November 6th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “teach”

  1. I didn’t know much about the world, but what I did know of it was the intense wave of passion I felt grip my body. As I looked upon this boy with the olive skin and dark lashes, I knew he would soon teach me all that this sin had to offer.

    By Sondra Daugherty on 11.07.2012

  2. teach me
    teach me the way your body leans to the right
    when you lay on your side

    teach me the way your voice sounds
    when i lay my head on your chest

    teach me the way your face
    will age with time and wisdom
    after a few more years of

    By beckenbocker on 11.07.2012

  3. I guess I want to do it because I wanted someone to teach me. I was so lost for so long and I have begun to know finally what I know, but I had to teach myself. I want to help people learn to learn, think to think, to know that wondering and pondering are beautiful things. I want to help them do this; I don’t want to do it for them. I just want to help. I went so long wanting that myself.

    By Kara on 11.07.2012

  4. you are not a teacher
    and I dont like the way you think
    you are broken in your head
    and outside of it you need fixing too
    maybe I’m biased
    because teaching is meant to be beautiful
    and you are ugly like death.

    By Erin Shea on 11.07.2012

  5. every where you look people are around trying to teach others different things. it could be a new skill or just a new hobby, it doesn’t matter what you teach every one teaches. No one really notices when they are teaching, they simply just do it, they teach, they help,

    By Brooke-Lynn URL on 11.07.2012

  6. The ability to teach and learn is what separates us from the animals. The ability to show others and describe in detail is a uniquely human trait. And thank goodness-where would I be without all the knowledge that others have passed on to me?

    By dan URL on 11.07.2012

  7. I’m always being taught. In fact, I am about to go get “taught” right now, in class. I hate being taught about things I don’t want to learn about. It seems pointless. I also wish i could choose who teaches me. Doesnt seem fair.

    By Tyler on 11.07.2012

  8. My teacher likes to teach seventh and eighth grade.

    By tylerw URL on 11.07.2012

  9. i would’nt like to teach any class not even p.e

    By jakub URL on 11.07.2012

  10. lets teach the kids to play halo 4 or assassins creed 3.

    By luis on 11.07.2012

  11. I would’nt teach any class not even p.e

    By Jakub on 11.07.2012

  12. i teach my little brother how to play basketball . :)

    By xavier URL on 11.07.2012

  13. to teach is really lame it seems as if it would suck.

    By coltenr on 11.07.2012

  14. in my career i would never teach

    By Jakub on 11.07.2012

  15. i got to teach my mom how to dress for her date. and do her make up.

    By Alesha on 11.07.2012

  16. I will teach this class for today

    By danielb on 11.07.2012

  17. can you teach me

    By Charles on 11.07.2012

  18. There were so many things she had yet to teach him. The poor frivolous boy had been naive enough to abandon what he needed for simple wants. Another thing he never learned from her, Happiness is not money. She knew that he was better off here, yet she let him slip from between her fingers. That fancy pink car drove off with her very heart trapped inside. She never knew that the same things were roaming his thoughts. They never knew they were soul mates.

    By Nicole on 11.07.2012

  19. Teach your self. teach a friend. never stop learning. Keep your mind sharp by always reading and writing. Teachers have change me. I am a better person because of the teachers I have had in my life! I love my teachers.

    By amber on 11.07.2012

  20. I taught my friend to play a few chords on the guitar once. He sad he had always wanted to play an instrument and because I thought it would make him happy and make our friendship stronger I helped him to buy a guitar and taught him a few chords.

    By Bill on 11.07.2012

  21. I really love being a teacher. It makes me feel good. I think I can stay current in the world.

    By Mrs. Lane on 11.07.2012

  22. Just write. Just teach. Please teach yourself after what’s been taught. To teach is so glorious but humans are so flawed and competitive. What’s up teach? Do you remember when you doubted me? That taught me a lot. So much.

    By Kraw on 11.07.2012

  23. teach about the universe not this dumb shit we learn in school. teach about feelings, politics, things that are meaningful to the soul. who gives a shit about this life, its the after life this is eternal, teach us things that will contribute to the well being of our after life

    By Nicole URL on 11.07.2012

  24. The art of sharing what you know to someone who doesn’t. Parents can teach, teacher can teach, friends can teach, and especially life. Life teaches like nobody else does. Teaching is something that I hope I do someday. Is one of the greatest things in life.

    By Chantal on 11.07.2012

  25. I love to teach people new things and also to learn. I’m at school at the minute and most of my teachers are really kind and understanding to me even though we are working towards our GCSE’s at the moment and so student and teacher alike are very nervous. Writing this makes me quite nervous and also reminds me of the English Controlled Assesment that I have coming up on Monday. It’s about ‘Mice and Men’ by George Orwell and we have to write a monologue in the character of George who is one of the main characters in the book!!!

    By Katie Jankinson on 11.07.2012

  26. To teach is to show by example that application plus information can lead to obtaining aspirations.

    By Judy on 11.07.2012