October 29th, 2013 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “unfaithful”

  1. sadness drifting from away spheres into your life throwing aloof inmersed in a deep sleep through sorrow and pain.

    By Gino Gavelli URL on 10.29.2013

  2. Were you unfaithful to me that tonight? Did you find a way into Larkshire’s bed when I was half-asleep on the curb, eating cold kidney from an iron plate. No. Hush. Foghorn on the bay. South of here is the tower. It transmits radio waves. Sends me messages about you when you’re not around. Reminds me to come home. Reminds me to drink coffee more often. Reminds me to think. Reminds me to weep. While you licked Larkshire’s beard.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.29.2013

  3. lost it again today.
    saw the horrors of this broken city.
    i will not go back.
    let me go.

    i will walk out of these walls and return to a home i never got to know.
    i will not look again upon the face of love.

    By Kairn on 10.29.2013

  4. He tried to walk slowly so that his wife did not wake up. It was almost daybreak as he came home.

    By Pearl on 10.29.2013

  5. On the wide, open road no one knows our previous lives.

    By Simone URL on 10.29.2013

  6. I think women who are unfaithful are incredibly awful. But so are men… Often, men are overlooked in this respect, but it is just as bad.

    By GG on 10.29.2013

  7. “I can’t believe you!” she screamed as she tossed things at me – my black socks with red stripes on them, the tie I wore for our anniversary. Cleaning out the closet.

    “I’m done. This is too much Get out.”

    Something hit me hard in the forehead as I stood and watched her, open-mouthed. Her wedding ring.
    I put my fingers to my head – they came away smeared with blood.

    By EliseLawrence on 10.29.2013

  8. i took a bite without even thinking. gooey, chocolatey, nutty… gluten. this pie has flour in it. another fail because my lack of perception. guess it’ll be another cheat day.

    By hcolet on 10.29.2013

  9. Unfaithful the word ran through her mind as she walked away. Why would she just do that? What would she do with her life now that

    By Sarina URL on 10.29.2013

  10. she was unfaithful. there was nothing more two it. she lied and she cheated. unfaithful. it was weak, like the stem of a dying flower. limp, and powerless. it hadnt done anything for us. unfaithful. weak weak weak

    By this really sucked. on 10.29.2013

  11. The man cried softly. Why was this happening to him?
    Did she not love him?
    Was he not good enough?
    He couldn’t handle it, just like his skull couldn’t handle a bullet careening through it.

    By walkingUnwoken on 10.29.2013

  12. unfaithful is a terrible thought as she walked through the dark woods. alices sister the unperfect girl who would never fit in. she wondered when wonderland would accept her into their world. what wrong with me????????????? POTATO!!!!!!!!!

    By Sarina on 10.29.2013

  13. unfaithful is a word. a silly word. a sad word. something that hurts. describes hurt. loss, betrayal. unfaithful

    By girl without words on 10.29.2013

  14. He spoke of his life as if he were another person, another fiddlefucked fool on Fellatio Hill. “Fellate me, Sam!”, he screamed. His daughter looked up from her oatmeal and sighed. This is the politician’s way.

    By Jack Riviera on 10.29.2013

  15. potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato potato POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Sarina on 10.29.2013

  16. She watches
    Through all the miles
    And the panes of shattered
    That separate their truths.

    By Emma on 10.29.2013

  17. It ended much like it started, a flurry of emotion. One simple act. A kiss, both for the beginning and the end of everything he had ever wanted.

    By walkingUnwoken on 10.29.2013

  18. really?
    okay fine.
    me, but only in my head, because that is the only place We exist.
    still i’m being unfaithful to the prompt. This is not a diary.

    By Prempeh on 10.29.2013

  19. She was unfaithful in all of her affairs. Always the best of intentions but strayed non the less. One always thinks of the man as being unfaithful but that’s only because they have to confess. Women mostly keep it to themselves.

    By just a girl on 10.29.2013

  20. He was unfaithful in all his affairs. Always had the best of intentions but strayed none the less. What made him stray? Ego, insecurity, arrogance? Was she ever unfaithful?

    By just a girl on 10.29.2013

  21. she applied the lipstick carefully. a deep, rich red. his favourite. she inspected her reflection with a critical eye, fixed a stray strand of hair, and sighed. she’d wasted enough time in the bathroom; he’d be getting impatient. the reservations were for seven, and it was their anniversary dinner. at the restaurant his other girlfriend worked at.

    By firelight on 10.29.2013

  22. She was never mine. Why do I care so much? Us getting together was a joke. She didn’t want me, let alone marry me. But now whenever I see her with another girl, I feel the most unreasonable jealousy.

