April 15th, 2015 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “ward”

  1. Ward me off? Who the fuck does she think she is?
    I’ll tell you, she’s the love of my life. Her pretentious tone when she berates me brings me to my knees and quiver. It’s surprisingly anticlimactic, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s just humorous to think that I fell for a grade A bitch.

    By Zak on 04.15.2015

  2. You’ll notice one thing about me, and that is that I love to scare people. And I mean rough. I once scared my brother into thinking he would grow a watermelon in his stomach if he ate the seeds (which he consumed seven already). I know it sounds like a little thing, but to this day my brother seems to have the slightest aversion to gardens.

    By Zak on 04.15.2015

  3. she slid the knife across her palm and dipped her fingers into the blood that pooled there. the book sat open before her. the ink on the pages had faded, but she should still make out enough to draw the warding symbol across the glass of the window. as she closed off the circle, the angel landed outside the window and stared at her, dark wings spread wide in threat

    By WrittenOut on 04.15.2015

  4. The state called him her ward, some less than kind members of the LAPD called him Darth Raydor’s charity case. The one thing the Wicked Witch had ever done that didn’t screw someone else. Emma Rios called him a whore-phan and as angry as she was she knew there were others who still called him a hooker behind both their backs.

    She simply called him her son.

    By SK on 04.15.2015

  5. The ward was sealed off from guests, which meant today, I would be alone in my room again. The judge had not come this morning like she had promised, to properly analyze and interview me, to see if I could finally get out of this hellhole. I was left with nurses with stiff white collars and rigid trays of multicolored pills that I was expected to swallow dry. The least they could have done was provide me some water. Maybe a shot of whiskey.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.15.2015

  6. she stared out the window, there were trees in front of her eyes, but what she were distant memories. She was stuck in a ward in her mind. where is the cure?

    By chantelle URL on 04.15.2015

  7. school is out for summer yeah yeah. I really need a break to clear my head! I think that this has to ppen soo

    By Jaelen on 04.15.2015

  8. the prisoner walked back to their cell. the entire ward felt like something you’d see in the movie girl interrupted. the one where suzanna finds herself in a place where everyone is crazier than her. she wasn’t like everyone else. not in the real world, or in the new ward.

    the prisoner heard the cell door close. she was the same.

    By joon on 04.15.2015

  9. I was in the ward with a child. I didn’t know the child but she seemed to be very uncomfortable about being there. I had been on an errand of my own and just happened to stop in here for a look at some books that I had heard about. What should I do?

    By Anita on 04.15.2015

  10. she didn’t like the ward much because what she remembered of it was the sheer mindless boredom of time passing without having anything to do at all.

    By I. on 04.16.2015

  11. The ward was filled to the brink, it was such a bad time with the World War 2 going on. Every minute patients were being brought in. there were children, teen’s and adults. that what i think was happening in the World War 2.

    By DolphinDreams on 04.16.2015

  12. There is a girl who lives in a palace, who dresses like a princess and bears the manner of a queen.
    She is, however, not the queen, the princess, or even a proper lady at all. Not anymore, at least.
    No, now she is a ward of the king, a living, breathing example of what happens to women who find themselves ensnared in the games of men. It matters not that she – a mere child during the rebellions that erased her birthright – played no part in the ‘festivities’; her fate is sealed in the name she bears, in the blood that pumps through her very veins.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.16.2015

  13. Mental ward…a place to go when you don’t want to make your bed or have anywhere to go. You get fed..and just walk around and meet all the crazies. Hmmmm it’s not so bad.

    By Carla on 04.16.2015

  14. Wards are very important. Mostly for botlane since it is the main focus of the enemy junglers.
    I usally win my lane but then the enemy jungler turns it around.
    I Would love to have a jungler that counter ganks hardly, it would snowball the lane and the game so hard. but they usually just afk farm and blame me for not playing safe.

    By Luís Rocha on 04.16.2015

  15. I slowly strolled down the hospital ward only to find what I had been afraid to see for so long. It came gushing, like a river current, unable to stop yet with the hope to prosper.

    By Jasmine URL on 04.16.2015

  16. she tried to ward off the evil by burning strange herbs at her doorstep just as darkness began to set in every evening. but she could never escape the feeling that she was being strangled from inside.

    By Anu on 04.16.2015

  17. within the walls, within my own little prison there is a bird sitting on top of an end table. the table has three legs and is probably made from cherry wood, i’m not entirely sure what the bird is doing there, it’s turquoise and chatters on merrily, as the empty halls of that prison slowly begin to accumulate dust, as i haven’t visited there in several years.

    By berenique on 04.16.2015

  18. hospitals, injuries wounded.

    By Brandon on 04.16.2015

  19. There was no way to ward off the bees. She knew this as soon as she noticed the soft buzzing grow louder.

    By Sarah on 04.16.2015

  20. Ward off evil spirits with guinea pig poo, wrap it in celophane and put in your shoe.

    By gcw on 04.16.2015

  21. The traffic ward was sweating like a guinea pig. He was on the pick of what was one of the hottest middays in July. All fleas, bees and musquitos left him alone. They pitied him.

