December 5th, 2016 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “witchcraft”

  1. broomstick hands
    cleaning the pieces of myself
    off the tiled floor.

    manifesting care
    that no one else would give,
    but the Mother holds me
    while the Father watches,
    and for once I feel a part
    of something bigger
    than my mind.

    By Pandatry on 12.05.2016

  2. it is not the flick of the wrist or boasting a loud cackle, it is a belief, a lifestyle. a belief that the impossible is still impossible no matter the mixtures concocted. however, it all depends on what one’s interpretation of the word “impossible” is exactly. a lifestyle still in practice today. don’t listen to stories or legends, just blink your eyes and keep an open mind. watch carefully with wide eyes.

    By vanikey on 12.05.2016

  3. Witchcraft. Zauberkraft? Hexenkraft? Wenn ich welche hätte, was würde ich dann ändern in meinem Leben? Wenn ich es könnte, würde ich mir dann wirklich herbeizaubern, dass ich genau weiß, was ich will im Leben? Oder lieber, dass ich meine Unentschlossenheit annehmen und genießen kann?

    By Lisa URL on 12.05.2016

  4. I keep the important things scattered around my room like paper receipts, roaches, and other garbage… No one said I had to keep them pristine; better to incorporate them into your surroundings to encourage a new ambiance. This supports the craft.

    By Zoe URL on 12.05.2016

  5. “Witchcraft!” screamed the old woman, pointing a trembling finger at the young girl. “Witchcraft! God have mercy on you, dear girl!”

    The girl stared at her. “Madam,” she politely intoned, “I’m just reading one of my books.”

    “Don’t you lie to me, heathen wench!” the old woman scoffed. “I see the title. ‘Pentagrams and Satan’?!”

    “Madam,” the girl sighed, enunciating as if she were talking to a five year, “the book is titled ‘Pentagons and Scalenes.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.05.2016

  6. this mental voodoo you cast,
    please be gentle, i ask,
    but stay consistent
    remain persistent towards
    my resistance,
    ravage me with your
    spellbound chords of
    golden speech

    By Desiree J on 12.05.2016

  7. Witchcraft in the air,
    burn me at the stake
    without a care.
    What’s at stake,
    what’s on the line?
    How much more can I take?
    Which incantation gives me back what is mine?

    Witchcraft the craft of the lonely and the damned
    Oh it’s sixty seconds.

    By Lee on 12.05.2016

  8. I was the only one in the village who didn’t understand witchcraft.

    I was the outcast. The one who does not partake in anything.

    I was shunned by the elders. Mocked by the young. Left on the streets to fend for myself.

    Someday, they will pay.

    I will be back. And I will put them into the ground.

    By DF on 12.05.2016

  9. A little cat tail here. A little lizard eye there. Something’s missing…maybe a spice? I have a lot of them but…maybe one I haven’t found yet. I think I better find it and make this potion right.

    By Brianna L on 12.05.2016

  10. The old, cranky woman hands the humongous vial of boiling glop and glares at me. “Drink it up,” she orders crankily as she moves her wrinkled, shriveled up old hands back toward the act of attending her bald cat.

    I shiver in contemptment and hold the disgusting, offensive intruder to my lips. Slowly, I let some of the dirty, ill-tasting liquid trickle down slowly into my throat. Squeezing my eyes shut, I feel the transformation automatically.

    A light tingling starts from my throat, and starts spider-crawling its way around my body. It circulates in my blood and drips slowly into my heart. It’s a warm and feather-light sensation, even though the liquid itself was disturbing and intense.

    The woman lets out a faint cackle through her pale, colorless lips. “Hello, frog.”

    By KOOLness on 12.05.2016

  11. She smiled, and the whole word stopped. When she looked me in the eyes and told me, “I love you,” I saw it all. I heard the wedding bells and waking up to her every morning for the rest of my life. It was true witchcraft, what she did to me; and I will never be the same.

    By Corinneashleigh on 12.05.2016

  12. Witchcraft makes me think about witches and how evil and nice they can be. There are probably 2 types. Nice witches and mean witches. Nice witched help people and heal people when they get hurt. Mean withes hurt people and use bad stuff… I hope there are only good witches.

    By pinkdonut on 12.05.2016

  13. Witchcraft… blah blah… is it true… or not…. I’m sorry for using too many dot dot dots….. but I’m thinking while I type the dot dots… but it’s not possible because our mind cannot multitask… hmm….. this is so confusing….but I’m going to stop trying to use dots because I think I might be annoying whoever that is reading this.

    By pinkdonut on 12.05.2016

  14. You lured me in slowly.
    Your stormy surface beguiling
    your strong arms tightening
    your laugh dark and quick
    Your words like a whip
    stirring beneath the surface of the storm
    was a riptide
    ripping away my breath
    tying my hands
    and laughing at my lack of breath
    shooting arrows just for fun
    When the night was over
    Your witchcraft had won.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 12.05.2016

  15. i could see the magic in her eyes. it rested softly indicated that she didn’t know if her power or she didnt want it. it was under used, under nurished. something she would regret later in life i knew it. i had to help, but how?

    By Anna Trotter on 12.05.2016

  16. For the first time, i have heard about this word. It surely related to the practice of magic, especially black magic. I am fearful of this kind of practices. In India, people tend to believe in these practices.

    By AKANKSHA SARRAFF URL on 12.05.2016

  17. What is this witchcraft? I asked myself as I stared at my computer screen. Somehow, my boyfriend was dating another girl–or at least if we’re counting instagram as a source.

