August 25th, 2017 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “tutor”

  1. once upon a time, I was a tutor. of languages; tongues were my things, ya know. and now I wonder if that translates to being a teacher – if it makes any sense. should I do that? should I become what I once was, with a bit more students and a bit more material to teach? was I good at it — not that is not the question. the question isn’t if I was good at it, but whether I can become good at it; and just the same, the question isn’t if they’d take me, if they’d like me, but if I’d like it.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 08.25.2017

  2. My mother wanted me to work with a tutor who was only three years older than I, and despite my best efforts, I grew more than a little fond of her. She wore her red hair short, in crisp, sharp curls around the tops of her ears, and she liked to bombast me for not quite getting my grammar right as she subjected me to writing assignment after writing assignment. Still, I loved seeing her, and every time she smiled at me, which made her brown eyes gleam like pools of burnt sugar in a shallow spoon.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.25.2017

  3. I guess you could call me a tutor if you want to be technical. I don’t think I qualify as a teacher because my work is… very informal… and the skills that I help my students to hone.. They are a very particular set. If I train someone that wants to find you, they WILL find you… And they will kill you. I’m Liam Neeson.

    By Lee on 08.25.2017

  4. In class your scared to ask for help or look dumb but there is just that one somebody who can be your tutor. Everything in life is a fare exchange you can teach love because that is a feeling a nerd may not know whereas you learn intelligence from a person you never seen yourself speaking to. The odd way the world works, it seems as if there is never one way even if that is all that is identified.

    By Keala Nkali URL on 08.25.2017

  5. tutor… more like TOOTER AMIRITE

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 08.25.2017

  6. The word tutor is enough to strike fear in the heart of a BiTSian. For tutorials contain the very dark object of fear… which is known as a surprise test. They can come anytime – and strike you at your weakest point and kill your dreams of a 9+ CG, of a good PS, of a good placement of an MCN. They are most often held on days when people aren’t around – like yesterday, the day after Vinayaka Chaviti – when lots of people left for home to enjoy, only to realize they had missed a tutorial test.

    By Rohit Dwivedula on 08.26.2017

  7. Her tutor sat in front of her with a concentrated expression as he read over her assignment. She had never shown her writing to anyone before. It was nerve wracking watching someone read it. What would he think? Suddenly he released a sigh, put down his pencil, and looked up at her with a smile.

    By VanessaTechlan URL on 08.26.2017

  8. corpulent
    yeah it has nothing to do with tutor
    after all, who ever got fat from learning
    i mean, you’d have to be hungry
    really hungry
    you’d want to eat a lot
    ain’t no dick and jane thing
    you’d have to pig out on Tolstoy and Hugo
    Nah…..no one wants to get fat from that
    Pass me the Shakespeare, please!

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 08.26.2017

  9. Tutor. I wish I had a life tutor sometimes you know? Like maybe it’s not the area of this freaking circle that I don’t understand maybe it’s that girl over there? Google can’t actually give you all the answers to questions like this and I wish I had a pretty blonde haired blue eyed tutor to get me through these kinds of scanerios. One with more wisdom though than the one who things that true knowledge is found on page 145 even problems only.

    By Braxton Schieler on 08.26.2017

  10. He see me. He analyzes me. He judges me. He knows me- at least he believes he does. But he doesn’t know the half of me. He underestimates me, but he has seen me for only two years and twice a week and one hour a day. He sees one side of me and only one side of me, but I am so much more. There is so much you don’t know, and yet you are so certain. Why are you so confident? I hide myself from you, and I hide my knowledge from you, because what you see of me doesn’t define a single cell on my skin. And yet, I care. And yet, it hurts.

    By its3am on 08.26.2017

  11. zed is is at the end and it something else that is true , although to lecture on psychosis is oblivious to an attitude .

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.26.2017

  12. I want to tutor people on how to live their lives, how to find the joy, how to face the sorrow, but above all to wring every minute out of every day so that at evening, they can say, Today I did this:
    I felt, I loved, I created.

    By Robin on 08.26.2017

  13. “Let’s begin. Have you read the chapter?”
    “Well… this is going to make my job much harder.”
    “So… what do we do now?”
    “I really could care less about what you do, you know.”
    “I’m supposed to help you with your school work.”

    By Bridget Grace on 08.26.2017

  14. to teach and assist in a possitive way. To guide someone through a new concept. To train and help develop a new method.

    By Jessica on 08.26.2017

  15. I made my way into the room. It smelt the same as always – a hint of sweat here and there, the unmistakable smell of old books. I took the same seat as always, my ‘buddy’ was in the one next to it already hard at work.
    “Sam, you’re late again,” the tutor came me a stern look.
    “Nice to see you too,” I told him and leant back in my chair.

