February 15th, 2013 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “willed”

  1. I willed to be with you. I willed my life we’d spend together. I willed my love I’d give. But my will was wrong. My will was a path I learned later I never wanted to take. I willed to be a better person but my will only made me worse.

    By Morgan on 02.15.2013

  2. She willed herself to not think about him, but she couldn’t stop herself. He was there, right in front of her, and he was staring at her expectantly. At last, she could no longer force herself not to look at or think about him, and stared back into his waiting sea-green eyes. Her own emerald green eyes widened in surprise to realize how much he had changed in the past few years since she had seen him last. She willed herself to break eye contact again, for fear of being swept away into the ocean that was his eyes, then looked back again, unable to stop herself.

    By Zoey Russ on 02.15.2013

  3. I did not ask for the tree to fall on him, nor did I cause it to happen. It was willed to happen by the ground beneath the tree, encouraged by my shovel.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.15.2013

  4. He willed her to want him. She had not planned for this, but suddenly, she was under his spell. Against what she thought was her will, she fell for him.

    By Elizabeth on 02.15.2013

  5. He thought he couldn’t do it. The unknown male pushed him forward, urging him.
    “You can do it. I believe in you.”
    And in the blink of an eye, he was gone, the whispered words of hope lingering in his head.

    By Kim on 02.15.2013

  6. If strength allowed his he would break the door. He was certainly willing to. Everything he loved was in that room. He needed to get to it before it was destroyed for forever.

    By Skye on 02.15.2013

  7. I willed myself to find the courage to quit my job. I find it difficult to continue at something that I no longer enjoy. I love the children, but the parents are something else. Not to mention my co-workers. I would like to chop one of their heads off with an axe. That’s my fantasy. I daydream about it.

    By Jennifer Lee on 02.15.2013

  8. Currently I’m willing myself to keep up with Oneword. It’s probably not really a good thing to say, but it was just a sudden moment where I remembered “right, I’m doing oneword” that brought me here for today’s word. I missed the one yesterday due to a busy day and then one I submitted a few days ago is currently still pending moderation because I used a swear word (note to self: don’t swear in entries or else they’ll never see the light of day), so admittedly I’m having a bit of trouble keeping myself motivated here.

    By Kirbop URL on 02.15.2013

  9. She willed herself to find the courage to truly commit to her relationship. It didn’t matter that they’d already been together for almost three years… It was just safer to keep her distance and watch him squirm. Yesterday, she knew she loved him. Now she deals with the fact that she might lose him, and that it would hurt. It’s a risk she’s willing to take.

    By Jennifer Lee URL on 02.15.2013

  10. He closed his eyes shut tight, his hands clenching around the blanket. He willed the thing to go away and leave him. It only hissed at him, it’s dark body curling like a wild animal, ready to pounce.

    By overlordy on 02.15.2013

  11. I willed myself to talk to him. I never knew how hard it was to open my mouth before, but here I was, completely speechless. Will, will, I thought, but apparently my will wasn’t strong enough, because Ryan was staring at me like I was a first class freak.

    By Becky Vargas URL on 02.15.2013

  12. i willed my cat to you. I have a strong willed mother. Sheis very strong morally. I will forever love her. Im not sure i am as strong willed as shei s/. There are many strong willed people in the world.

    By Sue on 02.15.2013

  13. just a little farther,
    just a little bit more,
    pushing closer, closer,
    willing it to be over and finished

    By all4imagination URL on 02.15.2013

  14. The feeling came strongly, as if she was willed to do so. It was heavy like a wave crashing down upon a shore. Should she or should she not? The possibilities were endless, but she didn’t have time for that. She had to act instinctively. There was no other option.

    By April URL on 02.15.2013

  15. I willed her to live. There she was standing on the ledge of the building and I got her to step away. I barely remember what I said or how long I talked but it worked and I can’t help but be thankful I chose to leave work.

    By Jordan on 02.15.2013

  16. I think I’m too strong-willed for my own good. And as a side note, would all butterflies kindly vacate my stomach, your presence is very distracting.

    By aura.rayne URL on 02.15.2013

  17. i willed into doing a fun cow dance. it was a strange thing, but at the same time extremly fun. i deceded to never do it again but it just happpened…. i did it a total of three times

    By Deia on 02.15.2013

  18. when my mother had died she left me this wonderful thing. this photo book of every day of the first two years of my life. there was every memory in it possible. every single adventure my toddler self engaged in. and all because she willed me this. now it can get passed down generations in my family. my younger years never forgotten.

    By Nicole on 02.15.2013

  19. i willed to do what my best friend wanted. nothing had changed… i was still the same old pathetic self. he would b so disappointed. i shut my eyes as a slowly died knowing he would yell at me for giving up this early on. i blasted awake as i realized i couldn’t die yet.

    By Hinata Huuga URL on 02.15.2013

  20. this melody of bonded love
    has extrapolated a root
    in which had not been touched,
    looked at,
    or even thought of
    in times of the stranded past.
    we willed this composition,
    willed it with our fingertips and
    our beautifully harsh words
    spoken ever so softly.
    in a sense we too are stranded now,
    stranded together within the discernible chaos
    which resides in this place of complete solitude
    amid the irresolute crowd of witnesses,
    strangers, family and friends.
    we willed this alluring song of love,
    not for the incompetence of naive wishes
    for the exposing of the forgotten root
    but for pure essence of irrefutable bondage.
    needless to say, the tenacity of our root
    will reverently withstand eternity.

