July 21st, 2018 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “verbally”

  1. I felt very verbally confused. Almost like I had no idea what to say.. What to write… Or anything. I couldn’t explain how I felt. He made me feel so intriuged by him.

    By Angel Lynam on 07.21.2018

  2. She didn’t attack me physically, but she did verbally eviscerate me. She used every piece of vocabulary she had learned since she was a child. She relied on insults provided by Shakespeare and other playwrights. She dug so deeply into me using language that the words left small cuts everywhere – like paper slices across my skin.

    When she was done, I was sitting on the floor, staring out into space. I wanted to be anywhere but there. Any time but now.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.21.2018

  3. ‘What made you go prissy all of a sudden?’
    ‘I think it’s time you went,’ she replied.
    ‘You see what I mean? What is it with the verbally weighted words?. Went? If I went, you would know I have gone and would remember me.’
    ‘I’m remembering not to ask you around again.’

    By Meredyth URL on 07.21.2018

  4. Verbally abusive people throw up you, spew out awful things, how can someone do that, i understand, they had themselves so much they are trying to get it out of their system. don’t let them throw up on you. Get as far away from someone like this as you can. My dad never hit me, but he was verbally hostile, his words just carved into me like a dull knife, overhearing his hostile conversations, attacking me, those days and nights of walking on eggshells. thank you to the heavens and to his doctor for finally putting him on depression Rx in his final months. We could finally have a decent conversation.

    By loveyou on 07.22.2018

  5. She signed. He kept ranting, her ears would hurt, if she could still hear. She signed again. Then she tried to open her handbag. The cop grabbed her wrist. She made the sign for writing. He seemed to understand that, at least … so she slowly opened her bag, grabbed the pistol and shot through the bag.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.22.2018

  6. I should have told Brannon Rose how I felt. I was afraid of how he’d react if I said it verbally. I was in love with him.

    By GraceAnonymous on 07.22.2018

  7. I have been reprimanded verbally for my various mistakes.
    No matter how small or large, the words flow out of their mouth.
    Like a torrent in a cave, I’m almost overwhelmed.
    But I still remain.

    By echuaco URL on 07.22.2018

  8. She looked at her reflection and actually said “Woah.”
    She turned.
    She turned again.
    She was surprised what a week without looking at her reflection did.
    “Look at her.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.22.2018

  9. “With this ring I thee wed,” repeated the Scotsman. Verbally the man sounded in command, but his posture indicated to the fairest sex he would submit.

    The bride wasn’t from his tribe.
    The bride wasn’t even from his homeland.
    An exotic trophy she would have been if it weren’t for an intense fiery adoration in her eyes. The price he paid, he paid with every thump of heart wrought blood. Endorphins raced along to all that bagpipe jazz. He was working up a sweat.

    As an onlooker it strikes one as a curious match.

    By Blushed URL on 07.22.2018

  10. “I want you to be happy,” she said. And then she left never to be seen again. Her word was the final contract. And once spoken the terms would not be undone.

    By CVC URL on 07.22.2018

  11. So much can be said without an uttered word, verbally that is. She walked sideways almost after I told her the news. She was quiet in her shuffling. And, almost as like she knew, she never maintained eye contact which said more than she probably wanted to say to me at that moment.

    By Daniel McClain on 07.22.2018

  12. Everything that she uttered was all wrong. It did not come in the soft dulcet tones she was used to. She couldn’t feel the vibrations in her throat as she opened her mouth and spoke. It came just as a whisper, one raspy breath followed the other, but she could barely feel those either. Nothing came, she might have her ears checked, instead.

    By Issie Kay URL on 07.23.2018

  13. I wish these words would change at the beginning of each day.
    Verbally, she attacked him, they were both sitting in low beach chairs, hers had capsized forward when she sat down, he had laughed, and now she was pissed, pissed at the awkwardness of her falling forward when she was ready to relax, pissed mostly tho that he had chucked at her and hadn’t reached out to help her. Now she sat, ready NOW of the glass of wine but it was only 10:15am, digging her toes down into the sand, grains wedging up underneath her toenails. She rubbed her feet back and forth, as if to exfoliate the dead skin. “Right now I hate you,” she said to him, glaring.

    By loveyou on 07.23.2018

  14. Means in words, orally, opposite of written. People, mainly wives often get abused verbally which is more painful than physical assault! Committing verbally cannot be legally binding. But there are people who keep their word. This word is an adjective.

    By Pavalamani Pragasam on 07.23.2018

  15. It means orally, that is said in words and not written. Wives get verbally abused in many households, a shame! This word is an adjective. What is said verbally cannot be legally binding; but people who respect their word will keep it.

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 07.23.2018

  16. Verbally… the first connector that comes to mind is “abused”

    Don’t know what that says about me.

    If you made “lee” into a verb… you would have verbed a lee.

    I didn’t say this would be funny or compelling.

    By drewplaysdrums on 07.23.2018

  17. better to have it in writing what she claimed verbally.

    By Shanmuga on 07.23.2018

  18. One of the first things we learn as children is to filter what we say. If you think about it, each day of our lives is filled with a series of moments in which our brains are deciding what to permit our voices to say. Sometimes, I imagine having a condition like Tourette Syndrome where you cannot control what you say. I imagine it being liberating in a way, but mostly it seems terrifying to verbally say whatever you feel like saying regardless of the consequences.

    By okayfine on 07.23.2018

  19. Our spoken word only holds its true value in direct communication and only in the moment. Time quickly deteriorates the thoughts and opinions we express out loud to each other. That is why the written word holds much higher value in modern society. Someone may promise you something in person and you feel relieved and happy in that moment, but once you part ways you may find yourself hoping that they keep their word. If the promise is made on paper however, the person’s credibility does not even cross your mind. You just try to think of a safe place to put the paper they signed.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.23.2018

  20. I might need another tun at this……..dammityeah damn

    By Mr.584903 URL on 07.23.2018

  21. “But I want her to speak. Verbally.” The mother pushes the iPad aside. Her son grasps at it, tears in his eyes.
    His special education teacher looks over her glasses at the mother. “You just took his voice away,” she says dryly. “I suggest you give it back to him.”
    Hesitantly, the mother scoots the iPad back to her son. He jabs at the home button a few times, then gets busy pressing buttons. After an uncomfortably long pause, the iPad chirps in a child’s voice: “I want. Talk. Ipad.”

    By Kiki H on 07.23.2018

  22. Written communication leaves room for so much interpretation. Trying to understand what someone is really saying can be so difficult that you can actually leave a conversation believing the complete opposite of what the other person was trying to say. Implied meanings and sarcasm can be difficult enough to catch in person. Remove body language, frowns, smiles, and eye contact from the equation, and it can become so maddening that you want to remove all fluff and keep things as simple and direct as possible, or you can accept that your own interpreting skills can never fully be trusted.

    By okayfine on 07.23.2018

  23. **trigger warning**

    How are you supposed to verbalize emotions that you haven’t come to grips within yourself? I could say simply, “I was raped.” But if I allow myself to be too casual, I risk people thinking that I am okay, that I have come to grips with the situation.
    I’m not fine.
    If I verbalize the proper storm of emotions behind the words, I risk myself being pushed to the brink of a breakdown. To feel, to smell, to hear that night again…to be reminded that I was….

    By writinginthedark on 07.23.2018