June 29th, 2011 | 485 Entries

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485 Entries for “wade”

  1. I am wading through a sea of paperwork. So many scholarship applications, housing information packets, dining options, class schedules, professors, advisors…. I am up to my hips in information. Time to roll up the blue jeans and grab a pair of swimmies…

    By Audrey URL on 06.29.2011

  2. no. not writing about wade. yuck word. wade? really? wade. ick.

    By casey URL on 06.29.2011

  3. Penning down few words is a very easy job but the difficult think is to make people love those words

    By Saru Singhal URL on 06.29.2011

  4. there is a shoe brand called wade that i really like, except for the fact that, although i think that their designs are cool, i’ve decided that i can’t have a pair of ’em coz they’re too funky and doesn’t fit my age and lifestyle anymore.

    By katsg URL on 06.29.2011

  5. Slowly, she wades into the lake. Her hair falls off her shoulder and hesitates before touching the water. Suddenly, she plunges in. No more wading. No more waiting.

    By Joseph on 06.29.2011

  6. I waded in the open wanter for about thirty seconds before I heard a loud wind sounding like a rushing water. I fell into the open waves like a friend lost in a sea of forgetfulness. I hope one day I can fly into the clouds without any hint of gravity.

    By Corey on 06.29.2011

  7. Wade was a big fella, bigger than most anyway. Once he actually pulled up a chair to an all you can eat buffet and then beat senseless three waiters who tried to forcibly remove him. A good guy to have on your side.

    By Andy H URL on 06.29.2011

  8. not screaming from the inside. that why it’s unusual and new. simply wading through has never suited you.

    By Olivia URL on 06.29.2011

  9. Wade in the water, and you may get a whole new understanding of wet.
    Wade into an argument and you may get a whole new understanding of where you shouldn’t have gone.

    By David URL on 06.29.2011

  10. Wading into deeper waters
    Unsure where this is going
    Out of her depth
    She flounders
    And it’s his name that she screams
    Not help
    But his name
    Reaching, senselessly, for someone who isn’t there
    There’s no prince come to save you little girl
    Just cold waters
    And night

    By Lu on 06.29.2011

  11. wade in the water…waaade in the water chiiildren waaaade in the water, God’s gonna trouble the waaater. Who’s that yonder dressed in white? wadin in the water?

    By beetle on 06.29.2011

  12. i like to wade in the water when it is hot outside. i wade in lakes and streams when i cannot find a pool. i cannot wait to be home where it is summer so i can wade in the pool while i tan. wading in the pool is very relaxing. i am not sure what else to write so tadaaaa!

    By Amanda on 06.29.2011

  13. I had this pair of waders when i was a kid… they were rubber, and my dad’s old fishing waders. On my class trip to wallops island virginia i took them with me and i was the only kid who could walk into the marshes and not ruin my shoes. I have lots of pics of me in these dark holes in the wetlans.

    By zooey URL on 06.29.2011

  14. I waded through the bodies in the water. Sinking ever deeper into the murk. How I got here. How they got here. We are one in the same. My fate is theirs. I sink. I don’t breathe. I die. Farewell.

    By WhistlePocky URL on 06.29.2011

  15. in the water swim tides surf animals rain dogs snow life smile sun sight birds flying high in the blue sky on a cliff side looking over the ocean blue and clear for the world to see and its beautiful yes this is nice with the dolphins and the pelicans and the trees moss and country mountains are also important runing in the rain is pretty nicetoo tv shows not really yes wading like waiting for someone

    By ellie on 06.29.2011

  16. as i slowly wade in to the chilling icey water ,i flash my head back and fourth, my brother was no were in sight i began to panic, franticly shoving my head under over and over screaming his name….. what had i done……….

    By haley URL on 06.29.2011

  17. he waded through the coursing waters, through the thick sludge brough about by the relentless beat of the rain, through everything that was holding him back.

    By Jennifer on 06.29.2011

  18. is the last name of my a nephew and niece, they are wonderful kids. I love to wade into the thought of their wondering eyes that like to wander this earth,. Wading pols are kids favorite rights of hot summer passage,wading into the the cold salt water can be an over whelming way of discovering tide pools….

    By jo on 06.29.2011

  19. into the surf, without shoes. Sand between my toes. Or maybe in a river, with mud sucking at the soles of my feet. Is that a fish? Yikes! Hot day, steamy air. Water feels good, but I don’t like the mud. Wade in and catch tadpoles.

    By Ellen on 06.29.2011

  20. i got this word last time i was on this website, i wrote about words that rhymed with it. it made absolutely no sense, i thought i would get a word that i could get in depth with, but we dont get everything we want do wE?

