May 18th, 2008 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “wade”

  1. Through the water to follow the drinking gourd.

    By Trescha on 05.19.2008

  2. hi hi hi hi hi

    By ila on 05.19.2008

  3. i am certainly certain that it is impossible not to be certain of god and more importantly his love for us.

    By rosemary on 05.19.2008

  4. ‘Wade?!’ It wasn’t even a possibility but already he had begun to roll up his trousers stepping into the ice cold waters, i secretly wished he would just carry me across in his strong arms.

    By Dom on 05.19.2008

  5. Basketball player? or what I might do in some water, looking out farther, not back at the shore, because back there are too many reasons to get out, to not wade anymore, to be decisive and just stand there, ankles or thighs deep in water. If it could be real swimming, then you have momentum, you have purpose, you have a raison d’etre.

    By Bob on 05.19.2008

  6. My grandmother wades in the pool in the shallow end and never goes out to the deep…one time I tried to pull her out there and she almost cried. I was 17. I should not have done that. I think wade should be the past tense of wave, as well. But other than that, it sucks as a word.

    By Stephanie on 05.19.2008

  7. “You know what really pisses me off about you, Wade Wodgers? You know what really grinds my beans? It’s the way you stride into this office like it’s yours. Like you own it. Like the moment you walk in a room a 70’s funk soundtrack begins to play and your the only person who know how to make my wife orgasm with an earth shattering scream and a flood of ejaculate. And one day, Wodgers, I’m gonna cut you down to size.”

    By Uncle Pilot on 05.19.2008

  8. I was sure to be found out if anyone saw me watching her as she began to undress and wade in the lake on that summer day.

    By Islandia Comode on 05.19.2008

  9. running through the emotions in my head. I see a stream… I see myself bathing in it. I want to feel clear, cold blue water on my skin … and summer sunshine on my back.

    By Liz on 05.19.2008

  10. This always happens to me, the bloody water follows me around. Wade, through shallow water it’s great, fun, relaxing, very enjoyable. But through waist high thick mud, not so great, it tugs at you and tries to pull you down, it’s scary and you’re lucky if you get out. I would chose the water but it kind of feels like I’m in the mud.

    By Mel F on 05.19.2008

  11. Slowly caressing the water in a transient waltz with the blue eternal. Cascading memories and realities hugging your every curve and being. The water is cold. The water is uninviting. But it is oddly welcoming, because in these waters, we are all equal.

    By Emilio on 05.19.2008

  12. well, I was just making the suggestion to keep you from wading in the immature fun-makings (just made that word up, TRADEMARK) of those around you! If you’re gonna thumb your nose at me, sir, I believe you should stand down from your pedestal!

    By pete on 05.19.2008

  13. wade is a dancers last name. i believe the kid who choreographed britney’s and justin’s dances was mr. wade. he was young. im not sure if that was really his last name. but it is many peoples last name. maybe it was his first name.

    By idi on 05.19.2008

  14. How deep the water is. I am afraid it will swallow me if I enter. My boots are tall and I can swim, so out I wade into the dark green sea. Little waves lap around me and I think I hear fish down by the soles of my feet. I am no longer afraid. The water recedes and I lie in the wet sand, dreaming of castles in the air surrounded by cloud moats in which no one can wade.

    By ellen on 05.20.2008

  15. Again?! I already wrote about wade. I have waded into my mind to dredge up an answer about wade. Need I wade further into the vast expanses of the word?

    What if I get lost?!

    By Katherine on 05.20.2008

  16. Here we go again, wading into the dank abyss, or are we falling — flying — following something dangerous and old?

    By ellen on 05.20.2008

  17. I can remember ducks wading through backwaters in Kerala now. It makes me nostalgic because I saw most of them in my mom’s hometown – Thiruvalla.. What a sight it was.. Serene, calm, so uninterrupted…. Beautiful!

    By Ardra on 05.20.2008

  18. wase is a word describing the action of wading, a slow sluggish movement through a liquid, normally water. Dr wade is a teacher at epsom college and his classes feel like the word, this is due to the fact that he makes even the most vibrant subjects seem slow and sluggish.

