May 9th, 2014

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60 Responses to “departure”

  1. And so it is that I sit on this roof and suck on this popsicle. It is a final departure from the tall grass of my youth, where once the world and sky were so high and far above my head. At last I can lift my head above the grass. At last I can breathe the air from a higher place.

    By Alex on 05.09.2014

  2. this dream is a departure from where i thought i was going. ‘caste dating in the olympics’ was the phrase in my head when i awoke. this life is a departure from what i thought i was capable of, it’s gone beyond, and continues to go beyond.

    By Alex Light URL on 05.09.2014

  3. Hazel believes that departure from the Earth is in her future, due to her thyroid cancer. She meet

    By Brittney on 05.09.2014

  4. This departure Ill be flying high aboe the drugs Tis departure Ill see my friends Ill look into their real eyes once again this departure is different then the others this one Im living again

    By Shalalah on 05.09.2014

  5. Augustus waters and hazel are both kids with cancer . cancer can be deathly and kill people.

    By destiny lowery on 05.09.2014

  6. I watched as the planed lifted off the runway and lifted it’s wheels. Tears came to my eyes with the thought that he may never come back. My everything may never come back.

    By Beau Kennedy on 05.09.2014

  7. Departure; being apart, being away, being without something or someone.
    Missing someone or something.
    A loss of someone or something.

    By Emily on 05.09.2014

  8. cancer pain hurting love and wonder sadness happiness

    By Adarius Baylor on 05.09.2014

  9. It was a sad departure. The gloom of the clouds hung low and heavy above their heads. The bellowing boats rolled by on the rocky wakes, pulling up and pushing away. He held her hand, she held his. Readjusting their grips refreshed their hold and helped the good bye seem longer.

    By blahblahchoi URL on 05.09.2014

  10. The Guy stands on a makeshift stage in the local coffee shop. It’s Open Mic Night and he’s never been one to pass up an opportunity. The Girl stands near the back and observes.

    “I love her, I hate her, in this endless departure, first class cabin of despair, the seductive way she flips her hair. She’s a sinner, I’m her savior. Save her? More like free labor…”

    “He’s amazing.” A teenage girl beside her sighs.

    “He’s rap’s Taylor Fucking Swift is what he is,” The Girl replies.

    By Jessyca (@goawayjess) on 05.09.2014

  11. the sense of something like emptiness but not quite, grasping at what was once there and is now gone. makes you feel a little bit lost

    By Yasmine on 05.09.2014

  12. “Annaliese, dear, stop your sulking. Antonio is not the only handsome suitor in our kingdom. There are dozens like him, I’m sure.” With a proud air, Queen Ariana brushed her wavy golden locs until not a strand was out of place. She glanced at her daughter’s figure sitting on her bed, hand under her chin. “You really need to move on, love. His departure is the best thing for us…er…for you right now.”

    “Mother, please, I don’t wish to hear any of what you have to say.” Annaliese stood, green eyes alight with anger, tear stains beginning to dry on her cheeks. “Out of all the decisions you and Father have made over the years, this has to be the most arrogant and selfish.”

    The Queen’s mouth fell open, a rebuttal beginning to form. But her only child dashed out the door, slamming it behind her.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.09.2014

  13. She didn’t look back. She knew there was too much that she would miss if she allowed herself to look back.
    No, she had to just leave it all behind in one fell swoop.
    He was going to miss her like mad, she knew it. And he knew that she was going to miss him just as much, even though she had been the one who had decided to depart in the first place.
    The wind blew her hair back into her eyes, and still she refused to look back.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 05.09.2014

  14. Home again after months abroad. I don’t know how I’ll react when I become reacquainted with the once familiar once again. Departure for the comforts of home has never felt like it should…

