March 28th, 2018 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “tires”

  1. “Tires” might seem like a boring word….. until you drive a fun car in the mountains.

    By okayfine on 03.28.2018

  2. She heard the sound of tires slipping. Everything went by slowly, right before her eyes two cars collided. One car tumbled further while the other was busted. She had been waiting for 30 minutes for her parents to pick her up and she guessed they were in a hurry. There in the car that tumbled across the street was the blue car she knew all too well. The man from the other car hurried out of his busted one, right to the blue car.
    He was cursing a lot. The girl stepped closer and closer, her heart pounding in her chest, tears starting to well up. Glass and blood splattered across the floor. The man had stopped cursing and tried to the people out of the vehicle .
    “Somebody, call help!” he cried to the people standing by. The identities were no longer a mystery for the girl, now she knew. She would never have to wait again.

    By Camelots Florist URL on 03.28.2018

  3. The tires would not turn. She was stuck in the middle of the mud in the middle of what appeared to know where. She did not recognize her surroundings. Her cell phone had no service. What was she to do? She felt her nerves start to rise. She wanted out, wanted a safe place to land. How was she to find safety when she did not even know where she was?

    By Cris Nole on 03.28.2018

  4. The car’s tires were flat. The car’s windows were broken. The car’s engine was spent, and its windshield was cracked. The car’s brakes were busted, and its stereo was missing. Needless to say, that jalopy wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. No one wanted to touch it. No one wanted to save it. No one wanted to cart it to the junkyard, either. Because the car had a nice color.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.28.2018

  5. On the back of my Colts’ ticket is a coupon for $100 off a set of four tires at Tire Barn. Really useful to have eight of those for my dilapidated Volkswagen.

    By Chuck URL on 03.28.2018

  6. Tires are round and they tread on road or off road tires. there are different kind of tires. They wear out and you need to change them or roatate them. I cant think of anything other than car tires here!!

    By Shanmuga URL on 03.28.2018

  7. Dammit! The tires exploded- he yelled from the back of the car. She turned around to see him walking to the trunk and open it to try and change the tires. It hadn’t been an accident, she had planned for them to be stranded in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere. Where she could finally end the bringer of her misery, quietly and with on witnesses.

    By Bramsy URL on 03.28.2018

  8. The talking hand
    I can talk sure why couldn’t i. All us hands can talk must of us just choose not to.Why you ask well because we just very quite hands. I am one of the more talkative ones hahha. Then why haven’t you talked before now. Oh because there is a decree if your going to talk to the brain you have to wait till it is old enough to see it. I see. Well i have to be quite now your mom is coming. why do you have to be quite around my mom she is old enough isn’t she. Well yes but other hands that do not there cover blown i have to be quite around and your mom hand had one of them. HI mom hi honey i just wanted to tell you i was going to the garden. And i also thought i heard voices in here who were you talking to. oh to myself i just was thinking out loud i guess haha.

    By mikkala Skrede on 03.28.2018

  9. I tire of the tires that roll past the suburbs, no matter the time of night. Kids from other suburbs going to this suburb and then leaving this suburb and listening to Elvis and eating from Tupperware containers and forgetting, always, that the youth ends and the pills begin.

    By grace on 03.28.2018

  10. rolling. grinding. now bald. they have spun out. there is no more time to rotate. you missed that opportunity. it’s time to get replacements. hopefully you make enough money now… so you can afford to invest in something with a deeper tread.

    By starz URL on 03.28.2018

  11. The jeep burned rubber down the dirt road. They were swerving and sliding passed cacti and tumbleweeds. The smell of tires and dirt filled the air. And for the first time in a long time, The Skeleton King smiled a broad uncontrollable smile.

    By Rover URL on 03.28.2018

  12. They were driving on the highway, when the tries blew. They pulled over as quickly as they could, before any damage was done. They were luckily able to change out the tires quickly, and continue on their trip.

    By abbie on 03.28.2018

  13. When i traveling by car one of the tires of the car broke and we had to wait to the crane

    By Marco URL on 03.28.2018

  14. tires have a lot of memories in the tracks that they make. Road trips and family vacations are what tires were truly made for. The adventure and yes maybe even the fighting of siblings are hallmarks of tires. Every time I have to get my tires changed I always think about the memories made over the miles. The expense at the tire shop always seems worth it as I remember the roads traveled on the pair.

    By CFOLLY URL on 03.28.2018

  15. The thick dark tire marks swerved left and right and violently for about 200 feet before abruptly exiting the left side of the road. Even before he reached the end of the tread marks he knew how this story ended. It must have been an animal, something she couldn’t bare to hurt that did it. In her effort to prevent their death she over corrected and fought with the car the whole way.
    He was at the edge of the road now, looking down. Fifty foot drop before a line of trees, and then…the lake. She was driving an SUV, too heavy for the trees to stop on their own. He thinks to himself as he surveys the path her massive vehicle had cut through the woods “I hope she died before hitting the water.”

    By Kristian Pierce on 03.28.2018

  16. The tires hit the asphalt and let out a screeching sound. It was my first time behind the wheel and it was like a celebritory “yee haw” although I felt self-conscious and my mom jump a little from the quick jerk of the Lincoln continental. Who knew a huge car could move an inch that fast.

    By Sully Anderson URL on 03.28.2018

  17. Often confused with ‘tyres’ by Americans, tires (v.) is the act of becoming tired, in the present tense. For example; the writer tires when she reads Americanisms.

