December 19th, 2011 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “thunder”

  1. The wondrous thunder will plunder the blunders of lovers asunder.

    By Marianne URL on 12.20.2011

  2. The thunder sounded in the distance, rumbling low over the rolling hills. I wait, wrapped in a soft throw, perched on the edge of my couch. My eyes are glazed over, anticipating the coming storm. One… two… three… Brrrroom.

    The air smells like rain.

    By Tai URL on 12.20.2011

  3. With a startle they all ran. At the front of the group no one knew why they were running. They hurtled past the end of the forrest into the perceived safety of the village. They stopped and turned around. Thomas, the mousy haired and vertically challenged boy was aiming a water balloon at them.

    By DLSH on 12.20.2011

  4. As the thunder startled the horse, she let go, allowing the crazed animal to gallop into the stormy night. Lightning illuminated her beauty for a second, her pale skin and sharp fangs.

    By Laura URL on 12.20.2011

  5. The thunder crashed. I looked outside my window for a sign. Lightening struck a tree. That was all I needed. I packed up a suitcase and was out the door. On to my new life. I had been struck with inspiration, struck with life.

    By Olivia URL on 12.20.2011

  6. The rumbling of the clouds in the distance grew in volume as the storm approached. Once afar off, now it was on the doorstep…knocking louder and louder.

    By Veronique URL on 12.20.2011

  7. The thunder rolled as we raced down the hill, looking for something, anything, that would help us escape his torture. We were stuck, the lightning, light up the sky like a match in a room darkened for centuries. We were trapped, no way to escape.

    By Emma Park URL on 12.20.2011

  8. it crashes,
    with the gusto
    of a sworn enemy.
    it roars
    like lions
    screaming with pride
    after laying claim to
    another kill.
    it bellows
    and dark
    and under the guise of
    so that you’ll never
    it never really was your friend,
    just another hunter out
    for your blood.

    By NuSol URL on 12.20.2011

  9. It was the sound that scared her. It sounded like anger. Rage unleashed. Shaking, she crouched down low underneath the window, waiting to be struck down. But the lightning never came when she was ready for it. It always struck when she least expected. After she’d exhaled, and let her guard slip down, it would cut through the dark and blind her into fright again.

    By Soft URL on 12.20.2011

  10. The thunder cracked lightning flashed, “How long will this storm last mommy?” The little girl asked. Her mom replied with only a woriied look. The person on the new had told them to get out, to run. Her family was one of the few that still remained, to ride out the storm. They thought that this warning was just a bluff, that the storm would weaken before it did any damage. They were dead wrong. The storm lasted for days, tearing and clawing at the little house, determined to remain as long as possible. Everything has a limit to it. A week after the storm had began, the house let out a sickening groan, and the roof tore off in one piece. They were now in a much worse situation. The winds got ever stronger, as the storm was seemingly endless. The wind gusted, groan like a hungry monster. Her mother knew something was wrong. She threw the girl under a mattress, and the small girl watched as the winds snatched what was left of the house, and her parents. The last thing she saw of them was two writhing silouettes. She covered her ears, and rode out what was left. Detemined to make it through.

    By winkes URL on 12.20.2011

  11. the thunder made a booming sound as i screamed. right in fornt of me was a tornado! Lighting flashed as houses were lifted up into the dark black sky. I was running with my life coming to an end. all the sudden a house landed on me and then i new i was dead.

    By Lizzy URL on 12.20.2011

  12. Thunder strikes in the middle of a good dream. Dam, you’re rude. Let me just sleep a little bit longer, don’t remind me that my dream haven’t come true just yet. Quiet down, this is a good part.

    By Mel URL on 12.20.2011

  13. Her eyes looked like thunder as they watch them cross the floor. Sometimes it’s easier to yell at people without opening your mouth at all, sometimes it’s easier to hate them from a distance. She might be thunder, but she was going to cause damage like lightening.

    By Meg URL on 12.20.2011

  14. God claps
    The earth jolts
    White fire veins
    Lighting up
    Inky sky

    By Emer Wick URL on 12.20.2011

  15. The thunder is a rolling. It is big and loud. The children run in screaming and hide under my bed. The dog is outside howling and loves the rain as it falls on his nose.

    By teeda URL on 12.20.2011

  16. thunda! da na na na na na!
    in case you didnt get it,
    that was an acdc reference.
    i love thunder and lightning storms, especially when i’m up at my cottage. i always like them best when i’m under cover and safe. they scare me if i’m driving or out in the open.

    By marisa on 12.20.2011

  17. I wrote about thunder yesterday.

    By just582 URL on 12.20.2011

  18. The horrible shaking noises, roaring above the clouds as if from heaven itself. Soon there will be rain, and then lightning, followed by floods and winds and storms. But that’s all alright, as long as I’m inside safe, with you. Then we can sit and watch it all, from our high perch, a spot of tranquility on this eve of destruction.

    By Matt on 12.20.2011

  19. Boom. Boom. Crackle. Oomf.
    I don’t know why you came in my room.
    With your thunder.
    Let me enjoy my peace.

    By verbalgymnast URL on 12.20.2011

  20. BOOM! There was a flash of lightning outside. Did you know that lightning and thunder are the same thing? Thunder is just the sound of lightning.

    By Raina on 12.20.2011

  21. she saw the flash of light before she heard the noise- a loud, booming echo that shook the house. it complemented the steady beat of the rain as the storm raged on. she looked out the window at the dreary scene, feeling its darkness pressing down upon her shoulders.

    By Angie URL on 12.20.2011

  22. and lightning, thunder is “god” moving around his furniture, but I just think it’s loud and scary how can god be real when all he wants to do is scare us? I’ve no idea what lightning’s meant to stand for.. but I bet that’s scary too.

    By Leanne on 12.20.2011

  23. Zeus is the Greek god of thunder and lightning. Thunder happens during a storm. For some reason I sort of like thunderstorms. But not when the thunder is SO VERY LOUD.

    By Damaris URL on 12.20.2011

  24. It’s raining. I hate the rain. Last year, my cat died. He had a heart attack. Why? There was too much goddamn thunder. Poor lil’ fella couldn’t take it. Not anymore. No more thunder. No more rain. I’m putting an end to this madness.

    By elizabeth URL on 12.20.2011

  25. Loud, it’s so loud, I clap my hands over my ears to muffle the sounds. Fear courses through my body. Why am I such a child when I hear an ordinary sound?

    By jeanelaine URL on 12.20.2011