July 9th, 2012 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “turbine”

  1. I have already written about a turbine, well I said it sounded like turbin and I used to wear a kind of turbin when I came out of the shower as a little girl, it made me feel a bit weird and maybe a little racist, I used to think that no one else did it but me and the folk in my house but later on though exposure to media and talking to folk I realised that other people did it too andit kinda didn’t reall feel that strange anymore and I started to like it and notice how convenient it was

    By Amy holidays URL on 07.10.2012

  2. The air was thick, Must have been the EMF. The turbine creaked round and round. The day was as grey as a battleship, and the feeling of unease permeated even the bravest of souls. This place was surely eerie. Had been since the whole town jumped ship after they found the wind turbines were the cause of all of their illness, Some had alternate theories.

    Some say that this was due to the fact the place was haunted.

    By Charelle URL on 07.10.2012

  3. I looked up, I could see nothing but the massive turbine. Continuously rotating, always turning around. It was the only thing powering this city, it was our last hope. The metal blades glinted in the sun light.

    By jesse on 07.10.2012

  4. turbine

    By Liz on 07.10.2012

  5. turbine butts

    By sandra on 07.10.2012

  6. The engines grew louder and louder as she sat in the front, eyes closed. It was a strange thing to think about, how it might have gotten there. She was sitting on a leather chair, with nothing but her sundress and hat on. The engines continued to grow. She knew it was coming. What was the word, she wondered. Her eyes flickered open as the train met her. Turbine.

    By Amy Jae on 07.10.2012

  7. Turbine of fire
    Illuminated in the night
    Turbine of desire
    Spinning twisting turning
    Catapulting me further towards you
    Scared that it will never stop
    And petrified that it will.

    By Lauren on 07.10.2012

  8. Oh this is a lovely word. Reminds me of turbinado sugar. Are those two related? Sugar can push me through the air like a jet turbine, certainly. Sugar is a screaming engine, and I’m its willing passenger. Sugar turns the air to its will, and I’m along for the ride.

    By Liz URL on 07.10.2012

  9. The first thing I think of is a plane. The wind that flows through the engines and the wings. and just how it all blends together. then my mind immediately goes to crash flight investigations and how planes crash. and how they name all the parts including turbines.

    By Serena on 07.10.2012

  10. It spins quite fast, and your eyes can’t even see it. It’s like our every day lives, really. The parts just fly past your eyes and turn into a blur, just like each normal day of our life turns eventually into a grey blur. Grey like the metal and hard like it too, it’s like reality.

    By El on 07.10.2012

  11. Uneasiness sweeps over me as I face the blue-eyed man. I know him all too well, even though it feels like I’ve just met him.
    “Do you remember him?” Eric asks.
    I’m clenching my Turbine in my hand that Kate said would call for help if I ever needed it. My hands itch to flick its switch as I glare at him with all the hatred I feel.
    “Of course I do. He’s my father.”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 07.10.2012

  12. turbine

    By Raychelle on 07.10.2012

  13. “Turbines in gear, we’re blasting off!” the six-year-old shouted to his stuffed animal crew, from the cock-pit of his cardboard space ship.

    By muscles4bones URL on 07.10.2012

  14. turbine is the word i have herd about but i don’t know what it means?
    may be its a some scientific word. Turbine is a nice sounding word though.
    I’m really curious to know what it means

    By sagar on 07.10.2012

  15. The engines were roaring ceaselessly on the top of the hill. She couldn’t hear anything over their incredible volume, and anticipated stinging ears upon her descent. The wind was beating at her skirts and she wished, as always, that she’d worn something more conservative for the outing. This wish left her feeling desperately in need of a new wardrobe, one that she couldn’t afford or really even consider at this moment in her financial history. And still the engines roared on.

    By Kaela on 07.10.2012

  16. you know sometimes you feel so embarrassed because someone says an unfamiliar word to you and you don’t know what it means?? that is the situation with me right now!! i don’t know the meaning of the word turbine!! But i have to write something about it!! SHOOT!

    By ruup on 07.10.2012

  17. A turbine is the the whirlwind that the mind falls into when it is faced with a difficult decision. It’s that moment when your world spins around you when you just don’t know what to do. When you meditate you have fewer turbine moments and more grounded experiences.

    By Jennifer URL on 07.10.2012

  18. The turbine whined as the plane lifted off from the runway. I looked down on the shrinking landscape and smiled to myself, imagining the adventures I would have over the next ten days hiking, biking and sailing in the virgin islands.

    By Stephen on 07.10.2012

  19. I don’t know much about turbines, I know they help make energy…. which is awesome. I think we need to stop using energy from dead stuff… use the wind and water!!!! things turbines help make energy with and they pretty much never go away.