    By Anon on 05.20.2008

  19. water
    fuck its wade
    dwayne wade?
    fuck wading i want to get laid
    what time is it its wade time
    why am i writeing ab out wade
    fuck i hope im thinging of the right kinda wade

    By teck on 05.20.2008

  20. my friend wade scattered his possessions on the sidewalk across the street from barbary coast hotel. it was good that he sat down and did this, because at that moment, i walked over to buy another 40oz. and some more cigarettes after being separated from the group. he sat there, and had his skull mug, loose change and cell phone creating a barrier against any danger from the locals and ate his $2 hot dog that came with a free heineken moments earlier.

    By Jason L on 05.20.2008

  21. There is a layer of shit on the ground. Once upon a time, Dante wrote about a place like this, where sinners dipped and ate and choke on their own feces and the waste of every single person that lived. In a way, we are all drifting in this shit. And the unfortunate ones will be buried to their necks in it.

    By tv on 05.20.2008

  22. i waded through the ocean of sufferings, lies, idiotic people with absoulute courage and determination and bravery to find the mermaid of luxury.

    By Thanish on 05.20.2008

  23. wade is like when ur trying to step into something new but u want to wade inot it cuz ur hesitant, u think “hey wade a minute”

    By alex on 05.20.2008

  24. gggggggggggggggggggggggg

    By mmm on 05.20.2008

  25. He said one word to me, and that word was love. He told me he’d loved me since the first time he’d seen me, a deep enduring love that could move mountains.
    I loved him too, but not in that way. I knew it would crush him.

    By Lynsey on 05.20.2008

  26. I was wading through swam river.
    I when an idea formed solid in my mind.
    It delivered me suffocating, under the depths of the river. I was the the very idea, that I could not swim in full confidence. Especially against the increasing current.

    By Srewolf on 05.20.2008

  27. Wade out into the water and you can feel the eels, writhing in the mud. they thrash and they bash against each other, frenzied in the act of coitus, frantic to bond and to make more of their slimy bretheren. Look what evolution has created- the bare desire to procreate, in violent and chaotic fashion, any way at all as long as more eels are made.

    It’s all quite unpleasant.

    By tom on 05.20.2008

  28. wade boggs i think he played baseball buti could be wrong in fact its entirely possable that im wrong i have a tendency to live in a world of my own creation and the facts i observe get twisted by the event horison round my pupil

    By Kyle on 05.20.2008

  29. wading in the pool I found that my feet became wrinkled. In no time at all I was all wrinkly around my feet. Is this what it is to be old? To look down one day and see wrinkly feet – wrinkly body?

    By shoy on 05.20.2008

  30. i am not thinking. just writing something. this is waht i’ve been told. unless the market is going down the less the talking makes it better to chat. beautiful is the color of roses as well as the tobiases. With some pushing daisies we can manage to win this war

    By ender on 05.20.2008

  31. all i can think is tht wading through the water when i was a kid with my dad and just trying to learn to swim. It was great to be in the water and i also saw some ducks trying to do the same. thats is when i felt disgusted to be in the same water as the ducks are. because u nevaer know how clean the water is

    By vivek on 05.20.2008

  32. I like to wade in the ocean water. So crisp and refreshing. Staring at the horizon line, dreaming,and being optimistic about the universe. Ocean is my mediation.

    By atv on 05.20.2008

  33. The puddle was perfect for wading. Rain was always my favorite weather. A good storm, some deep rumbling thunder, and the pleasant, peaceful darkness. The aftermath? Sometimes a lovely rainbow. Always the puddles. Sift through them with your bare feet.

    By Noel on 05.20.2008

  34. whats that mean?

    By angel on 05.20.2008

  35. i wore some waders while i helped my friend put in their aluminum dock on saturday. It was actually pretty cold that day and quite windy so it was not a good day for such events. The waders did not help much as once we got out too far the waves were going over the top and down into my pants. It can be quite uncomfotable wearing waders that are full of water

    By brian on 05.20.2008

  36. to wade into what?
    the sea
    a lake?
    all slimy underneath
    the sand gives only a little under my feet
    i dont dare venture out past me knees

    By Jen on 05.20.2008

  37. Ah, it’s you again…You vile little creature. Haven’t I explained that I despise you. Only with a name like “Wade” could you be so incredibly annoying.

    By jadedbeauty on 05.20.2008