February 16th, 2010 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “toy”

  1. toy, what does it impy? as kids we played with them, we enjoyed their company, but did we ever think we’d become one? In today’s society, i often become afraid that’s all we are. Toy’s to the big boys and large corportations, unfaraid to just throw our lives away on whateve whim they’ve got.

    By Jacob Duckett on 02.17.2010

  2. stuffed animals i still have them, i know i shouldn’t sleep with them but i love them, i left the most loved ones at home b/c i love them too much and i don’t want to lose them

    By kat on 02.17.2010

  3. When i think about a toy i think, “what’s a toy?” could it be a teddy bear? an action figure? or a barbie doll? or could it be a car? or could it be a man’s little toy? such as a gun or a tractor? but a mom’s little toy is her knives.

    By c on 02.17.2010

  4. Spielwaren in verschiedenen Farben, Blut in verschiedenen Formen, beides breit verteilt auf der grell blauen Unterlage des Ladens um die Ecke.
    Du fragst den Besitzer erh

    By Galinor URL on 02.17.2010

  5. Ah, fun. I’m being naughty today but tha’s ok. So, a toy? My mum’s taking care of this mental kid that slobbers on like everything she picks up. That’s what you do with a toy, eat it – like, alright. But that’s not so fun anymore. Now it’s more like a computer.

    By nicci lee on 02.17.2010


    By **WARNING** on 02.17.2010

  7. I have a toy … I like to use nature as my toy. The last toy that I made was this past weekend when I made a doll out of sticks. Oh how I miss the innocence of making my own toys and games out of whatever happens to be around me. When did life get so serious? It’s time to go back to the days of making my own games!

    By Lindsay on 02.17.2010

  8. I remember when i was young toys used to be so seasonal, like a fashion statement in plastic. Now toys are what they always should be, something that never looses charm.

    By Emily Buddin on 02.17.2010

  9. aloof

    By miladys on 02.17.2010

  10. Toys are fun. I used to enjoy them more as a child. My favorite toy was a small stuffed animal. It was a bunny named Candle. I still have this toy. I don’t play with it much anymore. It just sits on my bookshelf. It makes me think of the fun days long past.

    By Neal on 02.17.2010

  11. The joy of childhood made firm and real, brimming with the hope of good times to come, perhaps disappointing but always alluring. Get them at dollar stores. The getting is better than the having.

    By John Ostapkovich on 02.17.2010

  12. i remember not liking barbies as i was a kid because i thought it was childish. since then ive always been embarrased about people knowing about my interest in girly things. up til today, im nineteen.

    By miladys on 02.17.2010

  13. plastic fabric object filled with the possibility of joy to eventual boredom by the masses of spoiled children who take every blessing for granted.

    By patchez on 02.17.2010

  14. THe little girl came around the coron and then she stopped. Sitting in the middle of the loor with no one around it was a doll. The same doll that had haunted her dreams for so many years now. There it was the doll she has seen in the attic of her grandmother’s attic a week before she died, looking at her with it’s creepy smile like it was waiting for the unexpected to happen.

    By Haley McDaniel on 02.17.2010

  15. Mom had always thought it was silly to keep old toys from your childhood, “They do nothing, but bring back bad memories.” she always told me and everytime she said that I woundered to myself,’What kind of bad memories is she talking about?’.

    By Wolf Fang on 02.17.2010

  16. childish thing. Joyous and happy, forgot about life and play. Play play play. No worries, no troubles, no money, life is happy and simple. You just have to play.

    By fast twitch fibre on 02.17.2010

  17. This toy is a joy to have. It makes my mind fertile with dreams and hopes for immediate fun. The toy is the best in the whole world, because it is made just for me.
    Beautiful to touch my heart
    Soft to sleep with.
    Simple to leave room for imagination.
    Sturdy to stand by me in time.
    Small to fit into my pocket.
    A little broken so I can love it through healing it.
    It must look like a being, any being, that will call to me.
    A tiny bunny
    A funny grasshopper
    A spsrkly snowflake
    A flower
    A me

    By Tracy on 02.17.2010

  18. I had a toy when i was little. My favorite toy was always the diva star. It did all kinds of things and it made me happy. It talked to me, and i could dress it i could do her hair and all sorts of things. One day my brother and i were arguing and he threw it down the stairs and broke it. I was angry because it was my favorite toy.