    By asavas on 05.09.2014

  15. Departure from one stage of life to a brand new stage can be exhilerating and totally frightening. There’s so much invested in the old ways you can feel like changes are impossible, you’re too old, it’s too late, it’s taking a big chance to leave the old familiar ways behind. Sometimes your only mode of transportation is a leap of faith. Do you believe in yourself enough to counter act the negative committee that meets in your head every day? Can your belief in your abilities stand up to the bullies in your life that say you’re crazy, you’re perfectly fine where you are, why do you want to try something new? Departure, that can be a new begining, a fresh start. It’s growth and opportunity and newness. Why would you not want to continue towards this new life, this new adventure, this new you? Take someone along with you. If you really only associate with bullies and your own personal negative committee, write a letter of encouragement to yourself. Tell yourself how awesome you are, how brave, how talented. If you can’t encourage yourself, who would want to do it for you? Not someone stuck in the ruts mistakenly called their “comfort zone” They wouldn’t know adventure if it bit them on the nose.

    By Patt on 05.09.2014

  16. Everyone in the store was saddened by Rosie’s departure as assistant manager, but a select few were thrilled by her replacement. Her name was Henrietta, and she was a stalwart sixty-something who had been born Henry Denzel and had changed her name to Henrietta Dynamo after a good thirty years of hormonal therapy. She was brassy, extremely good with children who wanted to fish sweets from the candy barrels, and all around the biggest chocolate enthusiast one could find on the east side of the Mississippi. She was spectacular.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.09.2014

  17. I wasn’t ready for your departure. It was all so sudden and unexpected. My whole life, you were always there, and then all of a sudden you were gone. It wasn’t fair…

    By Annick on 05.09.2014

  18. it’s 6 am and your palms
    sweat incessantly.
    you worry that the ink on your ticket will rub off.
    they’ll ground you forever.
    either way you try to remember the name
    of that myth where the boy flew too close to the sun.

    By Kairn on 05.09.2014

  19. My brother is leaving, after his wife left. My father is having exploratory surgery to see if he has cancer. Departure. Maybe my brother’s leaving will be enough for the universe, in which case I wish him bon voyage.

    By Consectari on 05.09.2014

  20. I stood there and watched her walk away. One step onto the subway – the saddest step in all of human history. The door closed behind her. She stared back through the window at me with tears in her eyes, and I wondered if I’d ever see her again. War is a funny thing. It creates such sadness, such pain; but instills ideas of courage and victory.

    By Liz on 05.09.2014

  21. Left,gone, hope, lost, refugee, departure. Freedom, dreams, life new, maybe refugee.
    Family where, life who with maybe you refugee.

    By Brett Costin URL on 05.09.2014

  22. The silky darkness whispered around her head as she cried. The girl, she cried out for her fallen angel, for her savior, but that call was left unanswered. So with downcast eyes, she lifted a trigger to her head and let her last tears fall from her emerald eyes. She thought that she could pull the trigger this time, but no. She set the gun down next to her on the ground and looked to the heavens and cried, cried for her fallen angel, her love, her world, her life. Her other half, whose silent departure left her screaming for an end to the pain and confusion. Why would God take from her the only person she every loved, the only person who loved her?

    By Secrets Lie on 05.09.2014

  23. My departure was unexpected seeing that I had become very comfortable with the people and things in this locale. I would even describe it as cozy.

    By Jacqui on 05.09.2014

  24. it’s time for me to go now. said megan oh do you have to? said Jason pulling her in for one more kiss. Yes I’m going to be late for the departure. I hope that we will get to see each other soon. They pulled in for one last kiss and Megan got onto the train.

    By breana on 05.09.2014

  25. This has nothing to do with the word but i posses feelings that have gone too long un-heard.
    Im excluded though they say im included.
    Try to be different and but im just sufficient.
    Please release me of this endless spell is this the place my life will dwell.
    Begging for something i dont know.
    Remove whats been blocking my glow

    By RealitySpeaks on 05.09.2014

  26. I’m going to do this in a few weeks, and i’m not completely secure about it. I dont know, leaving my family here is a hard situation even when I’m going to follow and live my dream.

