February 5th, 2017 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “voyage”

  1. I have cancel my voyage

    By 賀賀 on 02.05.2017

  2. I knew that I was going on a boating trip, but I didn’t expect a voyage. Yet there she was: My grinning, bucktoothed, wiley aunt, all beaming blue eyes and white hair, wearing a long blue oat with gold embroidery and a broad black hat. She was the captain of this ship, and by God, she told us all, she would lead us on the adventure of our lifetimes!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.05.2017

  3. I miss it. I want to have nothing to do again. Why am I so completely overwhelmed by everything going on in my life that I rarely find moments to enjoy it. Everyday life is too much. I need to get out of here – out of my head. Bon voyage.

    By Karly on 02.05.2017

  4. isn’t it funny how many things in life have a naval reference? friendship, relationship, courtship. when people thought the world was flat, they could not wait to get onto that ship and begin their voyage to the horizon. So our interaction with every individual might be just that, a voyage into the unknown, maybe that is why suffix ‘ship; is so common.

    By Radhika Saraf URL on 02.05.2017

  5. Voyage is the kind of word that is always in the distance, the kind of word you chew on and dream about but never approach. Even when you’re on an adventure (another one) you just think, “this is ordinary life, not a voyage–that is yet to come.” It is always yet to come.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 02.05.2017

  6. It would be a long voyage, that was for sure. Weeks spent at sea, the ship being tossed and turned by waves, hours of back-breaking work, the captain barking orders, not nearly enough to eat. But it was all worth it in the end, if he finally got to see his family again.

    By Brooke on 02.06.2017

  7. The trip was originally supposed to be for two days but suddenly, as they cast off from the shore, Duc realized that it was going to be a much longer voyage. The waves got bigger and the people around him started to vomit and get sea sick. He felt hungry and nauseated at the same time and only wished that the babies would stop crying.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.06.2017

  8. I am sitting on the deck of a ship. Don’t ask me how big or small it is. I’m on one of those deck chairs, fancy. White. These kinds of chairs always make me feel like a real traveler. So I’m sitting there, watching the ocean rush beneath the ship. It’s windy; my hat keeps blowing off, so I keep it off and let the wind re-do my hair, which needs it anyway. As I’m sitting there wondering what the next port will be like–a town in Italy–a man walks by that I am sure I have seen before. Not here on the ship, but somewhere else. Not during this voyage, but during another voyage, somewhere back in my memory. He stops at the deck railing and lights a cigarette; he’s not supposed to smoke but looks like the type no one will stop from doing it. He peers out toward the horizon; the smoke from his cigarette instantly disappears in the wind. You can tell that he enjoys smoking; we who have done it and quit know the feeling. He turns to look to his left; I’m wondering what he’s looking at because all that’s there is ocean. And then I remember. I know who he is.

    By ruby on 02.06.2017

  9. If you have an identical twin, you’ve probably tried dressing alike so that people confound you with, or mistake you for, one another.
    my brother fertneral, sometimes were so much different,
    my skin iron,
    his epidermal,
    ill wear a thermal,
    and use my testerone to hunt a mermaid,
    get a short hair cut, with a fade,
    laid back,
    my hard ships were a card game
    now I’m walking him back to his own personal fame.

    By Milad URL on 02.06.2017

  10. She looked across the sea with excitement. “America. Hm.” The name rolled around in her mouth like a sucking candy. It tasted like licorice. “America.” The ship ahead of her suddenly wasn’t so daunting. It was merely a stopping point before “America.”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.06.2017

  11. I hate to travel. I mean I know I should like it – and I guess I do. I like taking my kids places and showing them new things, but I hate all the other stuff that goes along with it: Packing, planning, cleaning, blah blah blah. It’s just too much work. I would rather stay home and relax on my couch.

    By fransenkel on 02.06.2017

  12. the purpose to complete the mission to a place i have never been is a voyage that I am willing to take in order to see hat was unseen to me may just be what I needed to see to change my life.

    By Thrett URL on 02.06.2017

  13. Columbus went on three voyages

    By Tyler on 02.06.2017

  14. Get on on your feet. Lets go. We’re off to explore new. By new I mean just that. This voyage is what will make us think more, feel all sort of things, and overall just grow into more experienced people through it all. So pack your bag, put on on your fresh kicks, and let your legs lead you out.

