June 15th, 2016 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “unhealthy”

  1. I know it is an unhealthy habit, to obsess over some one so much. I had loved him since high school and we had been able to maintain a long distance relationship for 2 years. I don’t know when, but I started depending upon him for my happiness. I would go berserk if I didn’t see him or talk to him for more than an hour. I knew I was making him insane and was driving him away. Finally the inevitable happened and he broke up with me.

    By Varsha URL on 06.15.2016

  2. “Look, I don’t understand how you can eat all that,” snapped Harvey’s mom as he salivated over his plate of three cheeseburgers. “It’s just so unbelievably unhealthy!”

    Harvey sighed and shook his head. “Look, Ma,” he replied, folding his arms. “By the time I’m Dad’s age, my metabolism will be shot. May as well take advantage of my bad eating habits now.”

    “Hey, I resent that!” grumbled Harvey’s dad, his chubby jowls quivering with irritation.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.16.2016

  3. The world had turned “Unhealthy”. Be it food,manners,attitude,humanity has such as become unhealthy. Blame it on time crunch we need everything to be quick!

    By Prethy on 06.16.2016

  4. It really wasn’t a good system, in fact it was quite unhealthy. But, it was her choice to bottle it all in and hope that time would allow her to forget and perhaps even move on.

    By Amimee URL on 06.16.2016

  5. being unhealthy is very common in today’s lifestyle. the diet , the lifestyle we follow makes us become unhealthy. unhealthy starts from u
    u is vowel
    doctor treats unhealthy people.
    unhealthy people falls sick soon
    nobody should be unhealthy

    By saumya tripathi on 06.16.2016

  6. Nocivo

    By Mark on 06.16.2016

  7. It was 4 AM and she she was typing away furiously, hoping that she would make the 6 AM deadline for her assignment. Time slipped from her, as sand slipped from trembling fingers. Her eyes began to fall, keenly feeling the 37 hour sleepless vigil she had subjected herself to.

    By hithlumhero on 06.16.2016

  8. It’s unhealthy to fret over small, mundane things, it disturbs and distresses you and stresses you over.. this fretting habit i mean.. it is unhealthy to the core

    By rekha nair URL on 06.16.2016

  9. Maybe the way in which we return to each other only because we are battered with arguments. Maybe it’s in how we scream at each other, only to console one another’s frustrations with tender hand holding and growing resentment. And yet, I’ve only known our bellows to be softer than the empty spaces between our legs and hands when night dawns and we’re without each other once again. Unhealthy love, unhealthy lovers. Lovers all the same.

    By Heather on 06.16.2016

  10. I watched as once more the boys dig in in their food. We should probably try to decrease the amount of unhealthy food we ate because taking out had sort of become a habit of ours.

    By EllieHaven on 06.16.2016

  11. My behavior around certain people in my life is unhealthy and I don’t like me or the way that I act. I need to make the changes to help me deal with these people.

    By Anne on 06.16.2016

  12. hospital, dasis, blood, healthy, cancer, adema, sick, t

    By VANESSA FARIA on 06.16.2016

  13. The donut glistened under the florescent lighting. Her stomach churned even looking at it. She poured her coffee and walked out of the break room. “God, I need a cigarette.” She set her mug on the desk and began rifling through her bag. She had a lighter… somewhere.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.16.2016

  14. Most of the things that we do to feel good might be undermining our overall health because a life of abundant choices has placed us in the way of things that shoot straight to the receptors that would, in a less abundant arena, lead us to healthy things. Our food is too sweet. Our transportation is too easy. We are unhealthy.

    By Jennifer Einolf on 06.16.2016

  15. It is unhealthy to spend your life doing what others ask you to do. Instead, we should do what we want to do. We have to find our passion and work towards it to have a life with no regrets.

    By Ranjini on 06.16.2016

  16. What isn’t unhealthy these days. There’s a line for every argument and a hypothesis for every artifact in our lives. One week it will cure cancer, the next week it will cause it. What was healthy in your youth, will be your downfall in old age. Reminds me of the sun. When I was young, the sun was good for you and we were to run and bask in it without the care of sunblock or skin protection. Only people who burned needed sunblock, not the rest of us. Today though, we know better, today we know that those youthful follies in the sun will kill us. Did we know, of course not. Did our parents know, of course not. And yet somehow their consent and encouragement to participate in such an activity serve to kill us just as they satisfied us.

    By ABot on 06.16.2016

  17. Can a culture be unhealthy? Can a society teach people unhealthy attitudes? What about individualism, is this a healthy mindset – to believe that you are the most important, that every decision you make should benefit you and not others? Is it healthy to be alone? No – the leading cause of depression is loneliness. So why do we still teach each other to be unhealthy?

    By Britney on 06.16.2016

  18. You see them in the street or in the park, parading their greedy opulence without shame or penitence. And their indulgence is not merely physical – it’s the mind that’s sick that makes the wallet spill over with its decadent obscenity. Selfishness is the sickness of the 21st century.

    By Barber on 06.16.2016

  19. Therea are many people that usuallly don’t practice any exercise and just live their lives on unhealthy ways. Tha’s very important always think about the shape and another things that can become the person

    By Matheus on 06.16.2016

  20. junk foods are considered to be the most unhealthy food ever.kick start your day by having some organic veggies or fruits, have green tea to detoxify your body. have a healthy diet.try to grow some organic vegs in ur garden and enjoy fresh vegs .