    By Paulo Venovich URL on 05.09.2014

  27. i wish you’d had a camera to capture the look in my eyes as i stood on the precipice.
    i’d have liked to have seen a hint of bravery.

    i am not ready for departure but i’m going anyway.

    By sarah marie URL on 05.09.2014

  28. as i left, i got ready for the day. it was not easy being me, considering that i had so much to do at the weak figure and size that i was. the help that i needed for everything made me feel so incompetent of being able to do anything these days, then again, being two feet tall didn’t help. it was genetics, let’s be real, freak lab accidents never happen these days.

    By verbomaniac11 on 05.09.2014

  29. i knew this day was coming for weeks, yet i still wasnt prepared for it. youd been around forever, i couldnt imagine a life without you. but here we were, at the airport waving goodbye to each other. i didnt even know if id ever see you again.

    By fairytales on 05.09.2014

  30. the girl spun golden daisy stories from her perfect little mouth
    while the boy screamed and the audience echoed back
    the ruins we see are but a departure of the world i left behind/

    By M. Babington on 05.09.2014

  31. we ran like wildlings into the dark, wielding our own emotions. and he looked back just to smile

    By babington on 05.09.2014

  32. The officer scribbled something illegible on her ticket, and stamped her passport. She was cleared for departure. Finally, she could start living the life she wanted to live. She picked up her bag and walked resolutely down to the plane.

    By tonykeyesjapan on 05.09.2014

  33. Her departure wasn’t scheduled until ten and, though it was barely eight, there she sat in front of gate C, laptop plugged into the airport’s charging station and headphones in, blaring whatever nonsense her iTunes Radio suggested. Even two hours in the worlds most uncomfortable chair was better than spending another minute at her cousin’s loft, where the only thing she had to do was listen to said cousin getting a little TOO personal with her boyfriend. Ugh.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.09.2014

  34. Oh, it’s time to leave.
    Farewell sunshine. Farewell lovers.
    sigh does my soul.
    Please oh please don’t leave a hole:
    In my heart, in my smile, dug out by a mole.
    I’ll hold on, I won’t let go.
    the song that was sung is what makes me flow.
    Perhaps, perhaps, the dance will go on.
    Regardless of hope, this departure – is frowned upon.

    By Jose on 05.09.2014

  35. We left that day without thinking. I wore the blue sweater with the hole on the shoulder. You were wearing mismatched socks. I thought it’d be easier this way

    By cookiesncrm7 URL on 05.09.2014

  36. what? No one in my family has died before.
    but a friend of a friend once did
    i didn’t know him but it was tragic
    I cried anyway

    once i went to sleep away camp
    the summer before eighth grade
    That was the third time i was by myself wa

    By serena on 05.09.2014

  37. “Departure time is 5:30 a.m.,” she reminded me, and I groaned.

    “What time does that mean we need to be at the airport?”

    She shrugged. “Got to allow at least an hour to get through security.”

    “Right,” I snorted. “Because we might be hiding bombs in our shoes or carrying stuff to make bombs in our shampoo bottles.”

    By Kimberly on 05.09.2014

  38. The taxi, bus, shuttle, securtiy check, flight, disembark, transfer, check in, time kill, boarding, meals and movies, too many drinks, silky blankets and strange seat partners, finally landing, get the bags, more buses, hours to go before i sleep, missed bus stops and final taxi home,
    all this to get away from you

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 05.09.2014

  39. It was midnight before we finished loading the car. I’d been putting off accepting that it would in all reality be the very last time I said goodbye to the friends I had made at Coffee Rush, in the months leading up to the worst financial downfall of my adulthood.

    By Delaney on 05.09.2014

  40. My brother’s departure from country was too painful but its for his well ness. We’re too much sad and lonely in his absence but hope for his better future.

    By fondofwriting on 05.10.2014