    By Slave2Society on 02.06.2017


    By linet on 02.06.2017

  16. The voyage of the Mayflower was an extraordinary one and an important part in history.

    By Jada Engel on 02.06.2017

  17. the voyage was long and agonizingly boring. 10 hours is so long to sit in a car.. limited things to do in a car. but i make it. finally.

    By Haley on 02.06.2017

  18. I cannot begin to imagine what it was like to set sail in from England for the voyage to the New World in the 1600s. The ships were small and people, animals and supplies were crammed in to every corner and space. It is not something I would have ever done. I would have just stayed in England.

    By Robin on 02.06.2017

  19. Rough blue waters crested with gray foam. Sandy desert winds that sting the eyes and cloud the lungs. Snow capped mountains and bright skies of oranges and yellows. The world thrown open at your feet.

    By Abbey on 02.06.2017

  20. Almost nobody is going to read this, but still. My family owns 5 acres of land. Quite often, I will go on a voyage to discover new things on our 5 acres. So far, I have discovered soft, orange grass, a REALLY good hiding/reading spot, trees that have sharp, Maleficent like thorns all over it, countless piles of useful jars, and a bunch of strings of metal underneath our pool. Yeah, I know. It’s dangerous to be going out on 5 acres of mystery all by myself. But it’s okay. I got this. I’m careful, but tough all at the same time. So no need to worry.

    By Julianne Engel on 02.06.2017

  21. Life is a voyage. Sometimes the journey becomes rough, you may get hit by lightning a few times, there will be rough seas. There will also be days where the water is smooth and calm, the stars in the sky an endless array of sparkling light, shining with hope. Your ship will come in contact with others throughout the voyage, whether it be temporary, or a permanent bond. There will be struggle, but in the end, you have to have your mind set on what this voyage is about, and never forget your destination.

    By Claire on 02.06.2017

  22. I love to go on voyages. Especially with ma friends. They make annoyingly more fun.

    By Mystery Girl on 02.06.2017

  23. Life is a voyage. There will be stormy days with rough seas, and merciless lightning. There will also be days with calm waters, and a beautiful night sky, the stars an endless array of sparkling hope. You’ll come in contact with other ships on your journey, whether it be temporary, or a permanent bond. There will be struggle, and there will be pain, but no matter what, just never forget what the voyage is about. Always remember your destination.

    By cyang on 02.06.2017

  24. Al veel te lang gelden dat we op reis gingen. ik hou er van. maar liefver nog gewoon emigreren . dat is pas een voyage. iik hoop dat we daar ooit in slagen. vanaf nu wzet ik er mijn focus en motivatie achter

    By Carin Coryn on 02.06.2017

  25. I was on a ship. The sea was so vast I couldn’t see anything beyond the sun.

    By Alisha on 02.06.2017

  26. A voyage is a trip that you can take to set out to discover new things. It is a journey to live and to learn. It can take to to places far or near but where you can discover yourself. A voyage is an exciting journey of discovery!

    By Beth URL on 02.06.2017

  27. a little town where people can live in.:)

    By courtney on 02.06.2017

  28. a voyage is a trip in the ocean

    By courtney on 02.06.2017

  29. I’ve taken VOYAGE
    on the Pacific Ocean,
    tranquil and joyous

    joy incomplete,
    unlike to those around me
    that taste only sweets

    with filtered eyes see
    some gold lane of history,
    sans its bloody streets

    I’ve had ancestors
    sail on Atlantic Ocean,
    enslaved and frightened

    I’m the one that knows
    they deserved more to be free
    and enjoy nice things.

    By ! Haiku-maN ! on 02.06.2017

  30. I got an invite to be on the game show Wheel of Fortune
    but my dumb bosses and job did not approve the voyage

    now that they and I work together only formerly
    I’ll have only that damn “Bankrupt” tile to abhor me!

    By J.T. on 02.06.2017

  31. On a dinosaur ride Fred and Barney
    on a Cocoa Pebbles box to a quarry
    oh, what a chocolaty voyage!

    Now the game is back on. Lebron dishes dimes
    and I’m pourin’ Cocoa Pebbles to grind.
    Not that skim crap grandma likes to buy. YUCK!

    By kool kyle on 02.06.2017