February 16th, 2010 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “toy”

  1. toy which are used by girls to feel good . Toy story very funny story huh.Child hood passion .Cute little three letter words.

    By ramasamy on 02.17.2010

  2. Toys are great. I have played with toys a lot and still enjoy even though I am an adult. toya are of many kinds and hold special meaning for adults also. The relationship between a kid and a toy store is sacred.

    By Krishna on 02.17.2010

  3. Everything I played with before is now broken and lay now abandoned in the basement with dad’s old magazines.

    By Sfumatosoup on 02.17.2010

  4. eu amava brinquedos quando era crianca. So nao gostava muito de barbies. nao sei porque… talvez porque eu brincasse muito na rua com meus amigos. nos brincavamos de pique esconde, volley e queimado.
    hoje em dia nao vejo mais crian

    By ana carolina braga on 02.17.2010

  5. Toys are for kids with no imagination…like common I played outside 90 percent of my childhood and had a great time while my parents didnt have to spend hundreds of dollars on toys I used for 5 min then got sick of!

    By emily on 02.17.2010

  6. a thing that everyone enjoys regardless of their age, it comes in various forms, its main purpose is to entertain and educate.

    By ginnil aleksi on 02.17.2010

  7. red barbie house with crystal windows

    By sheetal on 02.17.2010

  8. Toys are for children.
    But adults have their versions of toys too – whether it be their car, cel phone, new electronic device or whatever it may be.
    Kids shouldn’t be allowed to spend hours upon hours on their computers which can be classified as a ‘toy’.
    Get your kids outside and moving!

    By Joshua on 02.17.2010

  9. neon private colours, lurid of hues you will never deign to imagine, to paint on your clean pathetic canvas, clean white like the skin of her beautiful body, white like no other bright day, white of the most painful, that broken toy..

    By paperclown on 02.17.2010

  10. The past. A toy can be a reminder of a simpler time when taxes and things didn’t matter. When the hardest decision in life was what color to color the sky or which doll who was going to play with. As life goes on it gets more and more complicated.

    By Alixeal on 02.17.2010

  11. toy toy toy , play play play , little kids , older kids, even adults,
    fun toys, boring toys, scary ones and funny ones.
    pink toys blue toys green and purple too.

    By lataia lajoie URL on 02.17.2010

  12. toys make me want to play like a child and turn back the hands of time. I can push trucks and cars along the ground and be a giant. I can hold a doll and pretend to be a better mother. I can run with a ball and think I’m on the football field with the best superbowl team ever.

    By SCE on 02.17.2010

  13. it had to be the cat on the top for the very bit into which the rest of us are watching without pause and so either you stop or go.

    By Richard Bullard on 02.17.2010

  14. toys are cool! i love toys! toys are for kids and toys are for grown ups (iPad, iPhone, Android) toys can be foudn in many shapes and sizes and there are also naughty toys. toys are cool and toystory is a cool movie all about toys

    By marc petersen URL on 02.17.2010

  15. The little monkey with the symbols wont stop following me. His great big bug eyes encircled by that mangy fur. He’s been chasing me since Macy’s and I’m getting a little pissed. The concrete is too hard for little monkey paws, what the fuck is this toy up to?

    By Ananda on 02.17.2010

  16. toy with me…i dare you! you rascal you! your naughtiness will cost you dearly. i will make you MY toy and then and only then will you see the…pleasure and delight i have had being your toy.

    By candy on 02.17.2010

  17. I like to toy around and play with things. Make my own toys. Paper, clay, string, yarn. Love old toys and the colors and the metal

    By Chris G on 02.17.2010

  18. toys babies children when will they be corrupted innocence reigns when that plastic grazes chubby finger until one day gone mind filled with with world

    By Natalie Grieshammer on 02.17.2010

  19. And it breaks my heart. Yeah. It breaks my heart.

    By Ananda on 02.17.2010

  20. There are many toys in the world made to entertain children and adults alike. Their diverting nature leads to change and growth in the world, especially the development of the intellects and problem-solving abilities of youth. This aids their imaginative problem solving skills throughout the rest of their life.

    By Praise on 02.17.2010

  21. toys. ellie has a lot of them in her room, never learned to share though. i’ve never once been witness to her picking up a favorite and letting it go.

    By yuyu on 02.17.2010

  22. growing up i never had many toys and i was sometimes jealous of those that did. sherrie and terrie from church always got what they wanted. i heard it was because their mother died and their father was only loving them in the way he knew how. i wanted someone to love me that way.