    By Audrey on 12.05.2016

  18. It must be witchcraft, that thing they do when the moon is full. All that planting of seedlings under a full moon. On the other hand, it might just be an alternative to the way we farm.

    By Alia on 12.05.2016

  19. What was called WITCHCRAFT
    is either retarded farce
    or is now science

    if retarded farce
    the silly superstitious
    will still call witchcraft

    the want of power
    that desperates never have
    is wished “true” sans proof

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.05.2016

  20. hearts across palms
    seared there with kisses
    there is so much
    shivering naked in rooms I walked into
    these witches
    press fingers against me
    lead me
    by the blanket’s warm hem

    By Saudade on 12.05.2016

  21. Revival:

    streams into microphones
    only end when the crowd has whispered their last critique
    sent glances o’er shoulders
    launched themselves, laughing, at lovers
    whose love will end
    scream for me
    they never end
    they never cease
    they never stop feeling the scream
    rapping in the dead end of their mind

    By Saudade on 12.05.2016

  22. Masked:

    over-arched with perched phrasings
    most precise, more impeccable
    than the first
    there are so many books
    whose words like pools of sweat
    have been worth naught
    are now worth less
    on creaked-wood shelves
    that topple with bankruptcy
    as often as fires
    it goes
    becomes again
    and never has been

    By Saudade on 12.05.2016

  23. is the craziest thing used to control minds. How I wished the one who started it died because of witchcraft only! Why not Peacecraft?

    By Aditi Sharma on 12.05.2016

  24. I love this word! It is so exciting!!! blah blah blah. I know lots of people think this is an evil dark word, but I think it’s fun. I guess it’s because I don’t really believe in it. Plus, books like HP have made witchcraft seem good, white, pure … Like good will always win.

    By cecile on 12.06.2016

  25. magic that is done by witches, most of the time used for a bad type of magic like a curse

    By zeynp URL on 12.06.2016

  26. It’s a wonderful word that describes everything that we don’t understand. For example magic, sorcery and physics

    By MrKimchi on 12.06.2016

  27. “Witch! Witchcraft! Long live King Henry!” Anne started to cry and began quietly praying towards the sky on her knees. Please, God, let it be fast. Henry had only hired the best for his beloved, and Anne’s prayer never hit “amen”.

    By Paige B on 12.06.2016

  28. Witchcraft, a word that bring to mind a very negative connotation. Though it’s not as bad as you’d think it is. How many of those who call witchcraft sin are actually aware of what it is? Are they aware of it’s benefits? I would very much like to be a witch if anything. I mean who wouldn’t ? Think about all the good you could do, and the bad.

    By lolnunofurbuzinezz URL on 12.06.2016

  29. hogwarts
    harry potter
    salem witch trials

    By Beril on 12.06.2016

  30. ‘What is this witchcraft?’, her father chuckled in mock bewilderment, examining the gleaming piece of technology before him. Rosa sighed theatrically but could not hide her smile. The birthday gift seemed to be a success after all, and just for a moment it had seemed like everything was going to be okay.

    By Jim on 12.06.2016

  31. It was like she had some sort of spell, some set of potions, some form of diversions that tricked peope into thinking she was cute and funny. and smart. She was really none of those. She was practiced in the art of

    By Susan URL on 12.06.2016

  32. Witches make spells and it takes up very special knowledge to make that spell. All witches go to school to take education about craftsmanship for witches. They then become witchcrafts.

    By Yağmur Ürey on 12.06.2016

  33. When I think of witchcraft Harry Potter comes to my mind. I love books and movies that involve witchcraft. And one other thing that comes to mind is the colour purple. I hate purple.

    By idil on 12.06.2016

  34. it cackles in me
    you whisper in me
    together we shall
    subjugate the night
    devour each other’s souls underneath the
    we shall cast aside the pieces of the things that beat in our chests.
    we shall trade them in for
    prescience of each other
    prescience of our
    future together

    By anothershadowbox on 12.06.2016

  35. Witches are the ones who do magic and being able to do magic can be used for both good and bad manners. “Magic” is a concept which is really interesting and favorable for many people as we can understand it from the fanciness of fiction books or movies.

    By ezgi on 12.06.2016

  36. I don’t know what a witchcraft it but I’m guessing it’s something like what witches do. Like magic. When people say witch, it creates an evil image in our minds. The reason to this are commonly told stories. However, I think witches can be good people inside and we shouldn’t be biased against them. So, witchcraft shouldn’t necessarily mean something bad, it can be making it food for poor or something like that.

    By Zeynep s on 12.06.2016

  37. Witchcraft reminds me cast a spell, magician, a person who can do magic but especially Harry Potter. Muggles, magical world and everything. Witchcraft is more than cast a spell it is friendship and adventures, a war between good and bad people, Triwizard Tournament.

    By Begüm Taylan on 12.06.2016

  38. Haaary Poteeeer! The boy who comes to die!!! Avvvv-a daaa Kedavraaa!

    Also Salem Witch Trials! I really want to learn what is happening there, but there is no time for the searching, though.

    By begm on 12.06.2016

  39. magic is most commonly used for

    By john on 12.06.2016

  40. You are meant to be hanged then burnt and your ashes be scattered. Your blood does not flow you malevolent witch. There is no place in this town for your trickery.

    By mavmav on 12.06.2016