    By MaybeMe on 10.29.2013

  23. He wasn’t. Not really. It wasn’t him who reached for her. It was me. I drove him to it. I know I did. I didn’t love him enough. And that’s what I’ll have to tell them all. If I do tell. But I won’t. I will end this. Tonight. It will end.

    By Dee on 10.29.2013

  24. It’s no secret that he’s been unfaithful. When she was growing up, the first time her father saw him (despite the fact that he was still just a child then, too), he warned her that any woman who married him would end up a cuckold.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.29.2013

  25. Because the little baby duck was unfaithful. He deserved it thought the old rooster. Lack of water, lack of seeds, lack of a nice tree to climb and sing early in the morning. Wait a moment, baby ducks don’t do that early in the morning. Or do they?

    By Stef URL on 10.30.2013

  26. He was hurt. How could she? She never seemed like the kind of woman who would sleep with another man. He was destroyed. His lover could hardly console him.

    By kolcs on 10.30.2013

  27. Dog howls at the moon
    Did the dish run away with the spoon?
    Didn’t realize I was the spade
    you were the heart, the bone, the jade.
    I didn’t realize you were the pull
    I was the push, the shove, the fool.

    By fz URL on 10.30.2013

  28. I want ot get free and travel the world, but it seems I canot be faithul to myself and continually find excuses not to follow the twinking twitch in my heart
    That is the worst kind of unfaithfulness i suppo

    By Eklipsnoire on 10.30.2013

  29. you could have told me that you weren’t happy. you could have spared me the embarrassment. Her!? Him!? Them!? I can’t believe it!

    By Lee on 10.30.2013

  30. The rusty offering plate still feverishly clung to the wall, the rust possibly being the only thing holding it together. The pews had begun to rot, the body of Christ as well, molding in the back room where they thought no kids would touch it, but there haven’t been kids in this city for years. The kids were sent off to religious schools far away, so adults wouldn’t have to instill values they didn’t believe in in children they technically weren’t responsible for. After the war, no one questioned things, and everything went to hell, more so than normal. I contemplated this while sitting on a dangerously unstable stool in the back of the altar.

    By Samantha on 10.30.2013

  31. Faith is had to master, we can think we are standing so strong and solid in what or who we are committed too and then something trips us up, some small seemingly insignificant event and where does that faith go. The doubt that starts to creep into your mind, the need to just find out if…

    By insanity rambles on 10.30.2013

  32. asdfjkl

    By jrusch on 10.30.2013

  33. If only it were so easy to keep yourself in line, if only it were so easy to make sure that nobody found out, and if only it were so easy for you not to accidentally fall in love with the stupidest, most brilliant idiot colleague you could possibly have. You probably should resign. You know, however, that you won’t.

    By haha on 10.30.2013

  34. Looking back on our relationship, I often wonder if he was unfaithful. If those girls who were “friends” could have been “girlfriends” while we were together. I don’t think about it often, you know, but sometimes it crosses my mind like a deer crossing the road on a cold, cold night.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 10.30.2013

  35. Believe it or not, it was in the fall, things were starting their descent into what would become compost – a long sleep for the winter – avoiding the grey days to come. She was hot with passion for a man in Montana, or was it Wyoming, screaming that she was getting on a flight. That she had to figure it out. That she had to no definitively.

    By Bryan URL on 10.30.2013

  36. She could smell a strange perfume on him, he was always working late and they didn’t talk so much any more. Was he being unfaithful?

    By Alexandra on 10.30.2013

  37. i wanted to spit on her, i wanted to punch her. make her bleed, make her cry. cigarette burn, a scar, i didn’t care. i wanted her to feel an inch of what i had felt. shame for what she did. for what he did. was he worth it? was it worth those kisses, the touch, the fuck? i hope fucking not.

    By jessica on 10.30.2013

  38. They had been ever unfaithful to the seasons. The way they grew and bloomed, defiant of the snow and the chill, defiant of the weak sun. They never had the right, but they had taken it anyway. And now he moved, free at last from the ground and the roots. The blossoms were so delicate. How quickly could they fall?

    By Anthony StClair on 10.30.2013

  39. One who cheats on his or her spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend.

    By Katelyn on 10.30.2013

  40. What do you want me to feel about this? How do I wrap my head around the fact that she cheated on you? I’m just as shocked as you are – you two seemed to be a really good couple. But then she cheated on you with my roommate – my female roommate. That’s gotta sting, dude. While you didn’t handle it in the best possible way, you’ll make it through.

    By PK on 10.30.2013