    By sofia on 06.16.2016

  21. That junk food is unhealthy for you said my mom. I was eating a piece of pizza. But yeah i guess that would be a junk food if it had certain things on it.

    By caden on 06.16.2016

  22. Soda is considered unhealthy because it has a lot of sugar and other things that are bad for you body and your teeth.

    By caden on 06.16.2016

  23. Sugary things are usually unhealthy for you but there might be something that tastes sugary but is very healthy.

    By caden on 06.16.2016

  24. i think of habits, like eating too much white sugar or candy. my mother has always been so cautious about unhealthy eating patterns, and I’m glad she passed this on to me. also unhealthy mental habits- doubt, self-centeredness, etc.

    By MillerPepley on 06.16.2016

  25. obsessing, worrying, letting it flatten you until you can barely move and then you lie teetering on the edge of a vast chasm filled with the infinite possibilities you’ve managed to come up with.

    By Selene Marinelarena on 06.16.2016

  26. I looked in the mirror surprised at the middle aged man looking back. I still felt like a kid but the unhealthy image told otherwise. Changes were needed

    By Martin514 on 06.16.2016

  27. For her healthy mind, he was unhealthy in all forms and shape. Unhealthy mind boxed in a healthy body.

    By epi on 06.16.2016

  28. She wondered what was unhealthy about her. She knew that it wasn’t her fragile body, as people thought. It was something else. Deep inside, she knew the answer. It was her mind, which he had shattered.

    By puttu on 06.16.2016

  29. I think many of my habits are unhealthy. I don’t eat as many veggies as I should, I don’t believe in any form of exercise; my ideal day is sitting in one place, eating cake and watching tv. That being said, I’m also underweight, so there is a lot of confusion within me. Healthiness doesn’t seem fun for me, rather, pursuing a healthy life doesn’t seem fun, and if I look good, feel good, and feel good about myself, what’s the point?

    By slaw on 06.16.2016

  30. As I unwrapped the twinkie wrapper and threw it to the floor I suddenly realized how filthy my life was. I sighed, and shoved the Twinkie in my mouth then threw my head back on the chair as a fat filled tear fell down my face.

    By LemSnick on 06.16.2016

  31. Fat, unwanted, pretty much how my summer is going so far; school is over, so I’m waking up whenever I want, eating whatever I want. It’s pretty bad, because I don’t know when to stop. I think it’s summer, I can have ice cream everyday if I want.

    By writergirl99 on 06.16.2016

  32. cigarettes, relationships, food,
    so seductive, so pleasant and confortable
    vicious and mesmerizing

    By Miguel Miceli URL on 06.16.2016

  33. they said junk food and cigarettes and drugs were unhealthy
    it’ll ruin your body, they said
    save yourself the trouble, they said
    but what they didn’t know
    was that those things didn’t compare
    to the way i didn’t eat for days
    to the way i curled up in bed unable to get up
    to the way i stared out into space whenever i was left alone
    they didn’t know
    that losing you
    was the most unhealthy thing that could happen to me

    By Kym on 06.16.2016

  34. It is unhealthy to overdwell on past mistakes. Always look for how you can make it better now and the next time. This will help you feel better, which will help those with whom you interact also feel good. That is a wonderful way to live each moment, and will probably help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep at night.

    By Sharlyn on 06.16.2016

  35. They told him the habit was unhealthy, that he needed to start a journal to write down all of his thoughts instead of drunk calling his girlfriend–who has a restraining order, by the way–at 2am every morning.

    By Audrey on 06.16.2016

  36. The unfortunate term best describing the united states of america; unhealthy to say the least. The saddest part is it’s not really our fault, but we are still in control of our lives.

    By Jay Klue URL on 06.16.2016

  37. Not living your dream is unhealthy for your soul and relationships. Procrastinating, second guessing and being just damned right sure you can’t achieve your dream keeps you from being who you need and want to become. So stand up, take a deep breath and jump in with both feet. What is the worse that can happen? You end up right where you started. But the best chance of becoming who you are meant to be is also a possibility!

    By Sister Golden Hair on 06.16.2016

  38. I teeter on the edge of sanity, knowing this habit will be the end of me. I want to crush this obsession, I want to quash it before my body betrays my thoughts. I want to rend apart all I cannot let go of, to wash my veins free of these stains. I want to be able to sleep at three past midnight without being haunted, to be removed from this madness echoing loudly and clearly.

    My bitter sneer at the thought of you is how I stop loving you. My dismissive attitude at the drop of your name is how I walk away. My indifference at the sight of you is how I’ll keep up my lies.

    By Z on 06.16.2016

  39. It is unhealthy to overthink. It is unhealthy to keep pondering on things. It is unhealthy to thing negative. It is unhealthy to feel jealous of other’s achievements. So, I will now be positive and appreciate people’s achievements.

    By Pallavi S Ojha on 06.16.2016

  40. We always think about health in perspective of our body. However, it is not only related to our body but also our emotions. There can be unhealthy emotions, such as obsessing over the past, worrying about the future, blaming others for our problems. Between all this, we forget to live in the moment. We forget to have gratitude for what we have, which is just a dream for others.

    By Varsha URL on 06.16.2016