December 9th, 2008 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “wish”

  1. Wish upon a fairytale
    And watch the wish disapear into the past
    With the princesses and dragons of inocence

    Don’t you wish you knew still how to be a child?

    By Kim on 12.10.2008

  2. wish
    i wish i could remember
    I wish i could do more
    I wish I wasn’t selfish
    I wish I didn’t feel hopeless
    I wish I could fall in Love
    I wish I wasn’t afraid
    I wish I was willing to embrace failure
    I wish I was more positive
    I wish I could stop wishing.

    By AnnieM on 12.10.2008

  3. With only fifty seconds left, I am left wishing for a left ambiguous word. As it stands, all I have stopping me from turning thirty seconds ago to inevitable failure is a wish, and a frantic desperate prayer for someone to save me.

    By Tox on 12.10.2008

  4. I wish for a MAC

    By Miles on 12.10.2008

  5. wish I had time to wish upon a star. the star feel slowly to the ground, not ins astreak, but like a leaf. Gentle and freely slowly spiralling down.It it the ground with a whisper and turned over into Laive.

    By Nelson on 12.10.2008

  6. i wish for you all the best? the greatest. you are here. wish swish. switch. the difference between wishing & hoping. I wish I wish for this I wish. 11:11 make a wish. I wish you would. I wish that just.

    By Megan on 12.10.2008

  7. She had a wish but it never came true. When she woke up she was alone with her misery and an empty bottle.

    By Katie Mae. on 12.10.2008

  8. I wish I could be all yours and you would be all mine. I wish a wish meant more than something someone wants but know they can’t have, at least for the time being. I wish life could be carefree. I wish it was just you and me watching football and building bed frames. I wish I was your one and only. I wish that could be enough for you.

    By Lexi on 12.10.2008