    By Dee on 03.28.2018

  18. “What?”

    “Fifty-three tires,” the bank man on the other line repeated. “They were charged to your account last Friday.”

    “What?” said she again, quite stupidly; perhaps she had forgotten what a tire was. Maybe she was British, and she spelled–spelt–it tyre.

    By Riannon URL on 03.28.2018

  19. The wheels on the bus go round and round. It seems like a part of every day. Yet why should it be. I would do anything to not have to ride that stupid bus every day. It’s just another reminded that I’m not like everyone else, that for some reason I’m different. I don’t sit in the back. That’s not what I do. As those wheels go round and round for hours and hours, I sit with my Kindergarten sister. Every day I am constantly reminded by how weak I am. As the wheels turn, eventually bringing me home, I don’t feel I should have to suffer it again.

    By Braxton on 03.28.2018

  20. I wanted to get a new car but I had an issue with the tires. They were both raised and had silver rims on it. One of the big issues that I had with the silver rims is that it reminded me of the rims of my ex-best friend’s car. You see the reason why she became my ex-best friend was because she decided to use the money I loaned her to buy those tires.

    By Tolu on 03.28.2018

  21. He lay in the sun and closed his eyes. He pretended he was on a stretch of sandy beach by the Pacific Coast instead of a rocky desert. The rocks had hurt a bit, especially when the tires had squealed away, but it didn’t hurt as much now. Now he was alone with a friendly sky and a couple of friendly birds.

    By LifesGrey on 03.29.2018

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  23. was goin with ma’ car and then, suddenly, them tires broke down. bad luck was, again, coming to my life. :(

    By Ual on 03.29.2018

  24. My old car has vintage tires, but I want to sell it. I think I will change those tires and put new ones because I like them too much. I will put new tires, even if these will not be suitable with that old car. I will keep them all my life.

    By Alina on 03.29.2018

  25. me and my friends were having a midnight drive,while all of a sudden,one of the tires exploded.we got scared and immediately pulled to the left.we were really lucky,as the speed of the car wasn’t so was a pretty shocking moment!

    By Lucian on 03.29.2018

  26. After the winter has gone, it was time for me to change my tires so i needed to buy some new fresh once and I went online to check the prices. Saw that the prices were so high and I was so poor, i tried to steal some from my white neighbour. Did worked out but the tires were the wrong size.

    By Sined URL on 03.29.2018

  27. it was finally spring and i was glad that i can change my winter tires into summer ones. The mechanic i went to was very busy that day and i had to wait a lot for him to finish the job. It was kinda cold ouside and i was worried that winter might come back again …

    By Scopet Larisa on 03.29.2018

  28. That moment when you know your husband is driving too fast down a gravel road in the middle of nowhere in California, there’s a sharp bend coming up and he doesn’t quite turn in time. And then you’re stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in California, with no phone signal and a completely shredded tire…

    By Annie URL on 03.29.2018

  29. The tires are so important for my friend’s car. I don’t know what I have to write about it.:))

    By Denisa on 03.29.2018

  30. She knew it was time to go. She got in the car, started the engine.The tires let out a screeching sound. As she left the place she knew too well, she realized a new beginning isn’t always such a bad thing.

    By Ana Serban on 03.29.2018

  31. I remember it all as if it were only yesterday. The car rolled over, and somehow landed in one of its sides. I wondered if everyone else was okay. Next thing I knew was one of the tires exploding, and everyone screamed. They were all okay though. A car soon pulled over to see if we were safe and sound. An ambulance arrived within the following hour, and took us to our safe haven that was the St. Patrick’s Hospital. All was good. Thank God!

    By Miriam Gardner on 03.29.2018

  32. big tires, small tires,winter tires, summer tires, i don.t like tires, they are expensive,

    By Cote Ioana on 03.29.2018

  33. Boys are always good at repairing the tires but for girls this is a big problem.

    By Dina Burdiumov on 03.29.2018

  34. black tires,big tires,small tires,summer tire,winter tires , expensive tires,cheap tires

    By Dutu Maria Denisa on 03.29.2018

  35. She tires of your zealot self. She wants you to be raw. She wants you to want her. That’s all.

    By whatever_artemesia on 03.29.2018

  36. I’m not interested at all in tires. I am a recluse. Furthermore, I’m so frugal that I don’t drive.

    By Stillman URL on 03.29.2018

  37. He slashed the tires before even taking off the tires. “He just doesn’t know how much I gave for this relationship.” He murmured. He bashed the front window in with his work boots. “You lied, cheated, made me feel worthless!” he yelled.

    By Andrew A. on 03.29.2018

  38. She spun the wheel around, trying to get any traction back, but it was no use. She skidded in the wall and gently bumped off of it. “Dang it.”
    Her brother was eons ahead of her, laughing hysterically.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.29.2018

  39. ohh, i wrote about tires yesterday and surprised to see the same word today. Makes me think if this site is getting updated or just a one time thing? since i am visiting this site after a very long time.

    By Shanmuga URL on 03.29.2018

  40. The tires would not fit on the car. He thought they were the right size. He was going to check with his father. Yet, he wanted to do it his way. Really? He thought, how hard could it be? It was harder than he thought and now he regrets not asking the one person he knew would have had the right answer. He wasn’t sure why he shied away from his dad when in time of need. Something he would work on with his therapist.

    By Cris Nole on 03.29.2018