July 15th, 2018 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “vehicle”

  1. I remember waking up at the hospital and feeling the needles in my arms. I knew what had happened prior to this arrangement – I could still recall the color and make of the vehicle that hit me. A blue Ford Focus, already sporting a decent dent in the front bumper. That should have been an omen for me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.15.2018

  2. vehicle hickey
    the suction cup necked kissy
    the moment of youth
    the time has passed
    never was and always would
    repeat again
    driving forward
    just to start it up again

    By Matt m. on 07.15.2018

  3. First, a screeching. A loud thump. He was in full investigator (PI) gear. The DSLR thunked clumsily, but silently about his chest (and his snaps taken just as surreptitiously); his shoes a lightweight soft-soled, yet with a polished sheen about it; his attire also black, a polyester that ran with little interference about his skin. Shades were a given. A baseball cap of his most treasured possessions – and here he was, chasing in the dark of night, in the dingy and poorly-lit multi-storey carpark, his lead and subject’s newest sexual possession.

    By Issie Kay URL on 07.15.2018

  4. A rusty RV drove up my pristine driveway. I tried to hide my look of disdain as the driver climbed out of his vehicle.

    By Cynthia on 07.16.2018

  5. She drove away in a hurry, her heart thumping. She tried to pay attention to the traffic around her, but it seemed like too many, too much, everything around her. She would feel better once she was out of the city. She took a deep breath and darted her eyes between all her mirrors and the road ahead of her.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.16.2018

  6. A vehicle is another name for a car, automobile, SUVs, and many more anyways it is very important to be thankful for a car. my favorite car is a hummer 3.

    By Jasper7722 URL on 07.16.2018

  7. The deafening howl of the air jars me out of my dozing as I fly down the twisting highway. It’s 2 AM and this road may as well have been built entirely for my own amusement. I gradually begin pressing on the accelerator. I pass 60 and then 70 shifting into 4th. The engine screams past 7000 rpm as it drinks in the chilly night air. Passing 80 shifting into 5th. Close to 90 now as I push closer and closer to the point of losing control, where one wrong move means everything, and I reach finally reach the brink, the only place where I can hear the music, so strange that seemingly comes from nowhere.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.16.2018

  8. Car is a vehicle. Is this all you got to write about a word, think you are much better than this!!

    By Shanmuga on 07.16.2018

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    By Johnd748 on 07.16.2018

  10. Your choice of vehicle says a lot about a person, BUT you can get the wrong idea of a person when you base your opinion on surface level optics.

    By okayfine on 07.16.2018

  11. I haven’t owned a vehicle in almost three years and it’s weirdly liberating. When I was younger, having a car meant having the freedom to travel anywhere, whenever I wanted. But now, without a car, I am free from all the stress and expenses that comes with those giant, unsafe, metal monstrosities.

    By Abby Jelly on 07.16.2018

  12. The vehicle pulled up next to him. A middle-aged woman looked at him: “Excuse me, Sir, can you tell me where I can find the nearest police station?” She seemed rather composed.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.16.2018

  13. Because there’s always room for one more, you flip your coin, cash your ticket, check your bags and tip the cab. And because there’s something forlorn about rolling the flesh of yourself atop four wheels across barren city side strips you’ve never been before, tipsy of cheap bar wine and craving the feel of soft carpeted hotel rooms. The luckiest traveler is the one who doesn’t end the night alone. Or maybe it’s the most unluckiest is the one who kisses the lips of some desperate stranger in a shady corner, some sad other-wrldly person who wants to return to the land of home just as desperately as you.

    By SarahsGurl on 07.16.2018

  14. a vehicle is a use of transportation, almost everyone uses one once they are able to, some depend on them to get them places like work, or school, the park. anywhere that they can use a vehicle to get to the place they need or want to get to.

    By Keanna Peters on 07.16.2018

  15. car automobile, a way that infection or disease is carried, a form of transportation, a method of being transported form on place to another.

    By Mary on 07.16.2018

  16. Brannon Rose rode in my vehicle several times. I was in love with him.

    By GraceAnonymous on 07.16.2018

  17. It was a long trip a short cliff. Such was the vehicle of his “demise.” Although it didn’t seem that way at first to onlookers. But then most people don’t consider the way down as part of the intended route. He had planned his obsolescence down to the last detail. Dressed like a steam punk dandy he pedaled this cumbersome contraption like a fool the edge. And like a fool he happily vanished into the abyss. Curiously his body was never found. Some say he must have found a portal while others assumed wild animals made quick work of the easy meal.

    By Penny URL on 07.16.2018

  18. Spelling has never been difficult for me, unlike grammar where I throw rules and dictates to the wind; for some reason, I have the English rhythm and flow so words like ‘vehicle’ and ‘yacht’ in their many accents just stream from my pen pure and fragrant, drawing with them the smell of oil and of sun on paint, the clank of pulleys and thump as sails unfurl and fill with wind.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.16.2018

  19. I was once a child, and when I was that child and I was unaware of the space between me and everything else, I stood too close to the road, and a vehicle, larger than anything I could imagine, nearly ran over my toes. A lorry, was it? Yeah.

    By Antonio URL on 07.16.2018

  20. It is a great invention by mankind, helps me to reach the places i love and want to go with friends , awesome thing to enjoy while riding it too. i have lot of friends with whom i enjoy my car ride.

    By Saurab B Godse on 07.16.2018

  21. You’ve been the vehicle of my lust for a while now. Nothing will happen, obviously. It seems sort of a shame that being touched has the consequences it does. Can’t delete you out my brain, I can’t forget you…

    By whatever_artemesia on 07.16.2018

  22. Buses cars bicycles and so much more qualify as vehicles and so keep on pushing people to where they have to or should be going. this specific invention has revolutionized much of the human culture development.

    By Kiran on 07.16.2018

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  24. ´´ A vehicle was beside the road and that is your first lesson´´, said the instructor
    ´´ Mirror , signal and manouvere´, replied the learner.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 07.17.2018

  25. Vehicle runs across the yellow lines, she winces, then centers the car, car lights flash a couple cars back, is she going too slow? should I get one of those signs for the back window that says “student driver”? it will take time but she will be fine, i just worry about the other bozos out there.

    By loveyou on 07.17.2018

  26. The vehicle swerved crazily around the nearest corner scattering the innocent bystanders. A police siren screamed from the opposite corner threatening to take out those who hadn’t already moved.

    By LD on 07.17.2018

  27. I’ma go forth in my big vehicle
    vehicular motion and transportation
    with a motor?
    gas? water? electric? solar?
    this world is so bipolar
    we shall ride on the backs of african american slave culture to the revolution of equality.
    Thirld World Liberation Front

    By Jake on 07.17.2018

  28. We all learned to drive in my grandfather’s old golf cart before we ever got behind the wheel of a car. One time I accidentally drove it into a ditch filled with sunflowers, and Grampa was trying so hard not to get mad. Another time, it ran out of gas and my cousins had to push it all the way up the hill from the fields to the farmhouse.

    By Kiki Hayden on 07.17.2018