August 16th, 2014

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52 Responses to “brave”

  1. It’s hard to desribe being brave. It takes courage to stand up for someone. Sometimes, you’ll find someone standing up for YOU, and you’ll call them brave. But when we do the same, we don’t appreciate ourselves. Why? Why is being brave hard? How does it affect us? And not just us, the society. Being brave is about finding yourself.

    By Ivana URL on 08.16.2014

  2. randomness

    By Ivana URL on 08.16.2014

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to be brave.

    By CeCeB on 08.16.2014

  4. The girl’s hair is bright red, scarlet like the flames of a fire licking upwards, and wild- curly and thick and beautiful and vivid, almost like the mane of a lion. The colour red is the only colour to be seen as she strides through the dark alleyways of London courageously during the witch’s hour- awake and unafraid.

    By Lisa on 08.16.2014

  5. He was going to choke. That was all he could think about. Yet somehow, pulling against his guts writhing like a bucket full of scorpions, he raised his chin and met her gaze.

    His eyes were swimming like pools of gasoline, she thought. And she was suddenly afraid. She wanted to reach out to hold onto something.

    By Yona on 08.16.2014

  6. The girl’s hair was a bright red; scarlet and crimson and orange, almost like the dancing flames of a fire licking upwards. Not only was it bright, but wild too- glossy, thick and exuberant, and standing out like a beautiful lion’s mane as she braved the streets of London at midnight. Sure, it was the witches’ hour, and anything could happen to her- but she had something most did not in her little heart, and that was courage.

    By PieNiinja on 08.16.2014

  7. He was brave-hearted. I mean he had guts and a heart to go with it. He loved. His passion mixed with courage. He was fearless. Nothing would hold him back.

    By elaine on 08.16.2014

  8. She knew she had to be brave enough to continue to live her life on her own. To continue to wait for the things she knew she deserved no matter what anyone said about her or made her feel.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.16.2014

  9. I wasn’t brave enough to take on the dragon with a sword and shield. I was, however, cunning enough to lure it into a corner, quick enough to escape its fiery breath, and energetic enough to scale the tower wall before it could even reach me. When you saw me, you asked if I had slain the beast, but I hadn’t, and it meant all she had was me in that tower.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.16.2014

  10. You were brave enough to make the first move, start the conversation, and ask me out. You weren’t brave enough to kiss me. Maybe I wasn’t worth kissing.

    By Marina URL on 08.16.2014

  11. A powerful feeling. Absent when we most need it. The only time when you can show it is when experiencing fear.

    By Alex on 08.16.2014

  12. I wasn’t brave enough. I tried but fear overcame. So him raise his hand and hit my mother. Wanted to kill him, stab him, choke him. But i cowered behind my desk. Not brave enough…

    By Dante on 08.16.2014

  13. find the bravery inside you
    dare to pull it out
    it will give you the strength to face the hefty weight of change
    and when you will have come out at the end
    you will hear the music of clarity

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.16.2014

  14. He was the bravest coward I’d ever seen.It was strange to think that mere days ago he cowered in fear at the aspect of standing up to one of them. Now he swung with reckless confidence and gambled his life to spare ours.

    By Ayra on 08.16.2014

  15. A definitive characteristic of a warrior, one which must be understood by all of us. It is commonly said bravery is not the absence of fear, but action is spite of it.

    By jorge ibarra on 08.16.2014

  16. brave as a lion. but why should a lion be brave? with all its teeth and claws. I say brave as a girl. the whole world underestimates and belittles girls. they’re the brave ones for doing things their way; anyway.

    By skiba URL on 08.16.2014

  17. Am I brave? Starting the school year and standing in front of twenty-five strangers requires bravery, even if you are the teacher.

    By Peg on 08.16.2014

  18. ‘Careening’. That was the word for it. ‘Careening’. My blonde hair was being flung every which way by the wind, and, honestly, I could not stop thinking that this was a terrible idea. I hated this ride with all my heart, but I had been dared not to brake once, and damned if I was going to.

    By a terrible poet on 08.16.2014

  19. courageous. unarfraid. I used to think they were one and the same but i have learned how wrong i was. My brother showed courage when he jumped from the top of a tower just to save me from myself. My fahter showed courage when he gave his all to the guardiens of the city who wanted nothing more than to let him go quietly inot the night.

    By TIna on 08.16.2014

  20. A ghost resides in my closet. Every night it tells me that it was the original owner and that I can’t let his home fall to disarray. I also know that he killed himself; life was too hard and he had to feed his kids and his house was to be evicted soon. Takes guts to confront life, but maybe some to take your own as well.

    By plorp hemmingstein on 08.16.2014

  21. I wish I were brave. I could put my work into the public eye without fear; I could write music on commission without fear that I wouldn’t be able to complete it on time.

    By myishii on 08.16.2014

  22. There are little round pearls
    shivering and flushing down
    my cheeks – tears without a
    name, sighs without a name.
    There are emotions hushed
    between the slumbered lips
    by a tenacious brave whisper.

