May 7th, 2019 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “unstable”

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    By Thamíris Rayanny da Silva Lima on 05.07.2019

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  3. He fancies a drink – just don’t pour him one. The man is unstable, can’t you see that? He’s rocking back and forth on his stool, and the creaking is a percussion I can’t stand. I’ve half a mind to drink your finest whiskey straight from the bottle and demand the stuff free of charge. Now he’s singing in a language I’ve never heard of. He’s not in a fit state to do anything, let alone imbibe. Perhaps I’ll play some pool with him if he stops; at the very least, I’ll be guaranteed to win.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.07.2019

  4. To be unstable is something to question whether or not she was able to perform her duties. She has come to depend on her schedule. Tonight, she grasps hard and tight to her daughters hand. She has found herself out of a home and now without a way to make basic means to be met. Her daughter lays in her arms looking into her eyes and face. She smiles. She feels and knows she is safe, and has no idea what is ahead for her little girls mind. Her daughter, only knows she finds comfort in laying her head against her mother’s chest. It is the familiar rhythm that allows her drift off to sleep. In this unstable place she finds her peace.

    By Donna Whiting on 05.07.2019

  5. She felt the room begin to tilt. Something was not right. She blinked and searched the room. Where was Ben? She opened her mouth to speak and fell.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.08.2019

  6. He made her feel unstable in some of the best ways.

    By okayfine on 05.08.2019

  7. Ronny used to be financially unstable and was not able to keep working at his current job. Although there were many bills to pay and utilities he had to quit his current job. His boss was just too rude and unfair with him.

    By Karina Garcia on 05.08.2019

  8. Stability was his whole life. She was the only one that could make him throw it away without a second thought.

    She looked at him and said “don’t take it tomorrow.”

    By Fair Enough URL on 05.08.2019

  9. She screamed at the top of her lungs for them to listen. Her long bony finger pointing behind them. The doctors all thought the old woman had lost what mind she had left. Muttering and crying about monsters.

    Was she unstable or could they just not see what really lurked in the shadows.

    By EliseV URL on 05.08.2019

  10. What an anguish this word brings. And I wish I could say that it is only a recently relatable state of mind but it feels like I’ve been in an unstable space since eons. If unstable is left to be, it can slip into your comfort zone and that can seem deceptively okay.

    By Sonia on 05.08.2019

  11. He knew it. It was happening again and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The world around him began to spin, the other patrons largely unaware of the change happening before them. In the moment before his coffee hit the floor, it was already over for them; a single, visceral second.

    By Stuntmonkey on 05.08.2019

  12. Being a first responder at Columbine really left me feeling sad and unstable for quite some time.

    By Marie Perea on 05.08.2019

  13. The president is so unstable that the rest of the world’s psychiatrists agree on his diagnosis

    By Marie P URL on 05.08.2019

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    By Rabe URL on 05.08.2019

  15. I like to pretend a poem is stable
    and that the words are the building blocks
    of life, or maybe they’re just thin, hollow
    cardboard boxes, patterned with bricks–
    the ones I used to play with outside
    of the counselor’s office.

    As a child, they let me stick my hand
    in the bottom drawer. I pulled out a reward
    each time, and they would praise me
    for telling them all my feelings. I think maybe
    this is how I learned to speak my feelings:

    For a prize, for a toy that I ached for
    and it probably helped me, the puzzles
    we’re fun to do on the carpet of her office
    and she hung my pictures up and maybe that’s
    a kind of love; the kind I needed then.

    By absolutelynthng URL on 05.08.2019

  16. instability is always seen as spomething wrong, something bad. But what is more beautiful than a mind that doesnt know where its about to go? Aren’t we all instable in our own beutiful way?

    By Shriya on 05.09.2019

  17. My brain is unstable
    The foundation shattered
    By endless earthquakes
    And the friction of faults
    That are neither our own
    Nor the earth’s
    We stand here breaking
    Afraid to shatter
    But welcoming the fall

    By Lindsay Lundeen URL on 05.09.2019

  18. The particle was new, untested, brilliant, beautiful, fragile, unstable. It was that last part that worried me. Nothing that we’d seen in the lab had prepared us to use the serum to test the particle’s usage. It would blow up, or save the world, nobody knew which.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 05.09.2019