September 18th, 2013 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “versatile”

  1. It was such a versatile recipe. So how was it that she was now standing in tears, looking at her puzzled guests, who were very politely devouring her ruined creation?

    By Linda S. on 09.18.2013

  2. The boots were labelled to be versatile. They could be worn with an insertable fur lining in winter months. The outer shell was waterproof. The ventilation was a problem, however. One we hoped Michael could fix.

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.18.2013

  3. the piece of fabric was versatile as it could be made to look like the childhood blanket of the owner or it could be transformed into an outfit of the future… because everyone needs a cape every now and then to get them through the day

    By brose URL on 09.18.2013

  4. I used to be so versatile…but that was before I lost my way. They say amnesia takes many forms. Sometimes we forget how to move our bodies….sometimes we forget how to change our mind. Versatility requires a little movement you know.

    By ChanaO on 09.18.2013

  5. I screamed when you slipped out of my hands. I saw you plunge, I saw the cliff face rise up to meet you, but you somehow twisted in the air and you landed on your feet. The force of the blow shattered something in you that you were not prepared to lose, and it affected your foundation, your standing, how you viewed yourself and how I could never look at you the same, but you adapted.

    “We change or we die!” had always been the motive on your lips, but it changed for real after that day. Everything was different between us. You never asked me to come play, and there was always a hitch in your step. I would like to think that varied thoughts are a healing salve, but in reality, those just become lies.

    By haywirehay URL on 09.18.2013

  6. She wasn’t as versatile as she had previously thought. To the contrary, she was cracking like over-iced iron. There was too much work to do, too far out of her wheelhouse with way too many distractions. There was too little time, too little motivation, and too little progress. She was doomed.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.18.2013

  7. The way his back ripples is enticing. Surfing his skin is almost ethereal. It changes, soon, into solid form. A foundation to stand on, to keep me on my feet and grounded. When he smiles, I evaporate into a million memories and I feel alive.

    By Kira Lynx on 09.18.2013

  8. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could be more, do more?
    Looking on from the outside in, I see the potential
    But I am inside out, looking at the big world
    With all of its offerings…
    With all of its advice…
    With all of its challenges…
    and I think I don’t belong there
    and I think it isn’t fair
    That I should be fighting for my identity
    and all that I am passionate about
    When it wont get me by in this world
    This world…
    Their world.
    So I am safe in my head
    In my lonely world
    Everyday thinking
    Everyday waiting for
    The world to change
    Instead of finding the courage
    To change it myself or
    Just change myself.

    By under that tree URL on 09.18.2013

  9. She scaled the tree incredibly fast. Norine couldn’t quite describe Amelia’s climb as monkeylike– it was more like a long-armed lizard was hopping up the tree bark. It was a peculiar sight and the last one Norine would expect to see, although after seeing Amelia deftly swing up onto a sturdy bottom branch about twenty feet up, she decided it was best to expect the unexpected from Amelia.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 09.18.2013

  10. The animal was very versatile, from what little the scientists would tell us. They wouldn’t mention the term “hybrid,” or “combination,” or even “mutation.” Essentially, they had spiked a poor creature’s little brain with enough chemicals to shut down every organ in a person’s body, and yet the thing had lived and breathed and smiled with fangs and a lolling tongue. So it was versatile. It was so depressing that it was almost “aw” worthy.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.18.2013

  11. it can be dressed up
    or. toned down
    be worn to a gala
    or just a girls night out
    it looks great on the thin
    and fantasic on the curvy
    its a staple
    so versatile
    all hail
    the little black dress

    By terry a.m on 09.18.2013

  12. Whatever happened to the child who used to be me? It’s very sad, now that I’m an adult I’m not as versatile as I used to be. No matter how hard I try, those synapses I’ve had will never come back to life.

    By Alice Shina on 09.18.2013

  13. The soup was so thick it almost made me gag. I looked around at the other servants, eating without complaint. It didn’t matter that they were servants. It mattered where they were servants – servants in the palace obviously ate better than servants not associated with wealth. Eating this rich food was too much for me. I walked back to the serving line and asked for some clear broth. The woman with the serving spoon waved me away, saying her soup was versatile enough for any palate. I retreated to my table and forced myself to eat.

    By Lauren on 09.18.2013

  14. The silk fabric was versatile. It could be upholstered to
    the wing-back chair or hung decadently over the windows. It could
    have simply been draped over a slender arm, a symbol of

    By Kristin URL on 09.18.2013

  15. It can pop up, bop around, sit quietly, march in a circle. backup a truck, park near the bench, watch a cannon, fart in any direction, plate a penny, burp on cue, fake an orgasm, and bark like a dog. What could be so versatile?

    By Rover on 09.18.2013

  16. Wow, I’ve never really thought about this word means, just in the context of how it is placed. “Look at how versatile he is,” someone would say. I guess I’ve never really seen it defined, just figured I knew what it meant. Now I’m gonna have to google it. Thanks for teaching me something today, Not to mention make me feel really dumb.

    By Sarah-chan URL on 09.18.2013

  17. Jack of all trades, master of none. The phrase makes me wonder, if you can be a Jack, why would you ever want to be a King? You could be great at only one thing, or good at many. I’ll be the Jack, you be the King and in the end, I’ll survive, what will you do?