    By gargouillis on 08.16.2014

  23. I was once brave enough to face the force of a thousand dragons and be the hero in the story, except my dragons were not dragons rather they were demons in myself that I could just not hone in on my own but I managed to do it. I managed to be brave enough to face my dragons.

    By Lydia on 08.16.2014

  24. She sat in the corner. In the dark.
    She didn’t know what the world meant anymore.
    She felt lost. She had given it all she had.
    She had put a facade and been brave,
    She had nothing left anymore.
    Everything she had she gave,
    Now, she’s done.

    By Sheethal on 08.16.2014

  25. She thought she was being stupid. As soon as he pushed her on the floor, she stood up without even thinking of what she was going to do next. Her fist tightened and her lips curled into a smile.She was going to get revenge…. somehow. She was definitely going to stand up for herself. She was brave. She has always been brave.

    By Aly on 08.16.2014

  26. “It…it HURTS, Cari,”
    Cara grimaced, both at the pain in the child’s voice and at the nickname itself, “I know it does,” she began, choosing her words with more care than most thought her capable of. “But, if you can be brave for me, for just a little while, I can take you to someone who can help.”
    “You pr-promise?”
    She nodded without hesitation. “I do.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.16.2014

  27. He always fancied himself as someone who could love a true wild woman. And what a creature to earn the affection of, right? One who let intuition guide her to hell and back again. But when faced with the reality of a somewhat uncompromising creature – a pure force of nature, if we’re going to be honest – he found himself lacking in confidence. It was his inability to adapt to her constant state of flux. And holy, holy! Was she a thing that was ever-changing. He may as well marry himself to an oceanic current, a tornado, a typhoon, an earthquake, a monsoon, a volcano or some other agent. The idea that someone could feel so complete in their being, yet simultaneously unsure, as if questioning their role in the great scheme of things — why, it seemed like an oxymoron! A truly wild thing shouldn’t feel insecure. NO! Wild things should possess bravado to the bitter end, for that’s what he’d always been taught of mythological creatures such as her. But this wild one didn’t follow the script much less understand the formula they all expected of her nascent nebulae. The safety protocols for what is acceptable and what is not. The rules, really. Or expectations — if we’re to be frank. No, she was too human for that. And that’s what gets him every time – this less than perfect ideal.

    By Intuition on 08.16.2014

  28. brave brave brave.

    By fiddelity on 08.17.2014

  29. ‘be daring, be wild, be brave.’

    the last words she said to me.

    I want miss her.

    By fiddelity on 08.17.2014

  30. 20 Sekunden Mut, das ist alles, was du brauchst, sagte mein Bruder damals. Dieser Satz hat mich durch mein gesamtes Leben begleitet. Immer wieder habe ich ihn angewendet, und immer wieder hat er mir Wunder beschert. Und die Liebe meines Lebens.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.17.2014

  31. brave
    am i brave
    when i lay my hand
    across your chest
    and i can
    your heart
    hun gry

    whisper me words
    in silver drops
    that will fall down my
    and make the strands
    stick to the side
    with you

    By sevenwords on 08.17.2014

  32. Brave represents courage, strength & is an important quality that helps us in every area of our life
    Brave reminds me of movies like Braveheart, Brave, Gladiators. Many people in history have illustrated bravery such as Abe Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, & many more without whom we wouldn’t have the freedom & democracy we have today.

    By Shivangini Mahendroo on 08.17.2014

  33. Thank You

    By Shivangini Mahendroo on 08.17.2014

  34. She mounted the stairs, swallowing her breath as she stood in front of the crowd, and as the first words came out, she felt braver than anyone else.

    By karai on 08.17.2014

  35. I don’t think I’m very brave. I don’t feel like I could do anything that has anything to do with bravery, whether it’s standing up for something I believe in or diving off a cliff just because. I’m a wimp, a loser when it comes to things like that. It takes a certain talent to be brave.

    By Meagan on 08.17.2014

  36. “But I will tell you one thing about him that I can’t deny…he’s very brave. So brave, Far braver than a little boy should ever have to be.”
    “And…why do you say that?”
    “Well, you see, his father got cancer…and he died within a matter of months later.”

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.17.2014

  37. there was a very good reason this poor soul tried to take care of what he saw in front of him and that was because he was gonna be brave enough to do the right thing. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought because at least he knew he would not go to hell for watching this atrocity.

    By trkstr67 on 08.17.2014

  38. Brave had never been used to describe Tom Perkins. He was skinny and wore thick glasses, stood quietly at the back of the crowd, was soft spoken, and could easily be described as invisible. But not today. Today, Tom Perkins had had enough. He was mad, and as he walked with intent down the street toward the park, students stepped back out of his way. The bullies had made a mistake…..

    By Cim on 08.17.2014

  39. Brave is the world that describes kings, knights, and leaders. Brave is the thing I wish to be, yet cannot. I am not brave. I am alive, though, and isn’t that, in itself, brave? I live, I love, I will die. Am I brave? I hope so.

    By Braeden on 08.17.2014

  40. i am brave. i am not brave. i don’t know. some situations allow me to be brave. there are others where i don’t allow myself to be brave. i am brave and i am not brave. can one always be brave? brave is as brave does.

    By Anu on 08.17.2014