April 2nd, 2018 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “vet”

  1. The vet told us she had little time left. She was a family member, no matter how fury she was and that she walked on all fours. The kids did not know life without this tiny furry friend. We found her before they all were born. Now came the hard part. Though we were all adults it felt like our hearts were young again as we prepared to let go of our beloved family pet. She was over two decades old. Nothing, in particular, was taking her to the end of her life just that she was at the end of her life. We each had our favorite moments with her. However, the one she favored the most and the one who favored her the most was our youngest who at 21 years of age, a grown man, loved her like his own and over the last several years made sure she was taken care of like any family member would take care of their elderly. We all were having a hard time with what the vet told us, really, did we have just a little more time left with our beloved family member?

    By Cris Nole on 04.02.2018

  2. what the word vet means to me is a person that helps your animals healthy so that they don’t carry any types of diseases. And so if they get hurt the vet can help them heal.

    By Drake URL on 04.02.2018

  3. You say that Joey’s dog is ill – you better call the vet. Make sure the pooch has got her shots and lots of gentle pets. If the vet tells you that rest is best, that dog gets the best rest. If her condition worsens, then it’s time for pricey tests. And if the pricey tests yield no new information, well, you may as well have fun with Joey’s dog before the bell.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.02.2018

  4. I went to the vet today with Mrs.Goss, my blue eyed persian cat. She had developed a serious case of rashes on her front paw.

    By Shalini on 04.02.2018

  5. Sputtering coughs left the dogs throat, his skin pulling in with each wheeze. They gathered around him, concerned as the vet listened to his heart and breath. Moments passed with suspense, breaths being held with fear of the worst to come. With an exhale, the vet stood up and turned towards the family with a smile, “He will be okay. It is just allergies nothing a pill can’t fix.”

    By Alexis Corinne on 04.02.2018

  6. i took my fox to the vet after several sleepless nights listening to claws dragging across my bedroom floor. He hates me for it, and the feeling is mutual. He didn’t come back.There are almost no clawing sounds anymore.

    By Sarah Cassidy on 04.02.2018

  7. “Get her on the table,” he said in an odd voice, his hands turning over like clockwork claws, clumsy and raw-cut, and she loaded the girl’s soft body onto the dining room table. He stood over her hesitantly, his hair falling over his eyes.

    By Riannon on 04.02.2018

  8. It used to seem that you were the one who wanted her. More than she wanted you. I could see it more clearly in you, but she’s better at hiding it. She vet you from the beginning, and found you to be worth wanting. And now she’s shutting me out. Our friendship’s going to die because of it.

    By whatever_artemesia on 04.02.2018

  9. I went into his office holding my snookums. It wasn’t my name for her, but over the years that name became one of the most precious things in my life. We waited for just about 15 minutes to walk in, and that was it. It was the last

    By Hondo Jan on 04.02.2018

  10. I really don’t feel like saying anything this time, doc. There really isn’t anything else to say. Snookums is dead.

    By Hondo on 04.02.2018

  11. My brother wanted to be a vet ever since our dog died. So he moved out of Bangalore a year ago as there were no Vet Schools here. He is now living on his own in a village to the north of Karnataka. He shares his apartment with four other boys of his age.

    By Shalini on 04.03.2018

  12. ´´Underneath the table , you will find the instincts´´, said the vet

    ´Woof! ´ , replied the pet hate.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 04.03.2018

  13. She tapped her foot impatiently, looking around the room. The animals around her were all calm, which is not what she expected. All she had ever heard was how much animals hated the vet and how much they freaked out.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.03.2018

  14. It gives me pause to hit that start button. I don’t know what to write about the veterinarian. And I am a vet! That’s because I did a four-year stint in the United States Navy. So what? Do I want a medal or a monument? I couldn’t even care less about being recognized as a vet! But doctors who take care of pets need that recognition. I love my vet.

    By michaelbuzz on 04.03.2018

  15. the vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong after several tests, analysis, specialists. SHe wanted to chalk it up to a broken heart as its a cause she knows to be true but hesitates as science and emotions share no worthy space.

    By Safon on 04.03.2018

  16. Sometimes it is shocking just how much a dog can act like a human in certain situations. The vet’s office is one such place where I see a lot of overlap between how a child acts interacting with a pediatrician and how a dog acts being looked over by a vet.