    By Drivven Wrinth on 09.18.2013

  18. Clothes are versatile. Spring, summer, autumn and winter clothes.Most things that come to mind are versatile. Even basics like food and water. Each thing in life has many uses. Some people call those uses versatile.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.18.2013

  19. I found life in versatility. The best things when I least expected them. It was only a matter of time until I found myself making room in my life for them to stay.

    By L URL on 09.18.2013

  20. I was smiling with everything that I had as he jumped around acting like a goof. His foot slipped on a crack in the pavement and he sputtered forwards, then caught my arm, pulling me down with him. As we were laying there in the drizzling rain he pulled me closer to his warm chest and whispered “You know, you’re a real versatile girl.” Then we stood together and walked into the street.

    By Bge on 09.18.2013

  21. He was a versatile thief, removing diamonds from showcases and bank balances from computers as easily as he could steal a young girl’s heart with a glance and a raised eyebrow.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.18.2013

  22. My attempts at being a swindler, match the experience I have working at a jewelry store. Now in my third year, I’m a manager. Trust is what I gave them. Locking up, wearing gloves, no prints, fake id, this merchandise is already accounted for. They completed the best crime; they gave me trust.

    By Denise Watson on 09.18.2013

  23. These ladies switched from job to job with such ease. They made dolls, then sewed the hem of a dress; they washed the laundry and hung it to dry; they scrubbed the pans and laid them out. This work was so versatile, yet they managed to completely it all within an hour or two.

    By umbazachika on 09.18.2013

  24. Every thing, every where, all the time. He moves quickly and silkily, dodging and weaving, skillfully dismantling the defenses. He defends direly, using strength and wisdom to fend off the fiercest of attackers. He does all, and he does all well. Versatile is his game.

    By Jose on 09.18.2013

  25. Hair-tie
    Keeper of 3 x 5 flashcards
    Tissue box guitar string
    Rubber band

    By Chelsea on 09.18.2013

  26. I believe that someone said it’s as if she has a chameleon soul. She’s different every day – a versatile personality, under more change than the sands of a beach. She’s beautiful but she’s a mess.

    By Madi on 09.18.2013

  27. Lovely.


    By Madi on 09.18.2013

  28. All the colors spread out before him, waiting to be put in their place. Danced into something of meaning, something of beauty, something of life. Randomness, however high quality, cannot function in all these separate bowls. This world requires something made of the versatile. Give me a god.

    By Kat on 09.18.2013

  29. His expressions are versatile, I suppose: his clearly feigned interest could double as outright assholery, depending on the light.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.19.2013

  30. The simple tools are often the most versatile. A knife, for instance. Not much too it; just a sharp edge and a handle. But you can cut rope, whittle a stick, pick your nails, kill a man. The possibilities are endless.

    By diuumbra on 09.19.2013

  31. She is very versatile dress. I like her dress. With a polka dot blue and black. I loveyou so much. I dont wanna lose you because you are so versatile.. whar im talking about. So rare what the hell is this im writing about

    By Zull M on 09.19.2013

  32. I like to be versatile. It’s good to be versatile.
    There is a certain versatility in the meaning of life.
    As soon as I’m done here, I have to look up the word versatile!
    What’s the opposite of versatile?

    By michaelbuzz on 09.19.2013

  33. What we become for other people, we do not know.
    What we are, we do not know.

    We are everybody.
    We are everything.

    The randomness, the chance, the accident.
    We are infinite.
    “Versatile” is an understatement.

    By Abhineeta on 09.19.2013

  34. your hands were so versatile
    how they could keep me safe
    and make me warmer than a woolen blanket
    and how they could freeze my insides
    with deep fear and
    incredibly unnecessary
    troubled thoughts

    By Zoe URL on 09.19.2013

  35. His favorite blanket, laying last and neglected. He reaches his arm down through the ever shrinking passage to take hold of that versatile symbol of comfort and security. Leaning a little too far forward he tumbles out of the hole, landing sprawled

    By cmariewt on 09.19.2013

  36. Every which way she could go, she went. Often baffling those who stayed within the rigid lines of their conformity. They gasped and grimaced when she stepped out of line and crossed theirs, invading their space. And just when they got used to her, she’d leave to find another line to cross.

    By Soft URL on 09.19.2013

  37. The motorcycle zipped by, the air blurring and so confused that it needed a moment before it could reshape itself back into the hazy, dusty day.

    “Aye,” she said, “mine’s not that fast.”

    The motorcycle squealed to a stop at the foot of the rocky hill.

    She smiled, climbed onto her bike, patted the sidecar and bumped her way to the top of the hill.

    From the top she called down, “But she’s versatile.”

    By Anthony StClair on 09.19.2013

  38. Versatile. I think that was the brand name of a shoe that I once owned many years ago. They were platform shoes–maybe something you would have seen one of the Spice Girls wearing back when the Spice Girls were making movies and records and “Spicing Up Your Life.” Ha.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 09.19.2013

  39. Versatility could be my middle name.
    I went from there and here I came.

    It’s funny to have two sides to the story
    Especially if both are filled with worry

    I love being part of my creative self
    But Miss. Obsessive doesn’t like being on the shelf

    So here go both of them
    to fight the world hand in hand

    By Isabel Pinaud on 09.19.2013

  40. Versatile. It was the label they gave me in college. I could do most anything. I could write a script in a week. I could solve differential equations in a few minutes. But the one thing I couldn’t do was have hope.

    By Victoria on 09.19.2013