October 2nd, 2009 | 436 Entries

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436 Entries for “wine”

  1. I think I’m allergic to wine. Not just wine, but any alcohol. Weird, right? I wish I knew if I were actually allergic to alcohol or just something in certain alcohols… but I’m not willing to die to find out. :)

    By on 10.03.2009

  2. maybe I can drink some. ugh nice headache coming along. I don’t drink wine anymore, next subject please

    By kara on 10.03.2009

  3. red, tom storey, fruity, vine, white, drunk, pretty glasses, becky portera, stain, good with dinner meals, good with dessert,

    By VC on 10.03.2009

  4. Once upon a time a man owned a tasteful little vineyard in southern california.

    By Marianna on 10.03.2009

  5. Wine comes in red, white and rose. I believe that’s true. There may be other shades, but I am ignorant of them. I prefer white to red, which I find quite heavy. It doesn’t sit well in my stomach and can give me a nasty headache.

    By XYZ on 10.03.2009

  6. tastes disgusting. though i feel sohpiscated drinking it. maybe thats why people drink it.

    By hi on 10.03.2009

  7. omg i love wine. the other day i had this really nice dessert wine. it was so light and sweet, it wasnt too strong like many california or chile wines tend to be. i dont remember the name of it but i do remember what a flavor blast it was.

    By nug on 10.03.2009

  8. I’m drinking some right now before I go out to the pub later. But it’s cold so I may stay in.

    By Sx on 10.03.2009

  9. omg wine

    By Anonymous on 10.03.2009

  10. wine is something that i wish i could have. fancy people drink wine. my sister drinks wine. when i get older i just wanna sit in my cool apartment and drink wine and watch movies instead of water and popcorn. i would learn how to sniff it and then drink it. i wish i was older.

    By Lori on 10.03.2009

  11. Well, wine immediately made me think about European countries. Something about it’s and sophistication made me think of a garden with many vines wrapped around a building. And people sitting around a table drinking wine. It brings me back to the olden days.

    By Tenkai on 10.03.2009

  12. Some people like to drink wine. If you can drink wine and not get a hangover, more power to you. I personally drink beer.

    By Mike Hershey on 10.03.2009

  13. wine

    By beth on 10.03.2009

  14. The wine sliped from the glass; out of her hands crashing to the floor. she could not believe her eyes or ears for that matter. It was impossible. How could this have happened? What could have provoked it? I saw not answer and no solution.

    By Michael on 10.03.2009

  15. sadness

    By anıl on 10.03.2009

  16. Wine is a an alcoholic drink. It comes in many different flavors, it is usually made from grapes. Its is used at parties or celebrations. It can also be used for casual drinking, but not as common as beer or liquor. It comes from all over the world and can last a life time.

    By Brad on 10.03.2009

  17. this reminds me of getting shit drunk when i was barely fifteen with an amazon in my old bedroom. it was the first time i ever had relations with another girl. all the other times of drinking wine seemed real shitty

    By kearsten on 10.03.2009

  18. I looked over to my mom. She sipped from her wine glass so elegantly. I was only 14, so I wasn’t technically allowed to drink, but I asked mom if I could try it anyway. Reluctantly, she handed the glass to me. I carefully held it to my lips and took a quick drink. For the next thirty minutes, I was frantically trying to get the taste out of my mouth.

    By Melody Grace on 10.03.2009

  19. I don’t really drink wine, but there is red wine and white wine. Wine makes me think of Edgar Alan Poe’s story The Cask of Amantillado, in which the narrator buries a man alive in his wine cellar.

    By Chevy on 10.03.2009

  20. I love to drink wine. My favorite wine is Burgundy. I drink less since I’ve been having stomach problems. Wine is said to be very good to guard against heart problems and aging. Most people drink a glass a day, the recommended amount.

    By Madwhelmina on 10.03.2009

  21. It’s luscious texture drapes my tongue with hints of spice and nature. It makes the day fade away and brings my love to light.

    By momto4aggies on 10.03.2009

  22. Wine is an alcholic beverage. It is made by using grapes. The grapes are fermented and they produce wine. The best wine famously comes form the vineyards of france.

    Wine was drunk by people in olden times, they watered it down it was safer to drink than water.

    By Adam Schober Thomson on 10.03.2009

  23. Heute abend werde ich mit meinen Freunden Wein trinken. Sie haben sich bestimmt schon auf den Weg gemacht. Wir werden gute Gespr

    By Anonymous on 10.03.2009

  24. I was at the wine tasting, sitting and waiting for him. He was already twenty minutes late, exactly. Im sitting here, the only customer here with a glass of red in front of me and my phone. Waiting for anything, a txt or a call, or anything. But nothing. Again, im worth nothing.

    By KMH on 10.03.2009

  25. Wine. In vino veritas. Either the greatest aphrodisiac invented or the worst form of mouthwash invented. The color is quite interesting; not quite a velvet violet, but not really a crystalline purple. Don’t know what you call it.

    By Helen on 10.03.2009

  26. wine, not a fan. I figure that after a couple belts it all tastes the same. People that are so into it and it’s history and all that, irk me!

    By Christian on 10.03.2009

  27. And all I liked was wine, and I would see everyone else, with their beers aand their liquors and they were drinking to get drunk, but I was sipping to taste the sweet, and I loved it. I would feel warm, and I would wake up okay, and I wouldn’t be sick. I loved everyone their, but they would never understand that all I really cared about was wine.

    By Josaleigh on 10.03.2009

  28. cute

    By Jake on 10.03.2009

  29. wine

    By jake on 10.03.2009

  30. no, no more wine today. *crys a little*

    By jay on 10.03.2009

  31. wine is alcohol.. thats all folks

    By on 10.03.2009

  32. wine

    By on 10.03.2009

  33. good taste, alcholic, red and sweet, it is one of my favourite drinks while eating. I just drinked a glass of it yesterday night in a pub. It was an albana, a white

    By on 10.03.2009

  34. wine is a alcohol

    By jake on 10.03.2009

  35. some kind of a drink

    By jake on 10.03.2009

  36. wine was here when i last came to her party. this time i gave into the temptation of that intoxicating liquid. only after i let it consume me did i enjoy the…

    By liedenn on 10.03.2009