April 29th, 2016 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “wonderland”

  1. The kingdom of heaven is spread upon the earth, and men do not see it. This is the Thomas gospel. The level of wonders in a world of harsh harsh physics and kind kind plastic sheathed nitrogen-junkie talking mammals is enough to eat whatever semblance of ‘sanity’ is fashionable at the time. Good luck staring at that sun.

    By Snufkin on 04.29.2016

  2. It was like a Teenage Wonderland at the theme park – under the plastic-looking bridges and beside the stone walls that led to castles and roller coasters, adolescents snuck alcohol in water bottles and managed to smoke weed and cigarettes without the security cameras noticing. I managed to find a spot by the Screamer roller coaster and roll a joint with my girlfriend, Mac, before making out with her and enjoying the taste.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.29.2016

  3. alice in wonderland. I’d like to have my own wonderland, where I can fully express myself, where hate and bad feelings don’t exist. I’d like to be able to have such a shelter for myself.

    By missz on 04.29.2016

  4. I went to wonderland today. It wasn’t at all like Alice described it, it was so dark and damp. At first I thought I was in a swamp not the place I wanted to visit since a child. Maybe Alice was simply insane and mistook a swamp for a wonderland. Who will know? I can’t wait to leave wonderland.

    By O.G on 04.29.2016

  5. Shimmering colours, and vibrancy, and flavours riding on the air like swallows. Twisting and turning and spiralling through your ears like sound and flipping your heart upside-down. The colours leave trails behind them, and you don’t know if you’re on the ground or in the sky. He holds your hand, and you turn, and every word in every language is in his eyes.
    You laugh, but there is no sound. There is nothing. There is glass and the world spins beneath you and somewhere there is darkness.

    By Archanza on 04.29.2016

  6. “What a wondrous winterland. Wait, no, that’s not it…wonder winterland. Doesn’t sound right. Ahh, perhaps winter…winterland? Winterland…it’s so close yet so far, mm…”
    I watched him struggle to form the words that were so close in his mind. It must’ve been hard, immensely hard, to try and fit into our world; humans were immensely strange and complicated when it came to social norms. His kind was still very new to the planet, and despite PROA’s efforts, most outlanders–it was rude to call them “aliens”–were a bit lost on how to get around.
    “It’s winter wonderland, Nakkhi.”
    Good thing I was there to remind him.

    By The Wanderer on 04.29.2016

  7. She often wondered how far she would be able to go.

    Dreams were lost to her – a vivid memory of a world she no longer knew.

    Where can she go to find the place she belonged? There wasn’t a place she was no longer accepted.

    She needed her wonderland.

    She needed her refuge.

    As war tore everyone apart, all she could cling onto was a foolish dream.

    By Ashley on 04.29.2016

  8. Alice could vaguely remember her dreams but wonderland was always present. A reminder of what wasn’t and what will never be.

    By Savy on 04.29.2016

  9. I had found it by accident, or maybe on purpose; I had followed the deer tracks close to the reservoir. When I saw it initially, I knew it was the place. The hustle and bustle of Brunswick suburban life all seemed to come to a halt at the clearing in the middle of those woods. There was a stream that snaked through the uneven earth. People were here before us. People would be here after us. But right then and there, time stopped, and we saw how the grass and the rocks and the water came together to create home.

    By theAwkward-Alice on 04.29.2016

  10. This park is like a wonderland! look at all the atractions… It’s all pretty but i see no people around, only the two of us, why would that be?

    By Bramsy on 04.29.2016

  11. Alice in Wonderland holds a special place in my heart. From the time we were little girls my sister and I have watched and loved it. Every year we give each other something AIW related for our birthdays and Christmas. And 30 years later we still watch it EVERY time we are able to visit with each other.

    By Three Little Birds on 04.29.2016

  12. 1wonderland = Within Onmipresent Now Deciding Enough Reality Living At Nothing Determined

    By Garz on 04.30.2016

  13. A steady stream of white frost exited from her mouth as she took in several deep breaths and released them. She was standing at the edge of the world, at the tip of her wonderland. Her gaze flitted around trying to absorb every detail. Never once did she turn around.
    Fatal mistake. Behind her, slowly a lithe white beast inched towards her.
    Her last breath would be in her wonderland, not a bad way to die.

    By Ana on 04.30.2016

  14. wonderland is a place where you escape your realities and problems to form an imaginary heaven where u seek refuge to heal your soul.this gives you hope for a better tomorrow in times of hardship. Others may use it as a dreamworld where they construct their innermost desires and hope it becomes reality.

    By Kofi Boison URL on 04.30.2016

  15. books up on the shelves drift through the dusty air to my hands and clock the finisher with strange wrinkles like grooves the mind they say it’s all plastic now and can bend at will is this science is this a leap of faith an arena to wonder at fences how they were put up in the first place and what motivation if only it were possible to rip them down and straddle the contents like

    By reluctant on 04.30.2016

  16. She looked down into the glass.
    “Are you quite sure this is safe? It’s definitely an…interesting color.”
    The older woman laughed bitterly, a tear beginning.
    “It used to be a game. When we were thirteen, in our painting

    By Grace on 04.30.2016

  17. He ran his hands over her shoulders and looked into her eyes. She rolled them heavily, but was smiling anyway. The whole experience clearly made her uncomfortable, but he was thrilled and enthralled with her. That kind of attention? It was unusual.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.30.2016

  18. This place is sure a wonderland.
    Im sure Alice was scared as me.
    Too afraid to see.
    This place is a goddamn wonderland.

