September 17th, 2012 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “together”

  1. People that share something, being in the company of someone, it can be called a relationship. Sometimes you forget you’re together. You don’t always want to be together, which can make things awkward or you can feel uneasy. Together is a good thing you should thrive on having something such as friendship/relationshi

    By Joel Hire on 09.17.2012

  2. “They are together,” my father told me one time on a dark, stormy night.

    “Together? Forever?”

    “Together . . . I hope not forever.”

    I was confused, then. I didn’t understand why Dad didn’t want Lilian to be with Jordan forever and ever and ever . . . but I do now. As I grew older, I realized the things that Jordan would say, and the actions that he would execute. I began to become more and more aware of how he would act around our dad (who was too foolish–at least in my opinion–to show Jordan that he knew what an outrageous ass he truly was), and then how he would treat Lils outside of the household.

    At some point, I realized I wanted him gone.

    Forever and ever and ever.

    By Brandi on 09.17.2012

  3. Eating ice-cream together, laughing together, smiling together, being together, happy together… together.
    With my friends, family and strangers, this feeling of togetherness makes me happy and gives me a feeling of completeness… together.

    By Tasneem URL on 09.17.2012

  4. together we played and cried. together we grew up and died. together we had fun and laughed. together when we were innocent children, it didn’t last. together is what we used to be. together is what we strive. for together is special. together is nice. together is what we long for. together we need. together we love. together is we.

    By Sofia M on 09.17.2012

  5. When people get along. being part of a team. having the skills to cooperate with more than just yourself. working with others to accomplish goals in your personal life, school life and work life.

    By Kim on 09.17.2012

  6. “Together” in regard to a school environment represents unity. Together as a building, administrators and staff should be working towards promoting a positive atmosphere for all students. Ways to do this include encouragement of school spirit and school activities that allow students to work positively with each other. This could be anything from spirit days to homecoming celebrations.

    By jlogan on 09.17.2012

  7. When I first saw this word, I thought of the phrase: Together Everyone Achieves More. This was the phrase we used during my Peer Leadership Trainings in Middle School and High School. My town was very cliquey so this was a great way for all different types of students to work together towards a common goal.

    By Emily Singley on 09.17.2012

  8. Together we stand, as one we fight, united we fall. We are forever linked to each other…

    By all4imagination on 09.17.2012

  9. Lets make an effort together and save the wales

    By Alice58 on 09.17.2012

  10. we used to be together but not any more. we were perfect together but none of that matters anymore. dumb cunts, no more time. hahah

    By crystal on 09.17.2012

  11. Together we stand. We fall. We triumph. We fail. We band together and accomplish feats that are unfathomably impossible to accomplish. Together we stand as one.

    By Nick on 09.17.2012

  12. Perchance my fingers claw through this barrier and rip the awkwardness that makes us strangers, don’t be alarmed by my lack of hesitance.

    I think our hands were made for this moment.

    Hold mine if you feel the same.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 09.17.2012

  13. Together. Something I’ve longed for quite some time. My whole life, actually. I believe we, as humans, have one ultimate goal and that is to find something to bond with. Eternally. Together is satisfaction. Tis beauty. Forever.

    By Andrew Gordon on 09.17.2012

  14. Intertwined as one – so that you can’t tell where one begins and the other ends. You will forever remained ingrained in me in the highest definition. To-gather. Memories. Even in the fiery depths of hell, you and I won’t be separated, my sweetest sin.

    By Mozan on 09.17.2012

  15. whenever we are together, I feel like … whatever
    what the fuck are you thinking man
    have you confused me to a taliban!?

    i can stay here and listen to your crap
    but i am still not ready to put my brain to scrap!

    By Rayko on 09.17.2012

  16. We stood there, just the two of us. Together. The word hung in the air, like an uneasy cloud. We didn’t know what to say. Together, us? We weren’t together. We are just two people, both trying to find their way through this mixed up world. And somehow, along the way, we fell in love. I guess we were together after all, in a topsy-turvy way that made no sense whatsoever.

    By Faith URL on 09.17.2012

  17. Together we fall, they said. It was never true, it never worked out that way. We fall alone. We love together, but what does that mean? I can’t tell anymore.

    By Sandhasnohome URL on 09.17.2012

  18. being together means a of of great things for example sharing all that you have. it means that you can spend time and forget about who you are and make yourself to the person you are at the same time. its precious to share this time.

    By ieva on 09.17.2012

  19. They weren’t related by blood, yet they were family.

    They went through many hardships, and always had each others backs. When Jason was killed by the Joker, when Bruce died, when Barbara was shot. When the world was ending, they were always there.

    Always together.

    They are the Bat family.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 09.17.2012

  20. To be together, with the people. That is where you’ll find me. I say I long for solitude but I rarely mean it. My place is among the people. Friends, strangers, family, I don’t care.

    By dan URL on 09.17.2012

  21. Together we have broken down walls, Written heartfelt, moving pieces of art, music, stories, films. Together we can do anything even destroy the world.

    By Rose Silver on 09.17.2012

  22. together is the best thing you can be. no one likes to be alone. no one. together is all we need. because together we can accomplish anything in the universe. stay together. <3

    By Bassam on 09.17.2012

  23. I wish Cole and I were together. We’ve been apart for 6 months and now we have one week left. Four days, actually… not counting today. He is so sweet. Even though he won’t approve of me getting a kitten, I still prefer to be with him everyday than be alone. The room is empty without him here and I don’t have anyone to share my donuts with.

