March 18th, 2019 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “tumble”

  1. gymnastics
    I love to tumble in gymnastics it my favourite thing to do
    it really fun doing crazy flips and stuff.

    By ashlynne on 03.18.2019

  2. gymnastics
    I love to tumble in gymnastics it my favourite thing to do
    it really fun doing crazy flips and stuff.

    By ashlynne on 03.18.2019

  3. It was just a flip, tuck, and a tumble to get Mick on the other side of the hill, clutching their shotgun to their chest. As they settled into the grass, they could feel the pollen already begin to settle on their body, dusting their thin hair and settling onto their nostrils. They willed themselves not to sneeze – the Summertime Zombie Dream Team would hear them. So Mick gritted their teeth and went to chamber a round.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.18.2019

  4. As if the tumble was everything we
    had ever dreamed of–our falling like the confusion
    of waking in the moonlight; our features,
    shadows on the wall.

    And I forced my hands into tools and forged
    a new outline on the canvas, redefining you in silhouettes
    of the deepest contrast. Ready-made statue,
    you sat in stillness, awestruck.

    Years passed and the moon, it never left us,
    even for a moment. If you spoke before that night,
    it never reached me, and even then, I only heard the words
    as though a burnt out star, years and years into the future.

    By absolutelynthng on 03.18.2019

  5. She thought she could re-imagine the tumble into just the way it sounded, the softness of cashmere, weightless and spun into wrinkle-free perfection. How to re-shape the act’s harshness into smooth edges bringing refinement and not a violent dizziness and grass stains on her favorite Sunday dress.

    By absolutelynthng on 03.18.2019

  6. I was falling. Quickly. I couldn’t stop. The stairs went in spins past my eyes and I knew I should have never trusted my feet. But now I couldn’t stop. It was over.

    By Kate on 03.18.2019

  7. I saw her tumble down the stairs, it wasn’t graceful. There was a loud thud at the end and a grunt. I felt bad for her but I couldn’t do much about it, wasn’t my fault. I decided to just walk off and wait for her on the balcony.

    By Elena on 03.18.2019

  8. they break your body
    and stream the games
    they spit your last name
    to cause you pain
    they meme the inane
    to chase the vain
    tumble and fall
    we tremble
    at the absurdity
    of it all
    end of the beginning
    the start of the new
    it’s hard to chose
    when we all lose

    By matt m on 03.19.2019

  9. Tropezó y cayó por la cornisa. Durante su caída no vio la película de su vida como dicen muchos que les pasa. Ni si quiera tuvo tiempo de pensar en sí mismo. Sólo fijó su mirada en las estrellas y una sensación de diminutez le invadió completamente. Su drama resultó tan ínfimo ante la magnitud del cosmos que se sintió ridículo y se dejó arrastrar por la gravedad mientras el corazón lo jalaba al infinito. Cuando la realidad del pavimento acogió su cuerpo, él llevaba eones paseando por el universo, no había nadie en esa carcasa quebrada que manchaba de muerte la banqueta.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 03.19.2019

  10. Many years ago, on a gymnastics mat, the world spun around her. Skylights spattered with rain, the blue cracked plastic and the foam underneath, the back wall against which other gymnasts propped their legs and stretched, and the door, a shining blur of outside light even with the clouds, and the darkened shape of her mother emerging to bring her home. Her body a warm mellifluous song, it flowed around the world and took the shape of its surroundings, and she floated through the beautiful sounds of the present into the future.
    Now, in that future that was once so dark and shapeless against the blurring light of those days, her body had grown to the limits of its mold, had cooled, and shrank into a hardened shell which had begun to crack. Where before she longed for the rolling world, in the air and against the ground, now she feebly and tentatively put one foot just slightly ahead of the other, leaned hard on her cane, and wished only that the world would remain upright and stable.
    Then the day came that her cane found false footing, and the world rolled again, she with it, seeing first the window blurred with the fiery sunlight, then the ceiling of the stairwell, peeling away, and finally the darkness, and no blur of light within.

