September 16th, 2017 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “tiled”

  1. Having a path marked and smoothed out for you is a luxury. Not all of us have it that easy. I see struggle as an important part of life.

    By cmendez8@angelo.edu on 09.16.2017

  2. Having a path as smooth as tile is a luxury. Not all of us have had it that easy. Working your way through life is a way of growing up and getting to know yourself.

    By cmendez8@angelo.edu on 09.16.2017

  3. Father had tiled the kitchen floor, and Mother had built the toolshed. Brother had repaired the refrigerator so that Sister and he could finally drink beers that were cold. Uncle was arguing with Aunt over whether or not the place should have a gas or electrical stove, and the Token Gay Cousin was too busy texting her secret girlfriend to remember to tear out the rotten drywall in the downstairs bathroom.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.16.2017

  4. The tiled kitchen floor
    bore no trace of the blood
    left there
    when she pounded her head
    double vision
    is not as sexy
    as I imagined it to be

    By just_write on 09.16.2017

  5. I’ve heard that pious weavers would add imperfection to their rugs, to pay dues to God, the only true perfection. But the king felt no such shame and no call to such deference. He had before him an army, a nation wide and a lifetime deep. It’s not that he chose not to be pious, piety never entered his mind. There was no room next to the ambition. Crops died. Wars were lost. But his ambition became his obsession. For all the daylight hours (and then, years later, by the light of thousands of candles hung from great chandeliers) the workers toiled after the walls of the palace. “Bluer than bluest sky,” he commanded. And traders came with sapphire and left with the treasury. And jewelers took their share and came back with azure tiles by the thousands. When the first palace was done he stood in it, disappointed, empty. Before the last worker left he ordered the roof torn off and the walls extended upward. The base grew by double. Catacombs were added. And every inch covered in shimmering tiles of deep blue. The palace grew nearly to the walls of the city. Until the King died and all was demolished.

    By mattlock URL on 09.16.2017

  6. The tiled floor is cool against my cheek as hot tears pour into a puddle beneath me. I’m certain this is the end of me. My arms won’t move from their place wrapped protectively around my centre. My whole body is frozen still, but sweating like I’d run a marathon, not just walked twenty feet in my own home. The pain is horrible, and I’m desperately trying to send the signal to my hand to just dial three digits. Just press “Emergency Call”. I think I’m going to die on the kitchen floor while all the world is asleep. This is what the end must feel like.

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.16.2017

  7. break the bank
    call the cops
    thought of friends who went too far
    tiled tilted tipsy too tired
    every day makes me sick
    i can’t live a little like this
    don’t you know the rooms have thoughts?
    sold the house, killed the cause
    those theories gone too far
    better to be bigger than the best of us
    worth worst wisenheimer who can we trust?

    By matt m. on 09.17.2017

  8. tiled on the roof like a a piece of the wall and if I were to climb over there then I would not think at all, but a tile is not a phone and i cannot somebody call.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.17.2017

  9. The tiled floor was moving like a wiggling worm at the end of a fishhook, and that’s when I knew; time to call the EMTs. Time to admit defeat. You win, again….

    By Santa Clause on 09.17.2017

  10. The tiled floors ran orange, the crushed stalks of fungi scattered over a paint of dust and spores, like an overturned container of thumbtacks long forgotten in an abandoned classroom.

    By ethel on 09.17.2017

  11. The bathroom wall was tiled
    with light blue and white tiles
    that helped keep the room bright
    and not too dark at night
    If I choose to wee by moonlight.

    By Steve O URL on 09.17.2017

  12. Margaret leaned on the wall and looked at her handiwork so far. she had tiled the wall behind the sink beautifully, though she say so herself. The brilliant blue of the background shone and the white pattern linked up so well. Her flatmate looked through the door, ‘You hung them upside down!’

    By Becca Boots on 09.17.2017

  13. She pressed her forehead to the linoleum and it’s cool surface almost sizzled against her forehead. This is the most comfortable she had been in days. She closed her eyes against the harsh lighting of the bathroom and tried not to breathe in any number of unpleasant smells from the surroundings.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.17.2017

  14. floor, walls, repeated, strong, cold, wallpaper. desktop, pool,

    By Lynsey Rogers on 09.17.2017

  15. Today we tiled the entire the bathroom. Started with the shower and then worked out way around the floor. The tile was a brownish grey color that had a great accent color to the master bedroom color.

    By Atalie on 09.17.2017

  16. The sleek, white tiles of the room glittered in the sun as I began to see the dark crimson splashes of blood. The perfection was being jaded by the second as my eyes focused to see what lay before me. Utter destruction and mutilation of the poor boy’s body with nothing to hint to what had happened apart from the splattered blood surrounding him. One thing was for certain though, no one with any sense of remorse could have committed such a brutal act. A single, poor, homeless 27 year old man murdered in the council provided shelter he called home

    By sallywbu on 09.17.2017

  17. My floors are tiled beautifully white white marble from italy. It reminds me of piazza in Rome. Its clean and fresh and sparkling.

    By Washiela on 09.17.2017

  18. Tiled: the way the floor is made. With tiles. How many steps has each tile been walked on? How many people have walked on me?

    By Maria on 09.17.2017

  19. they went to work that day, not knowing what they were going to accomplish. They started to tile, putting on piece down at a time, until the whole floor was done. They looked back at their work and were impressed.

    By Amira on 09.17.2017

  20. Bathroom flood, there is blood everywhere. Don;t slip and fall. Break your teeth, no money. Clean it up now. No alibi, let’s be honest, besides work, you don’t go anywhere. No one likes you there anyway

    By kitten on 09.17.2017

  21. Way back when, these tiles might have been in factory standard condition. But now they were far from it. The crisp pristine white had been corroded into the ugly piss stain yellow of a rotting tooth, and the surface was now riddled with cracks and crevices. There was evidence of more than a few drunken attempts at urinating, heated fights in the stalls and God knew whatever else happened in gas station bathrooms just of the highway. This was a place with stories, I –for once– didn’t want to learn about.

    By ash vs. on 09.17.2017

  22. Whenever you enter a bathroom, typically, the floors are tiled. Why is this? Now, in most instances, the tiled bathroom floor serves more of an aesthetic purpose than anything, however, I believe that the purpose of a tiled floor goes far beyond simple aesthetics. I believe that this method of tiling a floor prevents the damage that could be done to other materials, such as stone, wood, and carpet.

    By Alyx on 09.17.2017

  23. My house was tiled today. There were arguments between me and my wife that we should go far marble or tiles. But, after a long discussion we decided to go for tiles. She really liked the symmetry in tiles.

    By yas on 09.17.2017

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