    By Leah URL on 07.10.2012

  20. what is turbine? does it mean turbulence? or some formation of turpentine? seriously. i have no idea. “this is turbine!” i mean, it must be an adjective. Like asinine. I don’t know. It can’t be a noun. Yes. Adjective it is.

    By Ashley on 07.10.2012

  21. she walked onto the plane, quickly finding her seat and stowing her carry on into the overhead compartment. she had been waiting for this for ages. taking her seat, it was only a matter of time before the pilot came over the intercom and the planes turbines roared into life.

    By Nikki on 07.10.2012

  22. wind power to replace using non renewable resources, wind turbine, europe uses these as well as some parts of the americas. save gas. Also water turbines, produces energy

    By Amanda Albelo on 07.10.2012

  23. turbine. meaning. idk. needa look it up, cook it up. take back to spike lee, have her do in the butt. lol. fabolous line from booty w/ Benzino, back in the day-day. good times, good times. ok. im tired of writing. is my minute up????????????????????????????????

    By N URL on 07.10.2012

  24. there’s a wind turbine at my college i sometimes imagine what it would be like to spin around it, seems like fun to be honest. then again id probably get sick, but that’s what i think about everyday i pass it in college or where it would land when it fell.

    By kelly on 07.10.2012

  25. make a turbine of thought, spinning me down the road, my legs spinning, pistons of energy, thoughts caught up in the whirlwind. Peace in motion towards ectasy/

    By Stephen Lavin URL on 07.10.2012

  26. There’s this turbine at my college, and everyday when i pass it i imagine being strapped to it and being spun around. i’d probably be sick but i’d say its a lot of fun. =] i also think about where it would land if it fell, its something to do while bored in macro-economics.

    By kezington URL on 07.10.2012

  27. turbine lovers

    By caitlin on 07.10.2012

  28. The turbine was created to lift, to make airborne, to elevate. In my life my God, My family, and my community act as my turbine. They keep me lifted and elevated.

    By MeAgain URL on 07.10.2012

  29. “Turbines” She grinned.
    “What?” I asked confused
    She raised her eyebrows at me “You know what i mean. This house, it needs turbines.”
    “Um sure…” I laughed at Lacey

    By mee123 on 07.10.2012

  30. Turbine is a good resource to generate electricity from water, wind.

    By Arpita on 07.10.2012

  31. i dont even understand this word, for my brain isnt processing. i think it may be too early, but more likely the other thing on my mind are just much more important than wasting my time thinking about what a silly word like turbine means. instead i could solve the worlds problems couldnt i? or more likely mine.

    By Lola URL on 07.10.2012

  32. turbine. sounds clean, doesn’t it? makes you want to have hope for a cleaner future.

    i don’t know exactly what a turbine is, but I know that thinking about what it could be makes it even better.

    By NightOwl URL on 07.10.2012

  33. Reading this right now, you’re not safe. No one is safe, they just don’t know it yet. Oh, but they will, they’ll find out pretty soon. It all started with an innocent search online, I was searching for writing blog type things. I found this website, they were just to give you a subject and you were to write about it.
    My subject was ‘turbine’.
    I wrote, “I don’t know what a ‘turbine’ is but do I have a story for you……….”
    They are after me, and now they’re after you.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 07.10.2012







    By SAM on 07.10.2012

  35. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what turbine means. I could sit here all day and bullshit some meaning into it, but I won’t. I’ve been working on my honesty. And there’s enough bullshit in the world.

    By Charlotte on 07.10.2012

  36. The wind, once straight, catches the blades, moving the massive stalks in twists and turns, pulling the energy from potential to actual… movement begets movement until all is spent.

    By Derek URL on 07.10.2012

  37. I was sitting a while near a turbine. And suddenly a big noise came from over the big thing across the street, everything went dark. And my life was over. But not my soul.

    By natalia URL on 07.10.2012

  38. As i sat in the hospital the doors blew open and a swoosh of wind gusted in, similar to how it feels in a wind turbine. i was reminded of days out in the windy meadow with my father when i was six, my father, the one i was waiting for in the hospital right now.

    By halle on 07.10.2012

  39. massive arms spinning like robotic octopus, space alien with suction cups scooping up all in it’s path. The noise is unreal, louder than a hurricane, louder than steam engines, the chugging wind spinning off the blades. Small eyes next to such a large construction, peeking out below a hat.

    By Ara on 07.10.2012

  40. I always wondered how the airplane manufacturers came up with that black and white spiral design on turbine jet engines. Also thinking of that makes me think of Donny Darko and how awesome Jake Gyllenhaal is. I need to watch Moonlight Mile again soon.

    By threeiron URL on 07.10.2012