September 5th, 2015 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “unfair”

  1. Manchmal war er ziemlich gemein.Lisa schnippte gedankenverloren eine Papierkugel über den Schreibtisch. Am Rand stand klein: L und R. Als haette es jemand aus Hohn dorthin gekritzelt. Rolf war ein netter Typ. Irgendwie. Aber es war gemein, dass jeder davon ausging, dass sie das Paerchen nummer eins waren.

    By JMD on 09.05.2015

  2. “It is so unfair!” Sally cried. “Josh and Leah get all the cool missions, and here I am over here just saving cats from trees!”
    Katie rolled her eyes, exasperated. “You’re too dramatic. You’ll get your shot someday, I promise- just be patient.

    By Maryn URL on 09.05.2015

  3. The students tried to tell me that the grades I gave them were unfair. That they weren’t prepared, or they didn’t have the proper notice, or they thought I hadn’t offered them a chance to build their skill set. Needless to say, I was unfazed.

    “Look,” I argued, “this is a similar assignment you would get in ninth grade. You’re twelfth graders. You should have known these tricks by now, and it is not my job to always remind you of the basics. I expect more from you at this point.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.05.2015

  4. Broken vessels
    on the sea
    match the broken vessels
    in our eyes
    crying at newspaper’s
    next day misery
    but our broken vessels do nothing
    to fix their broken vessels
    only waste time and energy
    better spent
    Spending our time and energy
    on giving them time
    and energy

    By XcC on 09.05.2015

  5. It was unfair for her to drop the ball on us. We didn’t wanna deal with the fact that she lost a friend.
    Sure you did many a thing with this person and she was supposed to be nice, but no, she had to go and drop you.
    It was unfair for her to do that and unfair of you to drop it on us.

    By Katie URL on 09.05.2015

  6. Life’s unfair
    It’s unfair that love goes unreturned
    That im not doing better than i am
    And that people do so much better
    How am i supposed to come out on top
    Or atleast pick myself up from the bottom

    By V on 09.05.2015

  7. Something that does not have balance or is unjustly favored for one versus another. Place in life, money, sports, etc.

    By Charlie on 09.05.2015

  8. It always seemed unfair to August that his classmates got to go after him for certain activities, having the first name alphabetically wasn’t always a blessing. Balancing out the times he got to go first in the lunch line were the times he had to get on the bus first for a field trip. Getting on first meant sitting in the back. Sitting in the back meant he would get motion sickness. Every time, like clockwork.

    By Laim on 09.05.2015

  9. Did you think that I would simply stay in my grave?

    I walked upon this Earth once, feet to the ground — I willed all to life.

    And now that I am no longer loved, you think I do not belong here?

    When I am your Maker?

    By Ink Flicker URL on 09.05.2015

  10. Uncomfortable circumstance. Extended fear.

    By SmallEmbers URL on 09.05.2015

  11. The way he holds me in his arms
    The way he tells me I’m important
    The way he rubs my back
    The way he nestles his head against mine
    The way he kisses my cheek
    The way he caresses my hand in his

    By Kumquat URL on 09.05.2015

  12. This website isn’t fair! It keeps saying my email address is invalid grrrrrrrrrr. I am Hilda Ogden bye the way.

    By Hilda on 09.06.2015

  13. he says,
    and i squint
    a little too long, a little too late
    “why didn’t you just stay?”

    he says,
    and i look away
    a little too late, a little too long
    keep me apart from you, please
    i don’t need you in my head or heart
    confusing my sentiments at two am

    he says,
    and i scoff
    to you? to me?
    a little too long, a little too late
    “why didn’t you just stay?”

    By missfeatherb on 09.06.2015

  14. Life is unfair. I told my friend that I was going to go to Tbilsi. He didn’t know what that was so he called it Tabouli. And then I was complaining that I was tired and had to get up early for work after my trip. He said “go on awesome trip. Complain about lack of sleep. Life is unfair” Hehe. He’s stuck learning about performance of a 727. Did you know that 727s don’t even fly any more and had 3 engines.

    By Pei Pei on 09.06.2015

  15. Life is unfair. I wrote a wonderful story about Tbilisi, Tabouli and Boeing 727 but then i pressed submit and there was an error. So instead of being able to read my wonderful story you know have to read about how life is unfair. For you and me both.

    By Pei Pei on 09.06.2015

  16. “It’s not fair!” my sister screamed in my face.
    And in my head I always answered: “Life’s not meant to be fair,”
    I knew it was a poor excuse for taking her husband.
    It was, however, my turn to be happy. At long last.

    By Cynthia on 09.06.2015

  17. It is unfair to think that the Universe or anyone is against. You are your own being and you make you own reality. If there is a problem with your reality, start from within and fix it and believe. It’s all up to you and yours.

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.06.2015

  18. its so unfair. this life sucks. everything is so unfair. the fact that you are away, the fact that i love you too damn much. the fact that I’m failing. hell, its so unfair. this all thing is so unfair. i don’t know how to deal with it. i really don’t. and all this madness is getting in my head. i don’t know how to cope with it. i don’t know how to cope with all the unfair things in this life. no one said it would be fair, but no one said anything at all.

    By Led on 09.06.2015

  19. A relapse of his past compromises is haunting him again after he saw a glimpse of her somewhere underneath the darkest chamber of his heart. Yes, everything was imaginary but the throbbing pain he feels is as real as it gets. He silently asks himself why he felt such petty things that hurt too much, and why he thinks he deserves some sort of consolation after giving that much effort to be worth her time. He felt life was unfair to him.

    By nom de luc URL on 09.06.2015

  20. It was unfair that you had to do this but so was life. None wants to hear about how fair or not fair something is in your life. So suck it up and move on. Don’t fret the little things and you’ll be much happier.

    By Schuyler Madison on 09.06.2015

  21. There were many arguments for what happened but the final conclusion was that Marcy won the game. Sasha called the ruling ‘unfair’ but outwardly, she appeared calm. She would remain that way until her revenge.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.06.2015

  22. unbalanced

    By mabna on 09.06.2015

  23. some people are lazy and look for excuses to justify their lack of willingness to work hard.

    By berenique URL on 09.06.2015

  24. The questionable state of who is right. The two children cried out in dispute, the girl thought the boy was being unfair when he refused to give up the tonka truck. How could this boy be so cruel she thought to herself, when will he learn to play nice?

    By Amanda URL on 09.06.2015

  25. It is unfair that the world does not share its resources with one another. It burdens my heart that we as humans in our depravity have such a great lust. We hold on so tightly onto things that were meant to be shared. May His Kingdom come to earth and restore our hearts so that we might see justice and love reign once again.

    By Zacahary on 09.06.2015

  26. There are so many things in life that are unfair. Frankly the word it self is unfair. Why cant things be fair. I deserve the same amount of love and respect as the next person, why do they get more than me?

    By Victoria on 09.06.2015

  27. There’s so much in life that is unfair and that i find unfair. Why can’t everyone get the same respect and love as everyone else. Don’t i deserve just as much as you? I get told “life isn’t fair” all the time when something happens that isn’t good, but why cant it be fair?

    By VEH URL on 09.06.2015


    By BRAD SIMMONS on 09.06.2015