May 22nd, 2023 | 10 Entries

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10 Entries for “troubled”

  1. “It bothers you, right? The way she talks about you? You know about that, right?”

    “Yeah, I know. What? You thinks she wraps her words for me?”

    “And you’re not going to stop her?”

    “It’s family. It’s complicated.”

  2. troubled???

    by brilliant on 05.23.2023
  3. I am so troubled with my day to day activities where I keep procrastinating most of the time, lacking interest, motivation. currently troubled with my deadlines regarding learning new courses and building up my resume. If you see from an angle of being troubled everything seems to be trouble, instead look for the greater beyond

    by soniya on 05.23.2023
  4. Narielfinwë was troubled. But then again, everyone was. Every Finwean had huge problems. Compared to her brothers, she was quite normal. Well, not really. How could a kinslayer ever be normal?

  5. a tempest swirling in my morning coffee, mirroring the troubled mind beholding it

    by arlo on 05.22.2023
  6. “What are you doing home so early?”

    “I have a headache so I ended class early.”

    “Are you ok?”

    “Yes everything is fine.”

    I’ll take Diane’s word for it, but she looks troubled, like there’s something she’s not telling me. Why would she hide something from me? She knows how much I love and care for her. We’ve been married for 26 years for Christ’s sake.

    by Amber on 05.22.2023
  7. troubled is he who lacks to find happiness in the simplicity of life’s battles, for he is his own displeasure unbeknownst to thee.

    by kiki on 05.22.2023
  8. When I recall the troubled sky that night, I feel the thrum of distant thunder, a restless beast pacing in the chambers of memory.

    by Jaz on 05.22.2023
  9. She was used to the life of solitude, for some unknown reason she had always been the outcast. She had always been mistreated, used and abused, and yet still carried the kindest heart one would ever meet. Years of broken hearts, and teary eyes watching those around her be given the world, while she struggled and worked as hard as she could. Those close to her always hurting her, as though she were nothing. This troubled girl carried a heavy weight on her shoulders, daily the toll building. She was strong, but her light grew dim

    by Cathy on 05.22.2023
  10. The world was against her. In their eyes she would never amount to much, she was nothing. She didn’t have the wealth or beauty they demanded, and life never seemed to work in her favor. And yet that was not what troubled her. She knew she was the key to saving their world, but what troubled her was why

    by cat on 05.22.2023