March 18th, 2011 | 543 Entries

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543 Entries for “wanted”

  1. i wanted to go out tonight, but i don’t want people to think that i’m weird when i walk in, i want to be friends with these people but i want them to like me for who i am. i want him to like me , more than a friend. i wanted a lot of this things in life, but you cant have everything you want. i want you.

    By victoria on 03.18.2011

  2. wanted is that someone needs you, and want to be with you. That someone cares about you, and loves you. Everybody needs to feel wanted and needed in life, and if you dont, your life is pretty dark. Or maybe you dont have any close friends or family.

    By Apfg on 03.18.2011

  3. have you ever wanted to be rich and famous? I bet you did. Well, the only wanted i’ve been was like in that cowboy shit where u get ur head on the hunt for some money. Wtf did i just write?

    By Q on 03.18.2011

  4. All I wanted was your kiss, looking at you across the room my mind was going to so many different scenarios were your lips touched mine. But that big muscled guy came and took you away, and all i wanted was your kiss.

    By Luz Maria Uribe Shopova URL on 03.18.2011

  5. All I ever wanted was to feel like I was good enough. I never measured up to what my mom wanted, and yet i never managed to measure up to what I wanted either. It’s strange, to want to live my dreams, yet to be so afraid of them at the same time.

    By Shika URL on 03.18.2011

  6. A criminal, a desired thing, I want this, I don’t want that
    I want it now
    A child, an orphan that is wanted or not
    A motivating force, what I want now and what I will do to get it
    Right now

    By Anne on 03.18.2011

  7. gifts. Presents presented to a love one who wants nothing more than someone other than you and you don’t why but they do. Gold, money, sex. These are things people want most. We don’t exactly know why but it’s probably because people are extremely selfish by nature, or society has trained them to be like that. Wanted is a want itself. We want to be wanted. I want to be wanted, but I’m not.

    By David on 03.18.2011

  8. There was a time when I never felt wanted, by that one person who truly meant something to me. Because he did not want me, I always felt beneath everyone else. Sometimes, however, I still feel that way. Even after a year with him, I still get those feelings of him not wanting me, just because it can’t be true someone as great as him could actually ever want me.

    By Caitlan on 03.18.2011

  9. Him, I want to see him. He isn’t everything but he is something and somebody. I cannot not see him, he is in a above ground tomb where glass and steel bars separate us.

    By Emie on 03.18.2011

  10. i always wanted a puppy growing up. then i got one. and it wasn’t as much fun as i thought it would be. in fact, it was a lot more work than i realized it would be. and i always felt bad that there was never enough time to play with him. dogs always want more. they’re just like us in that way i guess

    By Amanda on 03.18.2011

  11. In demand, fresh, on the run, in the know, probably will end up dead.

    By Dan URL on 03.18.2011

  12. where she was going, she felt wanted. i could never give that to her while she was in my arms, she didn’t feel it, the desire i had for her
    come back, my dearest, i want you
    you are wanted
    i hang up posters for you granting a reward to the person who can bring you back
    you are wanted, my dearest
    now please see it

    By beatnikjazz URL on 03.18.2011

  13. I am wanted; I am desired. It is strange to me, because I have never been wanted by men in all my life. And now I am. Now I have this power to ask for things that I want, because I myself am wanted.

    By Angela on 03.18.2011

  14. to feel a since of being. purpose. to have suspect upon yourself. to be anything but neglected.

    By Mallory on 03.18.2011

  15. It was what I wanted.

    So badly I could taste it on the tip of my tongue, stronger than any wine, or the sweetest juice from the ripest berry. It permeated my dreams like a thick fog, swallowing my consciousness and dragging me into the depths of desire.

    By Charida URL on 03.18.2011

  16. I’ve wanted things all my life. I often times don’t push for them though. What I really want in life is somebody beside me to hold and to love and to cherish. But that’s kind of hard with my personality :( Anyway, I’m still working on it so we’ll see

    By JT on 03.18.2011

  17. he shouted at her through the window, but the glass was too thick, and she did not notice his frantic motions or the sign, that flashed in neon red. She continued on under her polka dot umbrella in the rain, sad song on her ipod, tuned into her own world of unwantedness…

    By sarah on 03.18.2011

  18. Having someone waiting for you when you are away. This is particularly poignant for me because I miss so many people right now. people I met at xavier or in cincy. People from high school even people from juggling conventions.

    By Matt Armbruster URL on 03.18.2011

  19. As we walked, I suddenly realized that it didn’t matter to me whether I got wherever it was that I was supposed to be. I was starting to actually enjoy myself with my strange companion in this surreal locale. All I wanted was for this to continue.

