September 8th, 2009 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “wanted”

  1. they want a piece of me, they wanna take me down. i’m gonna keep running forever and those pigs will never get me! never!

    By ky on 09.09.2009

  2. wanted. he was wanted for his style, his hair, his clothes, the way he spoke exuded a sense of knowing something better than the rest of us. The camera wanted him, but sadly he lived a life in isolation, a life that was apart from the rest that wanted him. in this way he was both wanted and not wanted. To want and to be alone.

    By Terisa on 09.09.2009

  3. I was there on the run. Who would have thought that they would be chasing after me with those dogs? I thought i would be safe. They told me, it was a completely legal job. Just go in, open a document on the computer and then I could go. But when i opened the document, I realized things were not as they seemed.

    By zoe on 09.09.2009

  4. To be wanted is to be desired. Can be more of a negative term, however, in the context of “wanted man” or wanted in terms of jealousy. Wanted i

    By keweathers@gmail.com on 09.09.2009

  5. I wanted the moon, I wanted the sun, I wanted everything that was to be found in this world. My wants stretched from sky to land, it surpassed all expectations, it encompassed the wants of everyone. I wanted the mind of a god and the gait of a conqueror. I want

    By pri on 09.09.2009

  6. When I hear the word wanted, I think of the Bon Jovi song, “Dead or Alive.” I don’t particularly like the song, but I can hear the screeching of “Wanted, Wanted, Dead or Alive” as clear as day. It is a weird word. I also think of wanted posters and criminals. I feel like I am living in the Old West.

    By Anonymous on 09.09.2009

  7. I am not wanted. Not in the way I want to be wanted, anyway. I’m wanted in a professional sense, because I do good work. But I want to be WANTED in a passionate way. And not just by anyone, but by the right someone. And now.

    By Anne on 09.09.2009

  8. I wanted a different word than “wanted” – wanted something more original and exciting. Something I wanted to express – not something I didn’t want to express.

    By Tiffany on 09.09.2009

  9. it’s so good to be wanted. so very nice. everyone wants to feel that way. we all want things, we know what it’s like to want things. so naturally when the process is reversed it means quite a lot to us.

    By billygoat on 09.09.2009

  10. Jerry didn’t know why he had stolen the car. It looked like the one his Dad had before he died. Reminded him of the Firebird from Smokey and the Bandit and he wanted it. He was having a similar adventure now as the lights of at least 7 cop cars flashed in the rear view.

    By JO on 09.09.2009

  11. i am wanted again…i am finally wanted again…by me. i love me again. i like the person i am again, i know the face in the mirror every morning now. maybe now i can work on loving others too…

    By ecraft on 09.09.2009

  12. posters wnated by the police wnated by families and lovers good to be wanted sometimesmostof us wnat tot be wanted unless you are wnated on a wanted poster i would guess I wanted to go to the Nothr Shore and I did. I wanted to go back and I didn’t wnated, want, wnating, nothing indeed shall I want there is no want in the gloris reign of heanven wanted wanted wanted–there can be too much of it, too wanted by the family and the mother ca be way too much everyon in need of some part of you that is not good wanting or wanted or want It seems sixty seconds can be a fairly long time while writing about the waord wanted! wanted to start this and now want to finish it! Want to know what is the prize and wnat to know how one knows whae

    By Anonymous on 09.09.2009

  13. there was a man that was wanted is very talented

    By maddie on 09.09.2009

  14. there was a man who is wanted he is very bad

    By maddie on 09.09.2009

  15. the police want someone who kills people

    By nick on 09.09.2009

  16. the police want someone who kills people

    By nick on 09.09.2009

  17. the police want someone who kills people

    By nick on 09.09.2009

  18. the police want someone who kills people

    By nick on 09.09.2009

  19. the police want someone who kills people

    By nick on 09.09.2009

  20. the police want someone who kills people

    By nick on 09.09.2009

  21. the police want someone who kills people

    By nick on 09.09.2009

  22. i am waNTED FOR RUBBER..a hart of a great men.

    By alice on 09.09.2009

  23. today i am a member of society…today i love myself..today i am me..im a great woman who today my kids love..i love myself and im the happiest womam ever….just for today im going to be me…

    By silvia on 09.09.2009

  24. to place

    By Anonymous on 09.09.2009

  25. criminal dogs killers bad human cowboy jinxed

    By jinx on 09.09.2009

  26. What I wanted then,
    I no longer want,
    I got it and now I need something else.

    By Freigeist on 09.09.2009


    By VISHAL on 09.09.2009


    By VISHAL on 09.09.2009

  29. Wanted Dead or Alive! I kind of fantasize about doing something awful that would land me on a wanted poster. Imagine me, hanging in a post office or a supermarket.

    By Anonymous on 09.09.2009