    By Stef on 04.16.2015

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    By amy URL on 04.16.2015

  23. The guinea pig became the sun within the dungeon of space and time. I took the time to realize that what the sun was asking was of myself. I asked the dungeon,”What do you beg of me this time? What is the task of the guinea pig?”
    The sun stared in disrespect of the ways of the guinea pig. ” The task of the sandwich is what the master guinea pig has asked for. Come to the flower filled planet of demons, and I shall show you the ways of the moon as well as the sun.”
    Never in my full nine lives had I ever heard the deep voice of the rays of light, and never again I would. “I shall follow you to the planet of the flowery fields, but you must befriend me. Befriend me you must.”
    The sun ‘s eyes took away the wondering tone in my head. Voices flew out into the star filled skies, and the earth and sun combined into a blinding light. “Follow me my child,” I heard the sun say. “Follow me.”

    By aviva minkoff URL on 04.16.2015

  24. They called it “Johnson’s Ward” which ultimately served to drive a wedge between The Ward and other neighborhoods due to the connotation that it was a secluded, clinical place for the mentally unwell.

    By Kristen on 04.16.2015

  25. Protection. A ward is someone who will keep me safe, protection me from all the malicious sources of the world. I seek to be a ward from danger to others, the immovable object, the shield for everyone to look to. I will protect humanity and those i love.

    By Charlie on 04.16.2015

  26. The doctors entered the ward where the patient was sitting trying to slide out of his chains. They had a long day ahead of them but promised they could make some leeway.

    By Nicole on 04.16.2015

  27. smell of spirit. white uniformed nurses, some smiling, some scowling, some devoid of expression. a cry here, a whisper there, a wail from somewhere. all these sprinkled among anxious faces, smiling faces, wordless white noisy chatter.

    By siverline on 04.16.2015

  28. Morris and Clara had been called to appear before the committee. Clara had told a few people about what she had seen, and rumours had spread quickly. The committee was not pleased, as rumours did not help the colony function as a cohesive unit, which was essential to its survival. Now that people were afraid of some monster in the dark zone, there would be discord, there would be uncertainty. Now they would have to assign precious resources to warding off the threat from her “monster”, and eventually come up with evidence to prove that the threat it posed had been neutralised. Both of these acts would prove to be a waste of effort that they could not afford. And they would hold Clara responsible for that.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.16.2015

  29. I pushed my hands on the double doors and the smell of disinfectant hit my nostrils in an instant. This was a place of medicine, of illness and of sanitised cruelty. I wondered if I would ever leave those doors on my feet.

    By The Wint URL on 04.16.2015

  30. Funny this word should come up. The man I love is going in for treatments. He’s strong, kind, the right man for me from the start, though I didn’t always know it. My mother gave birth to me. He gave me a new life. Away from abuse, poverty, sorrow. I am afraid. Ward off the cancer. Please.

    By nyla on 04.16.2015

  31. sections of places
    different names for
    similar spaces
    the lines that divide,
    are the ones we draw
    as imaginary
    as time
    we still set our watches
    and list our addresses
    as though it

    By katiekieran URL on 04.16.2015

  32. ward, is like a huge place in my mind because anytime i see a ward it is allways a huge thing i dont even know anymore you feel me????

    By shane URL on 04.16.2015

  33. Try to ward off the pain as long as you can. The pain of him. The anxiety of schoolwork, of indecision, malcontent. Are you the ward of yourself, or just some mass of flesh that doesn’t deserve to be? Drink your coffee, stay up late, ruminate. It can’t be helped.

    By Amanda Yaya-Nouvet on 04.16.2015

  34. Of the state? I instantly tried to think of the definition of this word and all I could come up with was that first line. Being a ward is hard I would imagine. Having someone make decisions for you that may not be the best. UGH!

    By Kisha on 04.16.2015

  35. she was in a hospital. a mental ward. whatever you would call it. a “mental hospital”. it wasn’t her fault. her mother’s, maybe. who knows. or, could it be her fault. no one really knew. her dad was dead, and that was that. all she could hear was heavy breathing, her own? questions where everything in her head. her head hurt. everything hurt. everything was white.

    By Jason on 04.16.2015

  36. She was his charge. He hated it sometimes, like when she threw things at him. They didn’t damage his scales, but the noise as they shattered and splintered scared him. When there was nothing left to throw, she would taunt him, calling him “Monster”.
    These words damaged him less than the plates and chairs.
    (they were just air).
    But somehow they were what kept him from sleep, from the Great Dream, and he despised her for it.
    But then when she was sleeping, he would open her door at the top of the tower. He would crawl to the side of her bed, making no noise as to not wake her. And as he looked upon her, her hair silvered in the moonlight, he realized his duty wasn’t so bad. Just lonely.

    By Greenleaf on 04.16.2015