
    and it is difficult but you have to look and look and look and look and look. See

    By Daisy King on 08.13.2014

  27. therapists tap their pens.
    that must have been difficult for you.
    you think to yourself – difficult? these things can’t be difficult. some things have to just be done and difficulty doesn’t matter because you live for the easy things that don’t hurt.
    they don’t know difficult.

    By Daisy King on 08.13.2014

  28. It is my difficult to imagine why you left. Leaving without notice, jumping off that bridge. You left with a smile. I saw it in a picture. You left me a message with happiness. No one noticed your pain. So difficult to leave behind those that loved you. Now my difficult is to love you while you’re not here….to try to understand. It’s my difficult pain. It’s my difficult.

    By Dharma on 08.13.2014

  29. She couldn’t think about it. Just couldn’t. It was like a mental block– every time she tried to– no. Whatever had happened was in the past, she knew that, but it was just too difficult to remember. No- not that. She just didn’t want to realize that it had been her fault all along.

    By Lucy on 08.13.2014

  30. Oh, das wird schwierig, sprach das Orakel von Delphi. Das Orakel von Delphi war so ganz anders als ich es mir vorgestellt hatte. Die kleine, buckelige Frau sah mich mit ihrem einen Auge an. Lange, lange. Dann nickte sie und wiederholte: Oh, das wird schwierig.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.13.2014

  31. Difficult. It wasn’t that difficult to fix the leaky bucket and it was very satisfying too. lol

    Difficult. Some people try to be very difficult but it’s all in how you allow yourself to be provoked. Don’t respond. Those that cram it in your face? Walk away from them.

    By R on 08.13.2014

  32. It was difficult to determine the outcome of such an exuberant outburst of emotion. We stood there speechless, all eyes watching Nee’s heavy pants as he slowly calmed himself to a normal state of being.

    By umbazachika on 08.13.2014

  33. It’s difficult for me to say what I want. It’s harder when you’re not around. And it’s even more difficult when no one else wants to hear.

    By Crystal Unicorn on 08.13.2014

  34. He was always difficult to deal with. Difficult to live with, difficult to work with and definitely difficult to love. That was how he worked.

    By Steph on 08.13.2014

  35. To say that life is difficult is the understatement of the century. She believed, no she knew, that difficulty was just a part of being human. Why did it have to be so hard?

    By Steph on 08.13.2014

  36. difficult. life is difficult. Every ones putting pressure on you and forcing you into a life you don’t even want. Having anything to do with growing up is difficult. Friends, family, school, work who knows? Its just difficult to do anything anymore

    By Valerie on 08.13.2014

  37. whatever

    By V on 08.13.2014

  38. “I can’t.” Marie’s eyes dropped to the ground. Her pale hands were clasped in front of her, the red nails looking suddenly garish in the waning light.

    “You can’t or you won’t? I know it’s difficult.” Michael put a gentle finger under her chin and tipped her face up. He met her eyes and smiled.

    “I can’t.” She smiled with menace and Michael’s spine tingled in fear.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 08.13.2014

  39. Life is difficult. For some people, including myself, it’s difficult for me to even get out of bed in the morning because it’s just too difficult. There’s too much pressure, too heavy a weight.

    By Pigeon on 08.13.2014

  40. It was difficult to see through the film that hung over her eyes as she tried to blink the dream out of her memory. It was like swimming through a pond with concrete shoes.
    Blink and rub, she still couldn’t see.

    By ZBooty on 08.13.2014