May 15th, 2016 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “undone”

  1. I looked blankly at the twisted stitch. A full 30 rows back, with a lot of colorwork and shaping between me and the twist that would make me never want to wear the sweater at all.

    I pulled out the needle and began to rip away at the sweater. The pile of undone red and black yarn scribbled my disappointment on the floor.

    By ulimonster on 05.16.2016

  2. Time felt like it was coming undone. Well, probably because it was, the time machine’s generator had ruptured and the fabric of time in her general vicinity was literally unraveling. Thankfully, Nyah Kunto knew exactly how to fix it, assuming she could get herself over to that end of the pod before her hull’s time unraveled far enough to both before and after its existence.

    By Mackedee on 05.16.2016

  3. So things can be done, right, first of all, as a matter of course. And things can be undone, so it’s like they were never done, although of course they were, since you had to undo them.
    Then things can be redone, which is mostly done after they’re undone, and then obviously they can be reundone, although people usually just say undone.
    But then the fun part starts. Things can be predone…

    By CapricAura on 05.16.2016

  4. I get home and take everything off. Everything. My shoes, my pants, my shirt, my makeup. Everything is undone and off.

    By maddy on 05.16.2016

  5. something comes undone
    this was used in the lyrics of a song i cant remember right now, but it was by taylor swift.
    i wish more things could be ‘undone’ like the programs and editing softwares have to offer.

    By Nishi on 05.16.2016

  6. I’ve been undone by a lot of things. undone by the words of a song and the light of a sunset. undone by the memories swirling in my head. Undone by the smile of my loved ones. Undone by the memory of having almost lost them too.

    By Sororia04 on 05.16.2016

  7. I’ve been undone by a lot of things. Undone by the words of a song and the light of a sunset. Undone by the memories swirling in my head. Undone by the smile of my loved ones. Undone by the memory of having almost lost them too.
    Perhaps thats whats life’s about. Perhaps life is about becoming done and undone.

    By Sororia Four on 05.16.2016

  8. She did her hair in a waterfall braid, but while she was climbing a tree it came undone.

    By Katy on 05.16.2016

  9. You have a relationship that goes back 50 years. It’s not what most people would call a real relationship; just pieces of time and moments in days; looking at a menu together, walking the aisles of a book store one afternoon; a long night in a cheap room that you had wanted for a long time; not turning out the way you thought it would. Letters written to different places: a seminary, jail, a new house, then gone for a long time afterwards. But the thread always there, you being the one to bend down and pick it up, follow it to wherever it took you. No matter when it was, it did take you and you saw one another again. Different places in life, always surprised. How did we get here? How did you get here? You have a child, I have a child, here we are talking about them, me having a hamburger, you newly vegan. Times and times again; you into one marriage, then another and another, me in the same marriage, you wondering why. No matter any of it, because there was always that thread, sometimes sitting for years at a time, but always there to be picked up and followed, back to the place where we started, restarted and kept starting. But this time, when I went to pick up the thread, because I was always the one to do it, it wasn’t there. You took it away. And I came undone.

    By rubyluby on 05.16.2016

  10. I don’t even know what to say about being undone

    By Mikki on 05.16.2016

  11. he came undone under her hands. it was as if her had never been touched before. but that wasn’t true, she was just the best. that was it. she was the best and he submitted to her skill with relish. he loved her for it. she didn’t love him. but that was fine.

    By Ko on 05.16.2016

  12. The cat had undone the string that held the curtains in place, needless to say my plants died from not getting the sunshine they need to grow and mature. Next time I have to leave I have to make sure that she is in the entry way. This is not the first time she has done this, she is so playful.

    By vicky gullickson on 05.16.2016

  13. I am broken, followed, possessed by a mysterious wrath that so latches itself upon me. Tainting even the dearest of friends, it leaks. I can’t help but go back to a simple question: Is the pain worth it? As it were, I am undone.

    By Jenna Davis-Jones URL on 05.16.2016

  14. It was like it all the time. How damned annoying, irritating, down right vile actually. Every time he gets up its like this – I cant go on, I’m nearing the end of my….. tether??? Lace? Shoelace?

    By SMcIntosh on 05.16.2016

  15. I’m almost always undone. Everything I do is about undoing something, rebuilding something, putting it back together. This complicates my endeavors, am I ever really doing something? If it’s only to be undone a day, year , lifetime later?

    By Ty on 05.16.2016

  16. Undone. Like the buttons on my shirt,
    though less appealing to others.
    Undone. Like the ribbons among my art supplies,
    pretty but frustrating.

    By Elaenor Louise on 05.16.2016

  17. Well isn’t this appropriate for the truth being unveiled. It has undone the threads of trust, the cords of love, the seams of strength. The words and truth have left me bare, questioning why I ever allowed those threads to be grafted in.

    By Elizabeth on 05.16.2016

  18. Today was a heavy day! The longest friendship I shared with a close friend, was undone. It was so easy and convenient for her. At times like this is when you doubt whether anything you think exists is real at all. Maybe it was never there and I chose not to see it till it was gone. They say, “What is done cannot be undone” But, life goes on and time can and will undo everything that is being done right now.

    By Sam Leaf on 05.16.2016

  19. Coming emotionally undone, feeling yourself fall apart from the inside out, losing stability, losing control of your emotions, vulnerable and wanting to hide it from the world.

    By chelsea on 05.16.2016