January 19th, 2018 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “twin”

  1. figure if a sickness is better than the cure
    curiosity overwhelms responsibility
    twin twine back aligned
    break broken empty with a side of tired
    half of me wants to get well
    the other half is too sick to care
    where will i be
    when i cannot be again

    By Matt m. on 01.19.2018

  2. Twin? TWIN? I have one of those! She’s pretty cool. She lives in New York, and I could take her kidney if I needed it. Not that I would just take it; I mean if I was in the hospital, and I needed a kidney, then she could give one to me, no problem. My body wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. It’d be like welcoming a part of the family home. Anyway, most of my students don’t know I have an identical twin sister, but hey – I’d consider her my best friend.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.19.2018

  3. We weretwins. Everyone said it was true. Our birth certificates were alteredto state the fact (I was made youngerwhich was nice) but we were complletely unrelated. We did some research into our family trees and found that no matter how far we ent back there was no relation between us, we broke the seven degrees of seperation. So we were made twins.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.19.2018

  4. I just wrote for this one. I don’t want to write it again. I don’t want to give my email. I just want more words to write about. I want my writer’s block to go away. I don’t want to have anxiety anymore. I don’t want to over think everything that I do. I don’t want to be scared of previous trauma when my life is going so well now. I don’t want to be pushed to do something I don’t want to do.

    By Ann on 01.19.2018

  5. I see her across the room, she looks like me, very much like me. The same hair, that billows out behind her in the wind from the open window, i can feel resting on my shoulders. The same quizzical expression is on her face that is on mine. The same eyes widened in fright.

    By Sarah on 01.19.2018

  6. Having a twin brother or sister is a fabulous thing. However for parents, managing twins is quite a task especially when they are young. Having a twin will help in faster development of both the kids as kids learn from watching.

    By Gangadhar on 01.20.2018

  7. i saw twin sisters in a bus stop yesterday.
    they were dressed in printed floral summer frocks with blonde hair that waved in the breeze.
    as they waited, another pair of twins

    By xfjxf URL on 01.20.2018

  8. Perhaps a twin is not you, but a twin is if you were two and the twin thinks of you too. So twins can be entwined chimes.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.20.2018

  9. Where is she? I’ve lost my twin and I can’t remember where I put her. I’m sure she was right here a minute ago. Have you seen her? Long, brown hair, red shirt, striped skirt and Doc Martens. Um, yes, she looks exactly like me. Didn’t you hear me? I said she’s my twin!

    By Annie URL on 01.20.2018

  10. Twin’s are a miraculous existence in a world full of lonlieness. Imagine being conceived with another, formed with another, grown with another, entering the world with another and experiencing all life has to offer with someone by your side who may know exactly what it is you’re thinking.

    By MJ23 on 01.20.2018

  11. When he looked at his twin this time, he was unnerved. It was the same face, the same hair, the same features….. but something was off. The smile was just a little wonky and forced, the eyes had a slightly manic glint to them, and then, there was that… smell.

    By Molly on 01.20.2018

  12. “Run, the twins are coming,” Mary shouted to the group. The group immediately gathered all of their stuff before running to the car.
    “John, drive quickly,” Lin said as Mike prepared his guns to defend the group.
    As Mary was the last one to enter, Lin immediately closed the door as they drive away quickly.

    By echuaco URL on 01.20.2018

  13. When sat side by side, it was impossible to tell them apart. It was a good fake, a well-made double. She took a deep breath and looked around. No one was paying her any mind. All for the best, anyway. She quickly took the original and pocketed it.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.20.2018

  14. A twin. My twin. Gone, the one who was by my side from the moment we were conceived. Gone. In a split second I am alone. I can’t bear it, I already feel that I will never bear it. So, she stepped in front of the first car, I step in front of the second.

    By C on 01.20.2018

  15. Me and my brother. He is a great guy. Like me in many respects, same hair, same everything really. It is a shame his girlfriend is such an ignorant little bitch though. Sometimes she gets us confused.

    By Luca Todesco on 01.20.2018

  16. my twin is a king sized bed
    we lie
    we sleep
    we feed each other my dad’s bread
    we take each other’s breath away
    my twin, i know, will always stay

    By too stable on 01.20.2018

  17. I have my own twin; his name is Adam and I could not ask anything more from one. He’s just like me in every way; it’s like having a clone. If you also have a twin, you must know what it’s like.

    By Charlie on 01.20.2018

  18. “Yikes,” screamed the mother, when she was told there was another one in there after the first one came out. “Yikes,” she continued screaming, “I can’t even take care of one. How can I take care of two?”
    “You’ll manage,” the nurse said. “How could your doctor miss this?”
    “I never went to the doctor,” the woman said, not so screaming anymore, but still on edge.
    “Wow!” the nurse said.
    “I guess they were taking care of each other and me when they were in there,” the mother said. “I’m sure they’ll do that now that they’re out. They’re two girls, aren’t they?”
    “Yes,” the nurse said, “How did you know?” but the mother didn’t answer.
    She was already asleep, a slight smile lifting her mouth.

    By Joanna on 01.20.2018