December 14th, 2017 | 12 Entries

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12 Entries for “waltz”

  1. His waltz was as stunning as the stars. It didn’t take long for the poor girl to accept his hand and dance of into the night.

    By Ashley Hulbert on 12.14.2017

  2. ghosts waltz through the snow and leave traces of their former self.
    footprints leading up to my door.
    thick bushes caked in white.
    uncertain cars on dangerous roads.

    By esmé URL on 12.14.2017

  3. It was another night to dance; it was another night to waltz. We kept up with the time signature as much as we could. We counted in threes, and only threes. Your black shoes left black scuffs on the white floor. The hems of my white dress grew black around the edges from dirt and dust and shadows.

    When the orchestra stopped playing, we stopped and collected ourselves. Perhaps we were now too old for waltzing.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.14.2017

  4. black death waltz
    the machine click clacks
    type typical timely
    the ups and downs of the keystrokes
    sexualized in form
    praised in function
    the sound creates
    an axiety
    the perfect word
    to repulse and reflect
    the abstract
    confirmed in literal
    black death waltz
    types like typical
    click clack abstract

    By Matt m. on 12.14.2017

  5. false flags waving and waltzing
    schmoozing and schmaltzing
    look away; no shaming, no faulting
    pointing at it is “anti-semantic verbal assaulting”

    By omqwat URL on 12.14.2017

  6. waltz on down to the gift shop and tell that woman I told you no! I don’t care how beautiful you think that figurine is or how big its eyes are, we don’t need more knick knacks cluttering up this house, and I’m certainly not going to dust another dragon figurine for you!

    By lbrygk on 12.14.2017

  7. he held his hand out
    reaching for mine
    i accepted the offer
    unaware of what the outcome would be
    but well aware of the possibilities
    and from there
    we waltzed the night away

    By ciena loren URL on 12.14.2017

  8. Her fingers dance over the pieces, tapping at the board, drumming a constant and fluttering tattoo on the black-and-white squares. He brushes a lock of hair from his face. Her lip twitches and slips into a half-smile. Neat elevens form between his brows.

    By Riannon URL on 12.14.2017

  9. It triggered a memory, a feeling, so I guess that’s a start, that’s progress, that’s movement. upbeat Down beat, down beat, no rise. Shoes shined and mouth agape in the middle of the floor i’m looking at the end and beginning of the serenade, unable to move through its drapes.

    By smurfstoestar on 12.15.2017

  10. we danced
    the day before yesterday
    we danced
    before you told me
    before you even knew
    i did not forget
    did you?

    By too stable URL on 12.15.2017

  11. he waltzed into the room like it was the natural thing to do. when everyone stopped, turned to stare, he danced a little jig and shot a winning smile at the crowd. waltz in, waltz out, just to turn heads, just for the attention.

    By firelight URL on 12.15.2017

  12. this part always hurts the most. it burns, really, for a second, then i see you eyes widening as i begin to fade. and that’s okay, i’d say, quietly, because you won’t remember me after all this. and then i close my eyes, and everything goes away. the darkness lets me go for fleeting moments and i see what could have been, so close to being real. little snippets of our life together. waltzing, dancing, you leading me by the arm; my head on you shoulder as we just rest in our own space.

    this part always hurts the most.

    By lynn URL on 12.15.2017