June 15th, 2016 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “unhealthy”

  1. Hey you! Do you know how your day will go today??
    UN health-Y
    you know why ??
    for you plan to become the sorest fellow on this land.
    You plan to wake up , eat junk , drink coke….sleep again and nothing else..
    A total potato you are
    Hence, unhealthy your day is gonna go

    By Ayonika Sharma on 06.16.2016

  2. todays foods are largelytermed as unhealty due to the high fat and oil content.Unhealthy foods largely means higher chances of life style diseases.

    By anjana on 06.16.2016

  3. unhealthiness is a misconstrued word. there isn’t a way to tell if someone is unhealthy physically. maybe her pants are big and her shirt is an XL but she’s not unhealthy. she works out and eats her greens. she’s not healthy inside though and that’s your fault. because you never took the time to understand that it’s okay that her arms have fat on them and instead you chose to make fun of her for something she struggles with every day of her life.

    By Abby Rosen on 06.16.2016

  4. a living corpse breathing dirty air and eating garbage food

    By hazel alonzo on 06.17.2016

  5. It’s unhealthy, they say and you read and you drill into your mind ten times over. But for whatever reason, the habit’s hard to kick. Without even realizing, you fall back on what feels comfortable, safe. But it’s not good for you in the long run, so how do you quit?

    By Ashi URL on 06.17.2016

  6. I am a person who ate till date whatever was unhealthy. Why it is so that whatever is unhealthy tastes so yummy? Or is it my perception. Nevertheless, this is what defines me very perfectly. This is what I am made of.

    By Sudhir URL on 06.17.2016

  7. Food. Chocolate, sweets, burger, pizza. Keep the balance. Smoking, Drinking. Unhealthy is not always unhappy, at least not in the short term.

    By Fredda URL on 06.17.2016

  8. Unhealthy, what a word. Do we even, in today’s society, know what it means to be healthy? I mean really truly healthy? Everything lately seems so relative. Is health relative?

    By ToniCezeal on 06.17.2016

  9. Today’s world is unhealthy regarding how we address our follow human beings. We must strive to overcome our prejudices to become a whole again.

    By Janelle Beard on 06.17.2016

  10. today is the day i felt bad for being unhealthy. this is due to my habits of irregular exercising, eating pattern and the things i had today. I just wanted to put full-stop for unhealthy habits and lead a happy life.

    By ss on 06.17.2016

  11. I don’t like to be unhealthy because it limits my capacity to enjoy life. I am glad that I am healthy and was able to enjoy life. I am grateful to the people that allows me to be healthy. In order to maintain health, you’ll need to increase your soul.

    By Kenneth Limosnero on 06.17.2016

  12. It was an unhealthy obsession, this thing she had for him. She knew it, but she couldn’t seem to let it go. He was a dichotomy. Evil and good residing in the same person simultaneously. She couldn’t let go of the good in him for fear he’d be lost to evil forever. Her blood sang with the hope of his redemption.

    By Andrea on 06.17.2016

  13. Sitting around the house, with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, made Morris feel guilty. After he had been fired from his job in the shoe factory, he sank into this lifestyle, which he knew was unhealthy but he also could not stop himself. He felt angry and vaguely sense that his feelings were inappropriate. After drinking through a six pack by the time the morning shows had finished, he found himself yelling at the TV news. “Recession? Tell me about it!” he roared at the TV commentators. “you’ve got your jobs and you’re telling me about the recession? Give me a break.”

    His wife and children hovered in the background, not wanting to make him angrily. One day, they left and he didn’t notice, and didn’t care.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.17.2016

  14. Quite unhealthy food it is !! Kids got effected very badly at school and got hospitalized.
    It is a government hospital where doctors work very leisurely.

    By Anupallavi Yadlluri on 06.17.2016

  15. I am eating my spinach, ham and cheese with peanut butter and celery on the side with a fruit smoothie while someone right next to me is eating pretty unhealthy foods for lunch like marshmallow with chocolate and brown sugar sandwich, chocolate bars, soda and other really unhealthy foods

    By risa on 06.17.2016

  16. I wish I were healthier than I am. It is unhealthy to be unhealthy. I read and read about it all the time and print out articles but can’t seem to put healthy actions in to action!

    By nimbus on 06.17.2016

  17. Unhealthy is how my doctor described as I dressed after my checkup “You might get lucky and dodge the obvious middle age concerns, but you’re playing roulette”. My childhood had just ended at 43

    By Martin514 on 06.17.2016

  18. That Juice is very unhealthy for you said my dad. He said I should try the apple juice instead because it was healthier than the juice i was drinking.

    By caden on 06.17.2016

  19. Pizza is usually seen as unhealthy food but it not all pizza’s are unhealthy since theres only cheese, tomato sauce and then toppings which could be spinach like on a lot of pizzas.