    By Ray on 08.26.2017

  16. To tutor you have to be willing to listen not only listen but understand. Tutoring is deeper then just school education, Some are just looking for a tutor on life.

    By Keala Nkali on 08.26.2017


    By Andrew on 08.26.2017

  18. She tutored many people throughout her years in college. She knew that making friends was important, and her studies were important, but there was just something amazing how showing someone how to do something that you found easy. It was incredible to see the light that sparked in their eyes as they finally understood what she was helping them with. It was amazing.

    By Brittany on 08.26.2017

  19. in the land of shimmering eyeshadows
    my tutor lies amidst the most
    extra/ordinary coasts
    beneath the glitter of kate moss
    crawling through hard sticky toss
    pink liquids
    made me feel alive
    kissing your steps at 5 am
    as you walk away
    I exist
    I breathe
    I am

    By too stable on 08.26.2017

  20. I tutored a kid and I loved it. I’m hoping to find more kids to tutor because I think it’s a very fulfilling job. Not only do I get to help someone learn, I learn from them, too. I tutor English. Reading is what I mostly focused on.

    By skyee.7 on 08.26.2017

  21. Oh here we go. TUTOR.
    The tutor showed up to our first Spanish lesson wearing a tutu, a turtle neck and a tweed jacket. She was strange, but I was excited about all the interesting things I would learn – in Spanish, none the less. The reason for my classes was I was just about to start a Manchego cheese importing business. I had a basic grasp of Spanish but not enough to deal business – especially with foreign suppliers; them in Spain and me in rural NSW.
    The Manchego business was about to boom. I could tell, ever since the move Manchego Mars. A movie about how MARS, not the moon, was actually made of cheese.

    By Sam on 08.26.2017

  22. she was a tutor of many things, but the main one was a tutor of love and wisdom. to love wisdom, and to wisely seek love. she had a great heart for this, and its melody was heard across the country: thus all of those who wanted to learn knew where to come seek help. she welcomed them humbly in her wooden house, and served them soup as long as they promised they would not be swayed by illusions and endless loops of sufferings, which were all too common among the uninitiated.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 08.26.2017

  23. “Or, if you really don’t want to work in retail, you could tutor as a side job.”
    “What?” Matthew exclaimed, shocked. “I’m not -”
    “Smart enough to do so?” His teacher lowered his glasses. “You are, Matthew. Now go down to St Leanne primary school and apply as soon as possible for a position.”

    By Catty Misty on 08.26.2017

  24. PA:Press Association2Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in Champions League action for the Gunners earlier in the season.

    By nike dunk mid URL on 08.27.2017

  25. a mentor. someone who chooses to see your vulnerabilities and works on them with you. a wise person, full of hope and knowledge. difficult to pronounce to a non english speaker.

    By Davina Dang on 08.27.2017

  26. Goodbye Mr Chips. I need a tutor for Astronomy and the math. language tutors immersion studies tutors for young children how much do they charge by the hour where do you find a good one?

    By Elizabeth Bracken on 08.27.2017

  27. She was my tutor
    she wasn’t very good
    despite her surname including the word good
    she wasn’t very good
    must do better.

    By Steve O URL on 08.27.2017

  28. I had a tutor when I was in second grade because I needed extra help. I had come from a low performing school to a top performing school where the expectations were much different. At Oak Hill Elementary, all I did in the first grade was play dress up and make believe. Great for one’s imagination but not life skills that are needed to function in the “real world.”

    By Jennifer Simon on 08.27.2017

  29. She loved to tutor. She loves the way a peer’s eyes would brighten as what she was teaching them clicked in their minds. It felt good to know that she was helping someone to overcome a an obstacle, and it felt even better knowing that they were trying hard and asking for help. She loved it.

    By Brittany on 08.27.2017

  30. i could have figured it out on my own. But, at his suggestion, I hired a tutor. Tall, dark, articulate and handsome, I heard little of what he said and found myself tracing the outline of his jaw with my eyes. This was the best or the worst idea, I hadn’t yet decided.

    By Lea on 08.27.2017

  31. hello diplomacy
    goodbye honesty

    By too stable on 08.27.2017

  32. it’s a difficult job at times but it’s like traveling and rewarding and you learn a lot and sometimes it’s really as colorful as the headscarves your Muslim students wear and sometimes you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and why they are putting words together like they do, but they do and it makes sense to them and after a while it starts to make sense to you too

    By Karen on 08.27.2017