    By Tas URL on 02.15.2013

  21. someone who isn’t afraid to follow there dreams because fuck the rest of humanity, you are the only one living your life and nobody else can take your opportunities for you. I guess thats strong willed, but hey you got to be strong to have a will right?

    By Saphira Kriss on 02.15.2013

  22. She was a strong-willed girl, although she never could resist those brownies. Or those cookies. Or any food for that matter. If it was in front of her, she would eat it.

    By simone URL on 02.15.2013

  23. “Leave me alone!” She cried, voice trembling.

    Her mother had once told her that the will of a child was the most potent magic in the world. However, she was not a child any longer. This was not some mere monster from her closet. Still, she willed it. Maybe, just maybe.

    By Jennifer URL on 02.15.2013

  24. strong willed people have a better chance of becoming successful. Why? Are they smarter or somehow better overall? No. They simply want to reach their goals more. They put all their effort in and go for the gold.

    By Brandon Campanile on 02.15.2013

  25. I googled the dictionary definition of willed today. It still doesn’t make sense. I willed myself to broaden my vocabulary.

    By Rachel on 02.15.2013

  26. Willed, that’s what she was. It was her own super-power, it made her unstoppable. For as long as she possessed that, no door would remain closed for her. Wearing it like a badge of honor, how many could do the same? She smiled because she knew so long as she held onto her will, she was untouchable.

    By Jennifer URL on 02.15.2013

  27. the man willed himeself to reveal his true feelings but he soon realized that he was just a spirit of what he used to be. He fought and fought and prayed to a god he didnt believe in but in the end all he had was him self and his feelings.

    By Dustin Ledford on 02.15.2013

  28. I have an iron will. I will do anything that makes my heart content cause that is what makes me happy.

    By Rebecca M. Waight on 02.15.2013

  29. I willed the weeds out of my garden with a sickle. It was difficult, and beads of sweat rolled down my face. I hate Mondays.


    By Anush on 02.15.2013

  30. And I realized that death was so eager to stray him away from me. I couldn’t let go of him and yet he seemed so adamant to go…and I couldn’t stop him. It was planned. And all according to what he wanted it to be.

    By P. Eunice URL on 02.15.2013

  31. i don’t know what willed mean. It could be the past tense of ‘will’ as in what someone writes for when they’re dead. But that doesn’t make any sense. It could be from a person’s name. As in “you’ve been Willed!” because Will did something to you. How mean of Will.

    By Kate on 02.15.2013

  32. empowered, like martin luther kind junior. where theres a will theres a way. drive passion power fight the stuggle war history success the path of life willow tree product of environment overs

    By hailey on 02.15.2013

  33. It was on nights like these—the long, wakeful kind where she either had too much or not enough to occupy her mind—that she begins to find herself unravelling. Her usual self, the one she so painstakingly papered onto her exterior with a fixed crescent moon smile, begins to tear and crumple, and she can’t find it in herself to care. She’s ashamed to admit to herself that she’s not the iron-willed woman she used to be. On nights like these, all she can do is sit and tremble in her sweaty, balled-up sheets and hope that sleep will finally come.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.15.2013

  34. I willed my bike to go faster as I raced down the hill, away from all the problems at home, to the fresh ocean air, where my best friend was waiting for me. I haven’t seen her all year, since she’s been at school in new york, but now it is summer time, our time.

    By Kt URL on 02.15.2013

  35. If he just willed hard enough, it wouldn’t be true. Maybe if he just refused to believe it, then it could not be. If he closed his eyes and waited long enough, it would go away.


    By Strophios URL on 02.15.2013

  36. I’m heavily willed to love you.
    I’m heavily willed to hate you.
    I’m heavily willed to want to be with you.
    I’m heavily willed to never want to see you again.

    Thanks for giving me these emotions. I love/hate you.

    By Nico on 02.16.2013

  37. I willed myself to be positive to think happy thoughts, to live in the belief that the glass is always half full. I will myself not to sink into the negative to believe the worse and to feel helpless. I live in a world that is on my side and I have to will myself to believe this and help it be successful, healthy and true.

    By charlie URL on 02.16.2013

  38. I willed myself to face him. My father is the reason behind my nightmare.
    “Lucy? You’re back. Come on in and make yourself at home.” said the devil under a human skin.
    “Don’t bother. I only came here to tell you my resolution. I wanted to tell you that I’m no longer scared of you and if you dare come near me. I swear you will regret it.” said dear young Lucy
    “You’re threatning me?” ask her father.
    “It’s just a warning. I’m leaving.Forever.” Lucy said.
    Her father just stood there and watched his daughter walked away.

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.16.2013

  39. determined go will must on dreams forever

    By Eric on 02.16.2013

  40. he pushed the daisies towards her eager unknowing face
    bowling alley friday night
    bubblegum fantasies
    jelly shoes
    the night swung above her head, dazzling her for days to come

    By alex on 02.16.2013