    By killer on 06.29.2011

  21. The little girls wades into the pond
    the seaweed tangles between her toes
    closing her eyes she feels
    the sand beneath her
    the water rushing around her ankles
    the crisp air as it rushes through her hair

    By Amy URL on 06.29.2011

  22. Wade in the water like a duck. Make your ducklings follow.
    Wade in the water like a boat. Carry your passengers to safety.
    Wade in the water like you do. You look so beautiful in the summer sun.
    Wade in the water. Wade in the water. Wade in the water for me.

    By Brittany on 06.29.2011

  23. I think of someone trying to wade across a dark lake, or maybe an over-flowing river. They fight to cross the stream, but I truly believe they can make it to the other side.

    By Just Another Lincolnian URL on 06.29.2011

  24. She waded into the water. The ripples in the water were bright as the moonlight shone upon them. The ripples slowly became still.

    By Brianna URL on 06.29.2011

  25. The ducks wade into the pond all together, lifting up the skirts of their feathers delicately as they enter. Water lilies almost float by, but they are anchored to the muddy depths with fronded anchors.

    By lilmb URL on 06.29.2011

  26. Wading into the watery shores I find solace in the wind. It is but a simple comfort in this life, and sometimes simple comforts are we have. Life is good, when you wade into the ocean. Life is good to feel the breeze in your hair.

    By Deanna on 06.29.2011

  27. As I wade in the depths of uncertainty I as myself why. Why I am where I am, and how I got here. Where I went wrong. And of the few things in my short life I’ve done right. I ask why me? Why now? Why?

    By Shea on 06.29.2011

  28. Wade in the water. This song brings me back to last year when I was in a singing workshop. We all sang this song together. Wade in the water. Wade in the water children, wade in the water….

    By rebecca on 06.29.2011

  29. Once upon a time there was a boy named Wade. He was super cool and awesome and everyone loved him except he didn’t think so, so he tried way to hard to be someone other than Wade till one day he fell off a bridge and realized he was Wade and always would be so he decided to be Wade and not some big shot guy he really wasn’t.

    By Tiffany on 06.29.2011

  30. He waded out toward the deeper end of the pool, careful of the jagged rocks that could cut the soles of his feet and send blood swirling into the water, bring the sharks toward him.

    It was one stupid ring flung in the heat of a stupid argument, and he had to find it, wanted to find it, wanted to tell her he was sorry and he had meant to ask her, that the ring really was for her —

    Teeth sank into his ankle and pulled.

    By Nagi URL on 06.29.2011

  31. i dont really know what this word means. i used to sing a song in 7th or 8th grade about it though. it was like wadee in the waterrrr. blah blah blah. i always thought about ducks when i sang it in chorus. but i had no clue what the song was really about, kinda depressing. i stil dont even know.. i dont even know what the songs called or even any of the other words of it

    By danielle URL on 06.29.2011

  32. wading in a velvet sea is a song by phish. it is an unreal song and it reminds me of the summer. it deff is a song every person should listen to ever. not only does it remind of wading in a velvet it sea. it makes me think of what it would be like to do this. comfortable.

    By Fiona on 06.29.2011

  33. I wade into the shallow, cold water, feeling the sting of the ice cold river numb my feet. I let out a short, gasping breath before continuing on, refusing to give into the coldness that surrounded my feet.

    By Zoe Ward on 06.29.2011

  34. I felt it. At the shore. I wanted to be underneath the water. I wanted to feel it’s coolness on my skin. The presence, the waves, I felt it thrum in the core of my being. I walked into the water and waded in it’s coolness. I felt pure. Cleansed.

    By Crystal Lee URL on 06.29.2011

  35. i wade in the water. the cool fresh water. now the heat doesnt matter. its like a piece of mint gum. its like…

    By k URL on 06.29.2011

  36. Dancing, I couldn’t believe that so much time had passed. It seemed like hours had passed sine his death. But it had been only minutes. He had waded into the ocean, and he had drowned. No one noticed. She did.

    By Emily Woods on 06.29.2011

  37. I stuck my toe in. Freezing. Considering it was March, I wasn’t surprised that the water was so numbing, but I needed the distraction. I waded in little by little until I was up to my knees and couldn’t remember why I loved him so much in the first place.

    By Caitlin on 06.29.2011

  38. Nurse! Wade a minude! I’m sick, and I need a deeshu!

    By The Amazing Vitafix URL on 06.29.2011

  39. Wade into the water and retrieve the ball, that’s all you have to do kid.

    Just because he kept telling himself this didn’t make it any less scary. Why had it had to land out in the deep end. And what’s with the gathering crowd? It wasn’t like this was some major feat or show.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 06.29.2011

  40. Kim possible , communicators, aid? I’m really not sure, sounds kind of like wage. I need a job, really bad, that’s pretty crazy , ATANDT ahahahahahah i don’t know what to write . pregnant ladies. are funny. watching a show on tlc.

    By serenity on 06.29.2011