    By mattlock URL on 03.19.2019

  11. Tumbling and bumbling, and falling head over heels in love, we’re trying to swim, keep afloat and make it to the other end of the ocean. Dodging major bullets, and holding onto parachutes, the matters of the heart are hard to figure.

    By Shalini on 03.19.2019

  12. love good night good morning love very good thank’s people fine

    By mariana francisco correia on 03.19.2019

  13. i tumble from love for you

    By mariana francisco correia on 03.19.2019

  14. i tumbled through the woods. I tumble over rocks i tumble over socks i tumble through the world not knowing what to do im a tumbler

    By Vivian Mattes URL on 03.19.2019

  15. I screamed for him to get up as he usually takes his time and doesn’t tumble out of bed until five minutes before he leaves. This time was different. Was he dead?

    By bluedoor8 on 03.19.2019

  16. The tumbleweeds tumble through the yard. They can be seen from afar. The bumblebees bumble. the tumbleweeds tumble. Tumbly Bumbly boom.

    By Faith A Fuller on 03.19.2019

  17. I tumble through the yard, I tumble through the grass. The bumble bees buzz and all thats left is silence strictly sound.

    By Sophomore at Gallatin High on 03.19.2019

  18. The ravine was at least seven feet deep, more of a ditch really. But for the cat that had just fallen from a midway point of the tree into the frigid cold water, it might as well have been a whole bloody mile. She was cold, shivering, crying for help. I tried to reach her, shielding my eyes from the sticky flurries falling all around us; I couldn’t make out the black fur in the dark water below, but her mewing told me she was still there, trapped. I needed to save her. Somehow.

    By Ace on 03.19.2019

  19. “Don’t run too fast, you’ll take a tumble!”

    The wind whips away the memory of my mother’s words as it bites at my face. What do I care if I roll down the hill? The grass is wet, but so am I from my previous three falls. The crushed stalks mark my tracks and trudges, and I climb again to throw myself down headlong.

    By Sparklespirit on 03.19.2019

  20. It was one of those spring afternoons when the desert smelled like cotton. Clean and linted, with the sun like warm laundry in the afternoon.

    By Florence Farfaletti on 03.19.2019

  21. tumble is my favorite word i think it is really cool and i like tumble when i thing about it it makes me so sad to think of tumble was banned doesn’t that may you sad it would be really sad just the though of that makes me very sad

    here is X


    By Nates ringworm URL on 03.19.2019

  22. .—–.
    /7 . (
    / .-. \
    / / \ \
    / ` ) ( )
    / ` ) ). \
    .’ _. \_/ . |
    .–. .’ _.’ )`. |
    ( `—…._.’ `—.’_) .. \
    \ `—-….___ `. \ |
    `. _ —– _ `._ )/ |
    `. /” \ /” \`. `._ |
    `. ((O)` ) ((O)` ) `. `._\
    `– ‘`—‘ `—‘ ) `. `-.
    / ` \ `-.
    .’ `. `.
    / ` ` `. `-.
    .–. \ ===._____.======. ` ` `. .___.–` .””.
    ‘ .` `-. `. )`. ` ` ` \ .’ . ‘ 8)
    (8 . ` `-.`. ( . ` ` .`\ .’ ‘ ‘ /
    \ `. ` `-. ) ` . ` ` \ .’ ‘ . ‘ /
    \ ` `. ` . \`. .–. | ` ) ` .“/ ‘ // . /
    `. “. . \ \ .– `. ( ` /_ ` . / ‘ . ‘/ .’
    `. ` \ ` \ \ ‘-. `-‘ .’ `-. ` . .’/ .’
    \ `.`. ` \ \ ) /`._.` `. ` . .’ /
    | `.`. . \ \ (.’ `. .’ .’
    __/ .. \ \ ` ) \ \.’ .. \__
    .-._.-‘ ‘” ) .-‘ `. ( ‘” `-._.–.
    (_________.-====’ / .’ /\_)`–..__________..– `====-. _________)


    By no URL on 03.19.2019