October 16th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “warfare”

  1. Chemical warfare was a childish thing of the past. What with the invention of telepathy, because yes, it was man made. Humankind now has much bigger threat to which they could not run home to escape. The enemy was everywhere and everyone.

    By Ruben URL on 10.17.2011

  2. This is the activity of fighting a war

    By vikas on 10.17.2011

  3. What we don’t want to hear about, is more warfare. Peace is that which we seek. We are tired of the pain and suffering that have to be endured when ever the lost of life occur, because men cannot settle their differences without shedding blood.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.17.2011

  4. It can be within, with each other, but it definitely isn’t fare…think about it. war is meant to be fear. not fare.

    By YongAe on 10.17.2011

  5. not good……a hateful, necessary evil

    By tee on 10.17.2011

  6. death
    bad guys
    life after death

    By Jucchan on 10.17.2011

  7. The warfare in my mind brings me sleepless nights.
    To cut, burn, or throw myself, or not.
    Questions, questions.

    Confusion is the enemy, sometimes illogical love is too.
    Warfare between me and my love.

    By Zoe URL on 10.17.2011

  8. The atrocities of one forced upon the multitudes of thousands…Hostility subjected upon the weak and wrath-less.

    By Erick Buckwalter on 10.17.2011

  9. Warfare – terrible in reality, romanticised in novels, played at by boys, vicariously experienced by gamers. Called an ‘art’ by some – what kind of species would want that kind of art form?

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 10.17.2011

  10. I can’t sleep. I don’t want to write about ‘warfare’. War Horse is happening,though! Tom Hiddleston. It’s 542 am. I need a job. I wish i worked at the library. All quiet. And helpful. And I could boss people around…

    By Amanda Rivers URL on 10.17.2011

  11. Heartbreak warfare. It’s heartbreak warfare. John Mayer. Awesome song. I first heard it on a Star World commercial and it was love at first listen. :) It reminds me of strolling down NY. Not that I’ve ever been to New York. No, it’s just what I visualize. :))

    By Elli Mac URL on 10.17.2011

  12. Warfare. My father, my grandfather, my brother–all military men. I love them but I hate warfare.

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.17.2011

  13. yet again, i meet you again. warfare. i like to think of it more as war fair, because fair is so much nice than fare, hence giving such a harsh painful word a sensitive feel that more people can appreciate :)

    By Muffin URL on 10.17.2011

  14. why do they call it warfare, when no part of it is fair? the big eat the little and the inbetweens pay for their innocence? Its worrying when they dont think about it at all.

    By bayne on 10.17.2011

  15. There is a warfare inside each of us. I have my own warfare; a long fought battle that I fight everyday. But each day, I am thankful. For each battle makes me a better person.

    By Cindy URL on 10.17.2011

  16. Thirst


    in the middle of a large chook pen
    on baked clay
    under the flame tree
    a few lone thistles
    still surviving
    the yellow chicks
    beyond their mother

    By david URL on 10.17.2011

  17. Warfare spread like a disease; black and unholy and garish and lethal. It took life without sorrow or restriction. It ate up children and women as quickly as the warriors that volunteered. It did not change course, it simply grew.

    By nichole URL on 10.17.2011

  18. ‘the enemies of your enemies are not always friends but they can be useful’ – a quote from a time of war.

    By Silviya on 10.17.2011

  19. I don’t like to see it or read about it. I don’t like war films, even when they are classics. I don’t even like it when people fight online. I don’t know what I would do if I had to fight in a war.

    By Cheryl Caesar on 10.17.2011

  20. Something good and interesting. We from Balkan love war and everything that goes with it. Have a nice life! OX

    By R on 10.17.2011

  21. Television blaring in the kitchen. I go and turn it off. Suddenly from the living room the sounds of artillery shells exploding. I turn the television back on and go quietly back to my bedroom.

    By Essays35 on 10.17.2011

  22. trashy desire- holy sacrifice under animal level.

    By choi kyu hyung URL on 10.17.2011

  23. warfare represents all that is wrong with society. warfare privileges the strong over the week. warfare denies the collective hope that leads a society out of the darkness.