    By Kristian Pierce on 04.03.2018

  17. Sometimes, the scary person that is seemingly trying to hurt you is actually the person trying to help you.

    By okayfine on 04.03.2018

  18. Doctors who treat animals dearer than their own life are the real Vet. It is very easy to caress and cuddle, but difficult to feel their pain, who don’t have any other medium of expression except their voice.

    By Kashmeera Sambamurthy URL on 04.03.2018

  19. A vet. No not that kind of vet. I’m a veteran,a once proud strong man. Now broken and feeble. The heroics of me and my comrades are lost in time and story’s

    By Tooqeer Choudhry URL on 04.03.2018

  20. He thought when he grew up he would be a vet. That was not the road however that he followed. Just the opposite. He went into hunting, first as a sport and then as a job. How could he have gone so far off course from what he desired as a child? The answer. Money

    By Cris Nole on 04.03.2018

  21. my dog had a bad tooth so I took her to the vet. Bad tooth , bad breath and bad hit to my bank account. Did you know that it costs 250 dollars to learn how to properly clean a dogs teeth?

    By Claire Le Donne on 04.03.2018

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    By sildenafil URL on 04.03.2018

  23. When my dog was sick, my friend was also in the hospital. I wanted to take my dog originally to him so that he could see my dog and feel a little bit better. But unfortunately that couldn’t happen because my dog was sick. I wanted to take him to the vet as well but the area where the vet was in was too far away. So I had to cut my losses and not take him. My dog ended up eventually passing away due to heart worms. I never understand how worms got into my dogs system other than the fact that my dog would always eat his feces. My dog was disgusting. And it died in shame. My friend on the other hand was better so I was happy about that.

    By Tolu on 04.03.2018

  24. “I’m getting tired of the elaborate games.”
    “You remember what the vet said?”
    “Which vet though, the old war criminal or the guy who was price gouging his patients?”
    “Neither I’m talking about the dude bro we’re supposed to be vetting.”
    “Oh, him.”
    “Yeah, him.”
    “I watched him jerk off for 3 mins in the shower today. Other than that he’s been squeaky clean during my shifts.”
    “Same for mine. But I have a feeling it’s all a ruse.”
    “Again I say I’m tied of all the games. Honesty is much more efficient.”
    “Yeah, but that would put us both out of jobs genius.”
    “I think given my supreme boredom now that any other line of work would be much more appealing.”

    By Scooby URL on 04.03.2018

  25. What does vet stand for? Is it an acronym for a veteran, or is it a nickname for an animal doctor?

    By Oliver Washington URL on 04.03.2018

  26. Snake. Bite. Those were the words that I didn’t want to hear. My dog had been looking sick for a few days, and mum took her to the vet. She was such a beautiful thing, I didn’t want to loose her. Her ears were so silky and she was a gorgeous chocolate brown. The vet said that we can only hope. She was getting worse by the day. On Thursday, we came home from school and she was gone. The tears wouldn’t stop. I grew up with her. I want her back.

    By ML on 04.04.2018

  27. I went to the vet with my dog. He was crazy. He said it had picked up a spirit or two from my backyard. And that medicines wouldn’t work on it.

    By Shalini on 04.04.2018

  28. To vet is to verify who someone is and what they are like. It’s also a doctor for animals. Or a military veteran. I’ve been learning a lot about vetting of late.

    By Maia Dauphinee on 04.04.2018

  29. Vet, i once thought i might be a vet as in veterinarian not veteran. Even though its a humane job and will be most satisfying for me personally, pay would suck and i would like to be in that place. Pay is all that matters in life.

    By Shanmuga on 04.04.2018

  30. It is beyond the vet to know what my animal is thinking or even feeling for that matter. I take my animal to the vet to find out what is physically going on but that is the extent of it. I wish my furry friend could speak to me so I would know how she feels. It is hard to watch what appears to be suffering but most of all pain as she curls up in a ball and seems to make her self still so as not to cause more pain in her being.

    By Cris Nole on 04.04.2018

  31. Interesting word choice considering that I am a vet. A veteran. Or because my wife wanted to be a vet. A veterinarian. Or maybe it is because discernment is needed. Being vetted. Interesting word fragment. Doesn’t say anything by itself without context.

    By Timothy Reed on 04.04.2018