    By Sara on 09.17.2012

  24. Together. Fill my mouth with corn. Let me sing forevermore, poopies aare all I dream of worship and adore. Together we will eat the corn from the poo. Smear the poo all over each other. Together. Our love will show from the sharing of our fecal type excrement. FECAL!!!!

    By Popanator URL on 09.17.2012

  25. Don’t forget the messages you’ve sent me – the reminders in scars and skin of time spent together in a world we used to live in when we were one, not apart but whole like souls that knew what melding really meant. When you could close your eyes and I’d see darkness while you saw the path I tread so lightly – and told me, hey, dear, watch your feet; it’s getting trippy in here. Some once upon a time.

    By Thirteen URL on 09.17.2012

  26. We have come together somehow as a world, united together, as one. Sometimes we fall a part and are no longer together, but we always find out way back. That is whats important right? Being together in the end, but not always at the beginning. The journey is findings out way back together. As humans come together the world changes, we change, you change, and the world is a better place.

    By Stacey on 09.17.2012

  27. We find ourselves together in a pit of sorrow and confusion. Maybe apart is where we should have stayed. Maybe it is not all it is cracked up to be.

    By L on 09.17.2012

  28. I think of the time we had together, and I smile, because I know what we had was good. And I know that you’re in a better place, and that you’re smiling too. Because you won’t let anything get you down. That’s just who you are. You believe in people. You believed in me. And that’s what made me love you.
    But now you’re gone. We are no longer together, but I still love you.
    We will always be together in my heart.

    By sable113 on 09.17.2012

  29. I love getting together. With friends, relatives but especially with special someones. Sadly, I’ve never gotten together with anyone special. Never been on a date, or even asked out. But I still dream of being together. That’s all I want. I want to always be together. And I want someone to want that too.

    By Kristina on 09.17.2012

  30. Having time with family or a loved one. This can create a special bond and memories. Many people enjoy being together with others.

    By Ali on 09.17.2012

  31. “We’re better together.” And despite the cheesy song lyrics that come to mind, it is true. People thrive in companionship, whether they are introverts or extroverts; it’s a natural thing. Some of my most joyful moments a surely simply being with people. Go team.

    By kvm on 09.17.2012

  32. only by being together we will learn something.

    By kaorita on 09.17.2012

  33. always and forever, i can see us Together.
    you make me complete, and i couldn’t have asked for anyone better.
    we have something special and i can feel how true this is.
    you were a lucky accident, the unexpectedness of us falling for each other.
    Together, it sounds perfect.
    Just me and you, i hope this is what I’ve been waiting for.
    Because your really something important to me, and I’ve never felt this way for someone before.
    That’s what Love apparently is supposed to feel like, wanting to be Together is all i have ever dreamed of.

    By cassandra on 09.17.2012

  34. together is just another word for ‘not apart’. it doesnt mean anything, it just means that you happen to be in the presence of another person at the same time as them

    By fraser on 09.17.2012

  35. I’m standing alone, looking out the window, watching the thunderstorm shake the sky. My hands are empty and my room is silent. Light off, dimly lit, everything made of shadows. It’s been so long since we were together. I remember when I’d smile and hold the phone to my ear, your voice everywhere in my head, knowing that you were out there somewhere talking to me. Thinking about me.
    Because I had you I didn’t feel alone, though it was during that time when many humans begin to feel that thing called “loneliness”. So when I let go…it hit me harder than anything… Those effects are still with me, I think. Is that why I feel so sad?

    By LILYhibiku on 09.17.2012

  36. We were there and saw each other. So far away but I almost heared your heart. I belong to you and you belong to me we are together nomatter how huge the distance it between us.

    By Maya Momo on 09.17.2012

  37. Not just that…being with people, I think it’s a beautiful thing. Interacting with people is something I don’t think I could live without, even though I sometimes tell myself I don’t need anyone. I should just live in isolation, forget all my friends. It would hurt me less. I don’t care if it would hurt them. Why should they care about me anyway? Those are things I think sometimes when it gets late at night. But that’s not true… My friends, PEOPLE, are the ones who are able to make me smile. They change my moods faster than anything else could.
    But even though I know they’re all there for me, I still feel lonely…
    Loneliness, that’s why I’ve been such an idiot lately.

    By LILYhibiku on 09.17.2012

  38. when we are together my heart skips beats, it’s like running to the woods of safety from society. when we are together i can only think of happiness and the strength of our characters. being apart from you makes me want to climb mountains and scream your name from the peak. i think of you everyday and wait for the moment when we can be together again. when we are together i don’t think of anything but you.

    By charlotte on 09.17.2012

  39. together we are one…together we will save the world…together we will accomplish our dreams, goals, and aspirations…together we will go through hardship and sadness but together we will come out of it…together we will motivate each other into being better…together we will sit under the stars and dream about our future…together we will fight for what we believe in…together we will laugh/smile and reminisce how we first met…

    By Nikki on 09.17.2012

  40. Together…
    Together. Alone. Together. Apart.
    I just want to be next to you.

    By Mandie URL on 09.17.2012