    By Ed URL on 10.17.2011

  24. Chemical warfare, mustard gas, the Italians in Abyssinia. Can’t think, there’s too much.

    By Locsalot URL on 10.17.2011

  25. people need to find a way to solve3 their problems other then with warfare. in the end its just about the death toll. the same result could be met in a simple way but no we choose fighting blood and violence. no wonder the world is coming to a end. were going to all kill each other until there is nothing left

    By halie on 10.17.2011

  26. It’s assymmetrical at the worst of times, and never ends well, even under the best of circumstances. Given that it takes a massive effort to conduct, “collateral” damage takes on a whole new meaning.

    By Dom Sarducci on 10.17.2011

  27. People die for you. Somewhere in the world, someone is dying for you. Live every day to your fullest – don’t waste the lives that are lost protecting yours. Be amazing. Be inspirational. War is real, and it exists for you to be safe.

    By Anastasia on 10.17.2011

  28. Chaos breaking nation’s heart while the bodies are falling everywhere, filling the air with sickening odour of death.

    By Patrycja Pencarska on 10.17.2011

  29. She held the piece of paper in her hand. It was a limp thing. It worried her heart.
    “I don’t know what to do anymore,” is all it read.
    Dale felt the words spell out exactly what he didn’t want them to say.
    “I’m done. I give up. We’re too different.”
    She was against war, but she was fighting one with her husband.

    By Carly McAndrews on 10.17.2011

  30. Humanity has always indulged. Odd that we use the word humanity to suggest care and concern for our fellow human beings, a compassion and empathy that ought to reach way beyond any differences we may have, and strike at the heart of what unites us – instead we seem to constantly find reasons why we should exterminate one another.

    By georgie on 10.17.2011

  31. your love is a lot like warfare but i love you and i am not gonna give it up. you better take your chance and feel my support

    By gizem on 10.17.2011

  32. the warfare makes me sad. it makes me wonder what it is about humans that makes them feel the need to attack, and fight, kill, and destroy. i can understand that even in the wild there is a time and place for such acts, but we seem to need to do it all the time, we seem to have to have it going on, it’s been too long and one life dead is too many.. can’t we just leave?

    By abra URL on 10.17.2011

  33. Girl world is modern warfare. Being around her makes me realize exactly why I choose self-isolation. Being around her makes me remember why I prefer to be ALONE.

    I am so sick of her treating me like I’m stupid and deprived. I’m not stupid. She’s the one who can’t keep her legs shut and her grades up. She’s the one who is going to college for parties, and on top of that, ostensibly to get a psychology degree.

    Shut up, Ashley, you are nothing, and you will never amount to anything. I don’t regret cutting off my friendship with you, because you are a spiteful cow.

    By Tai URL on 10.17.2011

  34. Warfare is not a word you use everyday. I believe it’s a synonym for war, which is the antonym of peace. War means the exact opposite of peace, it means that everyone’s arguing and fighting and it’s just not pretty.

    By Damaris URL on 10.17.2011

  35. Spiritual and physical. Always present no matter how much we would wish otherwise. Physically we wish for peace. Spiritually, for victory.

    By Kalyn on 10.17.2011

  36. Gunshots rang through the air, bodies thump,thump,thumped to the ground, eyes rolled back in skulls for all eternity. Those hiding behind guns shed tears even as enemies fell.

    By Hotel Kate URL on 10.17.2011

  37. The thought of war makes me so upset. To think that so many people are fighting over frivolous matters, like a mile-wide strip of land, leads me to believe that humanity’s fitness for this world is coming to an end. We will destroy our own species.

    By Kristin URL on 10.17.2011

  38. why so serious? This battered warfare between the mouths. I can see them face to face, squaring up across the battle field. Chattering out their war cries and slamming down challenges. But no one steps forward, no one gains ground.

    By Georgia traher on 10.17.2011

  39. medical warfare… it happens every day… if not here, then there… ugh… history repeats itself… or, rather, continues and continues… warfare… someday we’ll be hit… our transportation, our electricity, our medicine, our land, U.S.A.

    By Melanie W. on 10.17.2011

  40. The war between the world and I is coming to an end. My weapon is music. For I know how the world would swallow me whole without it.

    By Izzy Gorden URL on 10.17.2011