    By caden on 06.17.2016

  20. Eating to much of one food can be very unhealthy or bad for your body. So even though its a healthy food to much can be bad for you.

    By caden on 06.17.2016

  21. Same word as yesterday, I don’t have anything new to add.

    By slaw on 06.17.2016

  22. Wheezing, moldy, gainely, and stumbling, the old man with tattered clothes shuffled with bone-thin limbs toward the kitchen. He opened the fridge door: margarine.

    By ml on 06.17.2016

  23. things that are unhealthy can be obvious at times and sometimes they can’t. Always try to determine what is unhealthy it is a matter of life and death.

    By Timothy Hawkins on 06.17.2016

  24. I try to stay away from unhealthy eating best as i can! ever since i started calorie counting and working out regularly i have seen huge differences in my body. Not only did I shed the pesky persistent pounds that i had been trying to lose but i also look better. My skin and hair are healthier and glowing.

    By confused doc on 06.17.2016

  25. To smoke tobacco is not healthy,but why people tend to it so much? There is no taste, but something attractive. That’s why hookah is so popular today.

    By Valeriia URL on 06.17.2016

  26. “Hey! That’s unhealthy!” Aisha complained as she watched a redhead shove handfuls of potato chips into his mouth.
    “So, it’s good!” he countered lazily and shoved more.
    Aisha watched, disgusted by the scene.
    “YOU’RE A PIG ELSWORD!” she yelled at him.
    “I DON’T CARE!” he yelled back.
    Aisha waved her staff and made a green apple appear. She then proceeded to chuck it at his head.

    By SoulHorse on 06.17.2016

  27. Unhealthy; the opposite of healthy; the man was so unhealthy that they had to take him to the hospital.

    By Ted on 06.17.2016

  28. Unhealthy seems to be a common term to define Americans. The Untied States seems to be the #1 country not in education, nor healthcare but in obese people.

    By Elise on 06.17.2016

  29. It was an unhealthy obsession, she knew, but she couldn’t stop it. It was more than a habit at this point, it was a lifestyle. Other people judged her for the way she went about the addiction (feeding it), but it wouldn’t stop. She loved pizza and there wasn’t any changing that now.

    By e.gnol on 06.17.2016

  30. She had an unhealthy obsession with him. It was crazy. He was nothing special. He was just a gut. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was her everything. Nothing would get in the way of her love. Nothing.

    By Alyssa D on 06.17.2016

  31. I’dont think that this some kind of a mess cos u can be unhealthy but not unhappy.KK
    Not the best words.)

    By Nidima on 06.17.2016

  32. Unhealthy is not just physical it ca also be mental so do what you love and eat what you want lif is too short to be anything but happybe happy healthy and positive. My goal is

    By christina on 06.17.2016

  33. she was so unhealthy through mind and body. She would cry every night wishing he loved her and wishing she was perfect the way he wanted hr to be. Her mind was messed and so was her body. Unhealthy was an understatement. If only she could see she was bautiful

    By christina on 06.17.2016

  34. she was unhealthy as the next young girl ou drank too much ate too much junk food. Her brain was messed up and the nonly thing she turned to as abusing her body as an escape from this horrible world. She even

    By Christina on 06.17.2016

  35. Why do you listen to these people, she asked. Why do you let them tell you that the things you like are bad for you or unhealthy? Why? She lit another cigarette and blew the smoke away from me, even though she did’t think there was anything bad about it. “People will always tell you that things are unhealthy. It’s bad to stay up too late, it’s bad to smoke, it’s bad to have sex with yourself because you can go blind, it’s bad to cross in the middle of the street. God, if you stopped your life the way people want you to because of what’s ‘unhealthy,’ you’d be dead from being bored.” She brushed something that wasn’t there off her pants and looked across the street at the sign on the door. “God, why do they have to open so late anyway?” She was waiting for the sign on the record store door to be turned around; she wanted to see that orange ‘Open’ sign so bad. “Well, anyway, I’m not talking you into smoking weed or anything, but you really have to start living.” The sign on the door flipped around. “Oops, there it is. Gotta go.” She flicked the cigarette into the street and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “See you later.” She ran across the street; slid in the front door and shut it quickly behind her. Ready to go back to being with a man who was so bad for her, so wrong for her, so mean, so cruel, so all the bad things he could be. But she knew better. She knew what unhealthy was. I picked up the cigarette off the ground and finished. The first one of my life.

    By nyla rehs on 06.17.2016

  36. when you eat less or much … two situations are unhealthy
    when you sleep less or much … two situations are unhealthy
    also when you laugh much or cry much …
    so to be healthy you should take the central situation in all your life … :)

    By romi maiss on 06.17.2016