    By mimimanderly URL on 03.18.2011

  20. I wanted you. Plain and simple. But no matter how hard I tried, how many subtle hints I dropped, or how badly I wanted you to feel the same, nothing ever came of it. And now I just have to understand that we’re friends, nothing more.

    By Mia on 03.18.2011

  21. I was walking down Broadway with my scarf tightened around my shoulders avoiding the cold New York wind when I saw it. There, right before me were the most beautiful, breathtaking, pair of shoes any woman in the world would have wanted. Green with shiny circular spectacles gleaming rays on to my face acknowledging my awe. How much? Do they have my size? Where would I wear them? Would I wear them and trust the world to maintain its beauty? Yes. I can see my reflection in the window and pictured myself what others would say about me with these wonders upon my toes.

    By Tina Berg on 03.18.2011

  22. I believe that everyone wants to feel wanted… loved… and needed. Sometimes though things in the way of truly making a person feel wanted. In due time however, we all realize that this is not some basic insecurity… it’s part of being human..

    By Ilianna Jimenez on 03.18.2011

  23. I wanted Amanda to shut her fucking mouth but for some reason it’s still always open. Especially when Kendal’s around cause she’s kind of a slut.

    By sabine URL on 03.18.2011

  24. The word want can be used in several ways. It can describe people’

    By Shara Bender on 03.18.2011

  25. I have wanted a pet panther since I learned what a panther was. One with green eyes too. Even though that isn’t possible. Oh well, happy beginning of the awesome week of no school.

    By Kolton URL on 03.18.2011

  26. I’m wanted dead or alive, no matter the outcome. I wanted happiness, but was awarded none. I wanted to chnage, but I couldn’t. Wanting is crying, needing is different. I don’t have to change the world, but I have to change my attitude. That is the key. Whatever happens is meant to be

    By Lauryn on 03.18.2011

  27. When you want something you just want it you dont need it.

    By alena URL on 03.18.2011

  28. Wanted dead or alive. That’s what this word reminds me of. Wanted means that you…yearn? for something to come to you. It means you need something in your posession. It’s actually another word for “wished” or “yearned” or “need”. Stuff like that.

    By nikki URL on 03.18.2011

  29. Wanted is a bad thing to be when it comes to the law especially if it is top ten.

    By devin21 URL on 03.18.2011

  30. Wanted is like you need something but you can’t have it! Or you are an outlaw! Like Brandon, and if you turn them in you get lots of money!

    By Morgan Hatch URL on 03.18.2011

  31. i wanted a baby lizard for my birthday but they never got me it. wanted means the present tense of want.

    By khaze URL on 03.18.2011

  32. he new he was wanted. but he took the chance. the only chance to see his loved ones. even though it was his loved ones who had lied

    By tylllet URL on 03.18.2011

  33. I was wanted one time win i was 10 for fireworks ……………

    By Brandon URL on 03.18.2011

  34. you see it on signs for robbers in the old west, its a word i associate with crime or criminals, those that got away but maybe didnt get away with it….

    By luke on 03.18.2011

  35. Hobos are never wanted. If they were wanted they wouldnt be hobos. as the hobos think they are wanted they are sadly mistaken

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 03.18.2011

  36. I wanted a life. A life to myself.

    By Helga on 03.18.2011

  37. “Mummy!” The child’s voice could be heard above the din of the dishwasher and washing machine.
    “Mummy!” She shouted evern louder.
    “Coming!” Mary dried her hands on the ever present apron and climbed upstairs where her twelve year old was sprawled on the couch.
    “What kept you? I’ve been calling you for ages.” She complained.
    “Here”, she said motioning her empty cup on the floor.
    “I wanted a drink of milk, but I don’t want it now, can you bring this down stairs?”.

    By mariesdaly on 03.18.2011

  38. needed

    By Deirdre Butler on 03.18.2011

  39. Jail house birds that willf ly when wanted. People are wanted in Africa and many people don’t care. Wanted is everywhere everyone is wanted who cares about what they thin .pepe are wanted and yu are wanted too. Many things, places everything is wanted by something. Why do we always want in our lives is what I want to know. Why must humans want things? What cause want and the sensation of wanting more for some and less for others. I wonder why this has been fluxes. I am wanted by many but liked by only a few. Explitme wat wanted is. I want thus and want that. But I only get hat I can get or afford or actually need. What is wanted?

    By Alex Harrington on 03.18.2011

  40. i wanted him for so long
    i didn’t know what i wanted form him, i just know i wanted him. just for me. forever
    but then he changed and what i wanted changed. is that my fault or his?
    i blame him because i don’t want to admit to myself that i was wrong. igfonly he knew

    By i wish my life was skins on 03.18.2011