December 5th, 2008 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “want”

  1. i want an icecream.want..we all want something,even if we need it or not..thank you for wanting to write down this

    By didi on 12.06.2008

  2. what i want from you is to listen. she places her pen down and speaks about the day. answering the questions he’s asked, yet he passes her by like nothing. talks of work, with a woman who is not her mother. just replaced, just tossed off to the side. so sorry for this girl. why does she have to put up with this man?

    By taylor on 12.06.2008

  3. i want the most shiniest car in the world hehehe. not just that, i want lots of things. it is not a shame to want all those luxuries & sinfull things in life. it matters most on how we get what we want

    By sita on 12.06.2008

  4. The king’s daughter sighed and walked over to the balcony that looked over the castle walls. “I don’t want to marry Sir Rustlehauser,” she whispered.
    Her father wrapped his arms around her like he always has when she was a little girl. “Dearest…sometimes we all must do things we don’t want to do.”

    By Eni on 12.06.2008

  5. wanting that goes deeper than you ever thought possible.

    so deep it’s cellular.

    every part longs for that other part.

    you can taste it.

    you can imagine it.

    but you can never have it.

    i want it back. i want you. i want to forget this ever happened.

    By ryder on 12.06.2008

  6. I want you to go away. Want is such a ridiculous word, it isn’t necessary. I know you aren’t going to go away, but I would like it. I need you to go away, now thats bettterrr.

    By emily on 12.06.2008

  7. WANT, what do I want?? I want a pony…no I dont really want a pony but it’s what I’m supposed to want isn’t it. What I really want is to not want but due to our horrifically consumerism ridden world, I want diamonds aswell? but WHY? what would I do with them? It’s all rubbish, I just want to be happy knowing I don’t want anything.

    By anniep on 12.06.2008

  8. I want a lot of things. People want a lot of things, mostly material things, we all want money. Lots of money to buy things that will apprently make us happy. You know, we have all the resources we need at the moment to make everyone happy and make money obsolete. It’s interesting to note that even the most petty of problems is probably caused by money and yet we want more. Want.

    By S on 12.06.2008