October 14th, 2012 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “upper”

  1. upper is like spelling up with two p’s and er

    By fox URL on 10.15.2012

  2. The upper part of the house is full of junk and tools

    By i love pandas URL on 10.15.2012

  3. upper is the higher level aka higher

    By talon URL on 10.15.2012

  4. It was the best high I had felt in a very long time, Stick and Blake said these where the best, and damn that guy knows his drugs.

    By Tracey on 10.15.2012

  5. The times that I’d visited here before, I had never known the exact location…. Perhaps my six year old brain dreamed it was up near fairyland, and did not believe that it was really so close so close, this place he called “heaven”.

    By Nina on 10.15.2012

  6. upper is something that is up or the portion that is up. an upper can be anything.

    By Jamie URL on 10.15.2012

  7. boo! says the ghost. ahhhh! ays you

    By cookiemonster108 URL on 10.15.2012

  8. upper means some place higher than lower. higher than usual… im confused!

    By S-man URL on 10.15.2012

  9. i think that it means that you are higher than others.

    By diamondsss URL on 10.15.2012

  10. he loves to romance them, reckless abandon, holding me for ransom, upper echelon. he says to be cool but i’m already coolest, i said to get real, don’t you know who you’re dealing with?

    By Veronica on 10.15.2012

  11. Upperclassmen are really great to work with. I teach them everyday. We write. I learn from them. It’s fun. I’m tired when I go home. They do not take uppers. I hope.

    By namashay on 10.15.2012

  12. How do you make this thing work? it’s so down it’s upper? –Thomas B.

    By namashay on 10.15.2012

  13. upper, lower, upper quadrant of the covey square. urgent important not urgent not important; time management begs priorities, priorities beg goals, goals beg vision, vision begs inspiration, inspiration begs knowledge, knowledge begs education, education begs time, time begs time management?

    By scholz on 10.15.2012

  14. the bed is on the top lift part of my house. the upper corner is full

    By Julie on 10.15.2012

  15. The upper-commons of this school are very big. The upper-commons have vending machines and on the upper shelf

    By Michelle on 10.15.2012

  16. the teacher told the student to make the letter upper case. so the student made that letter an upper case letter and the world was happy again.

    By Danielle on 10.15.2012

  17. when i was at home i was starving so i reached on the uppeer shelf to get something when the chair tipped over. i fell and smacked my head on the ground when i blacked out. so i went to the hospital and i had a concusion.

    By Kaitlyn on 10.15.2012

  18. As I tried to reach the upper shelf in my room i slipped and fell I was trying to get my alarm clock ready so i wouldn’t wake up late. But now i wouldn’t be able to go because i broke my upper shoulder area.

    By Rachel on 10.15.2012

  19. the upper window in my house is haunted. i climbed it and broke the upper half of my body. the upper window will never be touched again.

    By Maranda on 10.15.2012

  20. The upper level of a building is the top part. The upper part of the mall has a great view overlooking all of phoenix, and all you can see is the palm trees and tall buildings.

    By Chloe on 10.15.2012

  21. The house was on the upper part of town where upper class people lived in a very upper kind of house.

    By Maddie on 10.15.2012

  22. Upper is the top the top of a mountain that i am climbing, higher and higher i get its harder to breath as a take my last step i reached the top. An accomplishment, that i made.

    By Makyla on 10.15.2012

  23. The upper world what is it? what does it hold? do i belong there? oh so many questions! when will i see it? today, tomorrow, never? the upper world is full of mystery, full of wonder.

    By Tim on 10.15.2012

  24. The upper commons is an upper part of the building. The upper commons is above the commons. This is where you go to buy food.

    By Sam on 10.15.2012

  25. The upper arm can be broken.
    The upper part of that house is falling apart.

    By Gavin on 10.15.2012

  26. upper is a level/layer higher then one level. for example, the upper layer is full of junk.

    By Noah on 10.15.2012

  27. The upper division is never the same as the lower– people are different, the region is different, the accents, the culture, the style. Everything changes when you reach that dividing line. But people are okay with that. I’m okay with that. Until I get a little closer to it. And maybe then I want to cross the divide. Maybe one day I will.

    By Katera on 10.15.2012

  28. I was climbing the stairs to go to the upper part of my house. i fell and broke my upper back. i was rushed to the upper town hospital and stayed in a room twords the upper level. i watched tv witch was near to the upper volume. The doctor said my upper back will never be fixed. my mom went to the upper part of the house and used her upper arm to break all of the upper widows in the upper part of the house. the upper part of my house hates my family.

    By Tiffany on 10.15.2012

  29. There is a upper part in my house. It is the basement. I do not like to go up there though

    By Kirstyn on 10.15.2012

  30. on the upper left side of the page I saw a sign, it said “STUMBLE”

    By Karen on 10.15.2012

  31. my upper leg broke. the upper shelf is too tall. my upper arm hurts. i broke kaitys upper arm. the upper part of my house is haunted.

    By Shy on 10.15.2012

  32. The upper level of the house was dark, as it had been since Jeremy had died. The bedroom, the playroom- toys and clothes untouched. Harrison has been unable to return to his former self after the death of his beloved turtle.

    By jess88 on 10.15.2012

  33. Jeremy was buried in the garden, in the upper corner. Harrison’s mother had accommodated his need for a service for the pet, but had brusquely returned to her housework immediately afterward. She did not yet see the effect that loss would have on her son.

    By jess88 on 10.15.2012

  34. ladder
    counter strike

    By Minh on 10.15.2012

  35. You always had the upper hand. Never me, never we. Always you. I pray that she realises what she’s got herself into. Your ego’s the only other half in your world. And you don’t even have the modesty to admit it.

    By lelowi on 10.15.2012

  36. The upper corner of the garden hosted a beautiful array of sunflowers. Katie planted them there after her uncle, who had grown up in the house, passed last year. He had traveled all over.

    By jess88 on 10.15.2012

  37. I told the kids that I’d sleep in the upper bunk, while they’d sleep together in the lower one. As if! I’d paid extra for the sleeper car on the train, hoping to get some sleep that night .. but sure couldn’t do it with three of us in one bed!

    By ariel4thou on 10.15.2012

  38. She didn’t have the upper hand in this fight.It was going to be a long, uphill battle, and she didn’t know if she would make it….

    By all4imagination on 10.15.2012

  39. The girl is in the upper window she is old.

    By 123boy = ) on 10.15.2012

  40. Supper without “S”. Very lonely, indeed.

    By Ian Harvey on 10.15.2012