July 28th, 2021 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “tape”

  1. Still magnetic medium for me, the good kind the rich kind. Sticky tape is disappointment, mundane, a poor substitute. Kansas city, 6250, helical scan …

    By Geezer D on 07.29.2021

  2. Tape is a good object to shut up your dumb face. Sometimes I wish I had the foresight to tape my lips shut before said that dumb shit. The way they looked at me then, the gulf in chest, I’d rather feel the tape rip out my hairs than feel that way again.

    By C C on 07.29.2021

  3. Tape. Tape. Tape. Where do I even begin with it? All I can think of right now is the paperone that is badly sticking to a dirty white wall or a ripped one. That being said,

    By bea on 07.29.2021

  4. im done with this tho?

    By no on 07.29.2021

  5. tape is very useful in a lot of ways u can think of.
    If u r talking about duct tape – it would be very helpful in sticking things unlike u can’t stick to a relationship..LOL
    If we r talking about film tapes then they too are very useful as they store music & movies which are a great source of entertainment,

    By Yash Sandeep Mittal on 07.29.2021

  6. gyAMWhBPIJOdb

    By KZQwAiNhbOkocfWl URL on 07.29.2021