    By Tiena on 02.17.2010

  19. the three-year-old plays with his toy car wishing for the day when he will own his dream car…a purple ‘bug’

    By charlotte on 02.17.2010

  20. A new toy for little boy Johnny. It’s what he’s always wanted since, well, since birth. A new race track for his little cars. You may think, how is it that he’s always wanted a new race track for his little cars since birth if he couldn’t have possibly had his little cars when he was born, or even have known about what a race track was.

    By Shirley on 02.17.2010

  21. children love these, they make up childhood toys are about carefree imaginative time to just be a child. they can be anything from a stick to a robot. the important thing is that they

    By allie on 02.17.2010


    By Renee on 02.17.2010

  23. The two children were walking happily through the toy store and knew what they wanted for their birthday. They both wanted toy cars. One wanted a green monster truck the other wanted a red racecar.I wanted a stuffed dog. Maybe a webkinz. I had to make a decision becuase the toy store was going to close.

    By mpq on 02.17.2010

  24. I like toys especially plush ones! I make them from felt and fur and sell them at the market down the road. I’m quite fond of vinyl toys too but I’ve never had the patience and the attention to detail to paint one up myself.

    By Spike on 02.17.2010

  25. I’m thinking of the Maria Bamford skit where she talks about Velveteen rabbit. I never really had toys as a child, as much as I had books. I loved reading. That was always better than toys to me, because I could submerge myself into a totally different world. And that was always better than toys to me.

    By Caitlin on 02.17.2010

  26. Plush, comfortable, easy to hug.

    She’d always cling to that little stuffed bear—in joy, in fear, in desperation, in anger. The seams were beginning to come undone, the little voice chip was beginning to run down as the batteries died. But it was still her bear.

    By Danielle on 02.17.2010

  27. Something you play with, obviously. You use it, and can throw it away. children do this, but adults too, sometimes using the same things, sometimes not.

    By Arachne on 02.17.2010

  28. childhood is a time to begin to play. when i go to birthday parties for little kids, i try to find things that they will enjoy. I don’t often get them toys because I don’t think they’ll enjoy it very much. I usually get books.

    By Beca on 02.17.2010

  29. the little boy sat in the dark playing with his small light-up spaceship toy. the blues and greens and reds that sprung from the darkness left a trail where the boy swung the toy. from his imagination sprang planets and galaxies of far off space.

    By alex on 02.17.2010

  30. Toys are beautiful. Sometimes when people are little they play with toys. People usually have a toy that is sentimental to them. Usually they received this at an early age. I won a bear with rabbit ears at a fair when I was around 6 years old. I named it Teddy Bearabbit.

    By Jeffrey Guthrie on 02.17.2010

  31. take my love, take my land, take me where i cannot stand. i dont care, im still free, you can’t take the sky from me. take me out, to the black, tell them i aint coming back. burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take the sky from me. there’s no place i can be, since i found serenity.

    By joss whedon on 02.17.2010

  32. The baby cried and cried while its mother just couldn’t find its favorite toy it cried for so badly. “Na, na, Ann, please don’t cry!”, she tried to comfort her baby, but unfortunately, it did not help at least a bit.

    By Myself on 02.17.2010

  33. Don’t play with my emotions. Don’t scold me then shrug it off with an innocent smile. Don’t tug at my strings and tease me into believing that you love me back. Don’t consider me a slave to your whims. I’m not your toy.

    By Toyed on 02.17.2010

  34. Toys. I had many toys as a child, but I cannot remember any specific one. I remember my Grandma, before she got Dementia, would take me and my sister to Toys R’ Us, and I even remember a specific time in which she broke down the car in the middle of the road. Hahah! I miss those days.

    By Elisa URL on 02.18.2010

  35. toy with me? that’s what you want to do?

    no, she said, i don’t really want to … i just think that’s what i’m doing.

    like you’re so sophisticated?

    no, she said, i’m childlike in a way

    children are cruel, i said


    By davis chen IV on 02.18.2010

  36. toy-ger sounds like tiger..

    bahhh she laughed

    we are so fuckin high right now

    high … hi mom.

    fuck yeah, kiss me, bitch

    you are a tigress and i am your prey

    By davis chen IV on 02.18.2010

  37. You’re a toy I’m a boy but bro I’m your brother man I’m the alien I’m the master plan we all can. Everyone is looking at the broken glasses made of plastic but it’s not a toy. it’s real. this is not real. this is a toy. you’re a toy.

    By Dave D on 02.18.2010

  38. One word can change you
    One word can move you
    One word can build you
    One word can destroy you
    One word can heal you
    One word can kill you
    One word can lift you
    One word can drop you
    One word can make you live

    By Khathutshelo on 02.18.2010