March 1st, 2009 | 134 Entries

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134 Entries for “vow”

  1. Nela vowed that she would find a way to save her race. The infection that had been taking over the color pools in her kingdom were going muddy. She knew who was behind it. She would win.

    By Gay Pogue on 03.02.2009

  2. I vowed to love you forever but I lied!
    I vowed you are the one but I lied
    Why did you trust me to do as I had said, since talk is cheap!
    You are better off without me, I said it before. Forget me!

    By Ilana on 03.02.2009

  3. I vow to forever stand here, waiting for you. To be your friend through thick and thin. To always care, to always listen. Never pretending to be someone else just so I can impress them. I vow to never leave your side when your in a bit of a rut. I vow to always forgive and forget, until the day that we’re laughing about our fights. I vow to never forget you, even when we’re in college and probably ripped apart. I vow to be your best friend.

    By Dannika on 03.02.2009

  4. I’m thinking of a number between one and ten, Herr Direktor. Can you guess what it is?

    “Hmm..Ich glaube es…”

    Wait. I know your guess. Ten.


    By chris on 03.02.2009

  5. i vowed to let her into my life,but now that’s it over i don’t really care anymore,sigh, there’s nothing i can do anymore,but i wonder if she’ll be happy now,i sure hope so,and i don’t know why i’m brooding over this.

    By s on 03.02.2009

  6. Vow – like wow. Only, a little bit cooler. A little more oomph. Some v – some va va voom. Vow is great. Like Veronique Benhamou – in bed. Inspiring.

    By Tobias Atkin on 03.02.2009

  7. Oh fuck, marriage.
    thats what i think about. I liek marriage. I wanna get married. I probably want to write my own vows too. The bullshit old fashioned vows are so plain. But alas, no teenager like me looks that far ahead. They do so in childhood. Not now.

    By Jake on 03.02.2009

  8. A vow is not something to take lightly. It is not “he said” or “he said”. It is a promise a person makes so deep that the thought of breaking it conjures images of death and destruction, or at least karma coming back to get the person in a big way. You don’t hear people saying they vow to take out the trash, or to be on time. People make vows to love one another and be there for each other til death, or to avenge a loved one, to seek justice for a terrible act.

    By Ashley on 03.02.2009

  9. sometimes we vow to be the best we can be…we get up in the morning and for just a moment we forget and fall back into the old way of thinking and lose sight of our promise to be better, to be more, to be

    By betty on 03.02.2009

  10. and i vowed to you, to love no one
    no one but you, only you

    and you vowed to me, to love no one
    no one but me, only me

    so why the hell am i alone?

    By Emily on 03.02.2009

  11. Don’t mean shit.

    By risktakker on 03.02.2009

  12. Vows are made to be broken. It’s such a strong word, there’s no way we can live up to what we vow. I vowed to always take care of my babies and never let anything bad happen to them. Now, I’m breaking that vow.

    By pam on 03.02.2009

  13. I’ll make a vow. Right here and now. I vow to always be by your side. Even if we aren’t meant for each other, I will be your friend. I know this world if full of nasty things and unfair circumstances. So know that whatever you have to go through from here on out, you’ll have me alongside.

    By hugarbol on 03.02.2009

  14. I vow to never leave a person in pain, whether mental or physical, alone, I will help however possible. I vow to never hurt another being intentionally, I shall live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of my life with my family and friends, as they mean the most to me.

    By Janine on 03.02.2009