    By t on 02.17.2010

  23. i think about sex toys of course be ause I am a Capricorn and apparantly we think about sex a lot. I’m supposed to take a shower with my boyfriend in a few minutes. I am going to ask him to have shower sex. Maybe I’ll ask him to use a toy. I guess I should be thinking about kids because I just watched a video about a little boy talking shakespeare.

    By Jessica on 02.17.2010

  24. Toys are fun for young or old. A toy can be a jack-in-the-box or a humvee, it’s all relative. Sometimes toys can be a symbol of something larger, like capitalism. The more toys you have, the more money you have.

    By Skip on 02.17.2010

  25. im his toy. im an object. a little play thing. sexual toy. sexual slave. shameless perversion of childhood toys.

    By em on 02.17.2010

  26. As a small child I played with a toy and i loved the way it made me feel. I trusted my toy. It gave me the love and understanding that I always wanted from my family but never recieved. Now as an adult I still hold dear the toy that was the focus of all my inspirations and understanding for what real love stood for. My toy was aand is a plush baby blue kitten, hand made for me by my Godmother and is the only good memory that I still hold dear today. I wish that humans were as trustworthy as my toy kitten. He is a bit tattered and worn. He is Kitty, my toy, my friend, my confidant, my true love. I wish that everyone could know the kitty that I do because if only people could understand the love that a child has for his or her toy, the world would be a much happier and loving place. My Toy is always there for me and I cannot say that about anyone or anything else. What would a childhood be without a toy?

    By Rocky on 02.17.2010

  27. Don’t toy with me. To toy with me is to cheat yourself of really knowing who I am. You sell yourself cheaply to resist gowing below the surface. You think to keep yourself safe by reducing me to the status of a plaything, something to be picked up and discarded at will…

    By Tess on 02.17.2010

  28. the boy with the toy piano went to the natural history museum to interview the whooly mammoths. I brought my camera. we hid for days until a girl lifted up the dress of the table and said, “Gotchyou!”

    By ts on 02.17.2010

  29. they are fun and kids like to play with them. sue your imigation. they can come in all styles soft cuddly teddys, trains, board games or for kids to have fun and use their imignation. toy shops are fun and a good way to keep you amushed

    By kaz on 02.17.2010

  30. I have a bad habit of breaking my toys.

    By vamps19 on 02.17.2010

  31. the beaauty about it that when you think that you know many think you randomly get to know that you know nothing …..

    By vikas verma on 02.17.2010

  32. I beheaded my brother and made him into a toy.

    By lily on 02.17.2010

  33. A toy is the relief of a bad day. Just relax and have fun. Let the worries of life drip down into the seamless cracks of the floor.

    By URL on 02.17.2010

  34. One day there was this toy; the most amazing toy in the whole entire world. Emily knew this. she knew what the toy could do, but no one else in the world did. This toy had the powers to make one able to walk through walls. Now one might ask, why? why would anyone wanna walk through walls? well let me tell you.

    By Emily on 02.17.2010

  35. Toys are items that children play with or adults play with in a childlike way. These range from the basic items such as a cricket bat or yoyo to complex gadgets such as sat-navs or fancy electrical goods.

    It would be wrong to omit to mention sex toys as well but they are for a different kind of playing.

    By Ben on 02.17.2010

  36. I used to love sitting in my room and playing with my toys when I was small. A good toy to me was a readers digest and a pen. I loved drawing on the celebrities faces.

    By Kacey on 02.17.2010

  37. She said to me, “Your heart is like a toy. Do you want to just leave it in it’s box? Stay in mint condition and eventually become a collector’s item? Do you want to have meaningless value? Or do you want to take it out of the box and fucking play with it once and a while?”

    By Adam on 02.17.2010

  38. something to play with and keep you occupied. It can be anything to anyone. A pastime, something of course, that you enjoy experiencing. From a squeaky toy for dogs, to an expensive luxury car for men, or even your Iphone, a toy can be a plethora of things.

    By thamer on 02.17.2010

  39. A large part of my life was spent around toys – I say this as a reflection on my persistent sense of childhood. I have a Gladware tub of LEGOs that I’m still hesitant to throw out. I’m twenty two years old, and realize that I’ll likely never play with them again. But the temptation is always there – maybe someday.

    By Cameron Martin URL on 02.17.2010

  40. Kids these days have toys with so many different lights and sounds and colors. Toys that shoot lasers and build things for them. What ever happened to just playing with the box? I used to love just playing in a box making a fort, a plane, an executive office, a soap box car.

    By Dayna on 02.17.2010