    By Sameeka on 04.30.2016

  19. A place where enchantment occurs, no thoughts of working for things because things just are. We just are. A magical forest filled with the wonder of childhood, imagination, creativities, and lightening bugs. That’s all I’ve got.

    By Praizchick on 04.30.2016

  20. To me, a wonderland must include nature. Ever since I was a little kid…nature had to be a part of it. I never liked theme parks. Disney land, etc. I live in Nevada. This is a wonderland! The mountains, the cactus, the sunsets, sunrises…wild horse…wild burrows…the coyotes…and our “freedom” quail…

    By Mistress Quickly on 04.30.2016

  21. Sticky, sweet candy lined the walls. Shapes that dazzled the eyes, painted in stripes of rainbow colours and rows and rows of sugary-scented, glossy treats. Like a window into a wonderland.

    By Charida on 04.30.2016

  22. Life is crazy, but life is a dream.

    By kathy on 04.30.2016

  23. As Meridian stepped through the door and into her grandmother’s new house, she gasped. It was completely different from what it had been like before. The chairs were decorated with rose and butter-yellow crocheted blankets. Silver and red throw pillows garnished the white sofas. The walls were painted white and crimson, and adorning the walls were various framed photos of popular fashion designers, and famous artists. Small lights framed in metallic cones hung from the ceiling, and jazz music hummed from a speaker high in the corner. The whole scene looked like something from a contemporary home design magazine, except for the crocheted blankets. Meridian dropped her suitcase on one of the sleek ivory sofas, and took off her headphones, and paused the music on her phone. A wild grin spread across her face as she surveyed the wonderland. Never had she been more excited to stay with her grandmother.

    By Teeny Duckie on 04.30.2016

  24. Alice in Wonderland, the first thing that cane to my mind. Wonderland is one of cutest places. I love it.

    By abc on 04.30.2016

  25. Alice in Wonderland, is the first thing that came to my mind. Wonderland is one of cutest places. I love it. I watched its film and read its book. It was great. Drink a tea in wonderland.

    By abc on 04.30.2016

  26. Her dreams were filled with images of teacups and puzzle pieces, maps flashing every color of the rainbow, X-marks-the-spots that she knew were only illusions. She couldn’t wake up. All she could do was travel down the same road, repeating under her breath, “X marks the spot.”

    By Riannon on 04.30.2016

  27. Alice in Wonderland. Alice in reality. It’s a wonder there is any land left the way the ice-caps are melting.

    By Fiocle on 04.30.2016

  28. I wonder if I will ever be successful. I wonder if I will ever “get over” my depression. I wonder if I will ever be good enough. Here I am, stuck in wonderland, wondering if I will ever get anywhere in life. I wonder if anyone will stop to notice long enough to help me out.

    By Willow on 04.30.2016

  29. It was some kind of twisted wonderland. Where I had expected flowers that talk and caterpillars that smoke I found instead wisps of smoke that kept eyes on you and voices carried on the wind. It was much more unsettling than I had imagined as a child.

    By Kate on 04.30.2016

  30. alice, the rabbit, some place i wish existed. full of wonder and beauty, prince and fairy tale’s, something completely fictious yet very real. its all about the surroundings, the happiness, the exoticness

    By Shae on 04.30.2016

  31. Wonderland. I wonder if the sense of wonder would still pervade me if I wandered there, as an adult.
    I feel wanderlust, but I wonder why.
    I’m better off now than when I fully relied on my parents.
    I’m mature.
    I wonder.

    By Stefano Zocchi on 04.30.2016

  32. Yellow. Red? No, orange. Scarlet? I think it’s called scarlet.
    It’s a very bright flower, nonetheless. Reaching down, I plucked it carefully from the small mound of snow its steam was buried in. There was a tiny patch of grass surrounding it; I could tell because of the bits of green poking out from the bottom.
    I took a whiff, and I was jolted by confusion.

    By The Wanderer on 04.30.2016

  33. Who comes back from Wonderland unscathed?

    Have you ever met someone who’s been there? Like, really been to Wonderland? Did they show you proof? Did they bring back the White Rabbit’s fur, or the Red Queen’s head on a platter? What proof would you accept?

    Is it safe to believe?

    Me, I’ve never been to Wonderland. I thought I was going, but I guess I waited too long.

    By Meep on 04.30.2016

  34. Who comes back from Wonderland unscathed?

    Have you ever met someone who’s been there? Like, really been to Wonderland? Did they show you proof? Did they bring back the White Rabbit’s fur, or the Red Queen’s head on a platter? What proof would you accept?

    Is it safe to believe?

    Me, I’ve never been to Wonderland. I had my ticket, but I missed my rabbit hole. Wonderland doesn’t want you any more when you’re sane.

    By Meep on 04.30.2016

  35. an opportunity for learning: much less wonder

    By Garz on 04.30.2016