August 10th, 2014

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49 Responses to “deserved”

  1. He deserved to die for his crimes the state had decided. For that he would die by hanging.

    By Jerri URL on 08.11.2014

  2. Joanne listened to her sister babble on for a full seven minutes, talking about how she had heard something she shouldn’t have, something that meant she was in big trouble. None of it made any sense, and she didn’t have time to explain it so that it did. Joanne complained that she deserved a better explanation than this if she was expected to bail her sister out again, but the response she got surprised her. “If I told you, you’d be in the same trouble as I am! please, just send me the money!” Before Joanne could protest again, her sister had hung up. Joanne was now confused, afraid, and angry. and her mind was made up; she would send the money, but she would follow it and find her sister.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.11.2014

  3. Did Leon deserve to be King? Probably not. What had he ever done to deserve that tile apart from being born. He never admitted it but he always thought if anyone deserved to be King it was Al.

    By Milly URL on 08.11.2014

  4. You deserved it. The beatings, the pain, the humiliation, the bullying, the loneliness. The cuts in your arms, then finally the one that slit your wrist. You were different, after all. You loved men where others loved women. You were, as your father said, a disgusting disgrace. Now you’re not anymore. Now you’re gone for good.

    By Lucie URL on 08.11.2014

  5. His life was one of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. And it was well-deserved. He wanted it that way and made it so. Just like he was told about, read about.

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.11.2014

  6. Kyle didn’t know it, but she was waiting for him behind the door. For the past six months, Amber had been waiting for this moment. Finally, she’d get a chance to see him, look into his eyes, and at the perfect moment, give him the slap he earned the day he abandoned her.

    By Soft URL on 08.11.2014

  7. Growing up I promised myself I would not repeat history. I would live a different life than what I knew. I fought my way up and out, determined. I deserved better. Funny how history tends to repeat itself, whether we want it or not.

    By Sheila URL on 08.11.2014

  8. I deserve to be where I am. I have worked hard to be where I am. I deserve to share my passion for education with others. I deserve to be a leader.

    By Jessica on 08.11.2014

  9. It was the day of my sports competition, i was 9 years old. As i bent down in preparation for the big race i looked up and saw my parents standing in the crowd. I ran and i ran, and i won the race. When i walked past the table my teacher looked at me and said “well deserved”. I was happy and content i had fulfilled my potential in this race and it made me want to fulfill my potential in another race: life.

    By Will Adolphy on 08.11.2014