November 11th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “sympathy”

  1. feelings and pity for others homeless people helping people out famore

    By kenneth on 11.13.2014

  2. Bravery and courage to do what ever you want. You are able to do the right thing
    without any one telling you no or you cant

    By Kameron Wilson on 11.13.2014

  3. it takes a very good person to have is a very good job to have

    By charli on 11.13.2014

  4. bravery honest happy being one man own up to it do what u want stay focus just have god and he will lead you to the right path be good be happy and stay ongod

    By jaden williams on 11.13.2014

  5. She looked at the beggars at the side of the road. Help, they cried. Some held signs. War Veteran, one assured. She looked at them, sympathized with them, and put twenty dollars in their cold hands.

    By Emily on 11.13.2014

  6. sympathy is a good thing that you use to share. it proofs that you care about someone and this proofs that you still need to show sympathy. And also you have to need to be there for someone and what someone show to you.

    By Gabrielle Gray on 11.13.2014

  7. sympathy is when you feel bad about something you do and try to make it up because you feel sympathy

    By Jordan Robinson URL on 11.13.2014

  8. sympathy is having too much heart. not like courage heart. like being sorry for everything and everyone no matter how bad they did something or how something happens to them or thing. caring for something too much no matter what

    By CJ Wilson on 11.13.2014

  9. To feel bad for somebody

    By Ken Sledge URL on 11.13.2014

  10. sympathy is your feeling

    By Hershel on 11.13.2014

  11. sympathy is having too much heart. not like courage heart. like being sorry for everything and everyone no matter how bad they did something or how something happens to them or thing. caring for something too much no matter what always being too soft and snuggle wubble too its just crazt

    By CJ Wilson on 11.13.2014

  12. im sad about losing my grandmother and felling down about my grades i wish i can go back in time to see my grandmother i want to love feel and smell her like i used to we used to have fun together we ate pizza while watching movies we used to talk about boys and ect. im hungry i DONT like sye james so STOP asking

    By isabella on 11.13.2014

  13. Sympathy is something I don’t seem to feel since I moved to Maryland. Most Baltimoreans drown themselves in heroine. Half of Baltimore is part of the zombie heroine apocalypse. Being a sober person in a wasted city is very scary at times. I have sympathy for my co-residents but they cannot seem to see past their addictions. I feel that Baltimore would be a better place if more of its’ residents cared about the city they live in. I also cannot afford the cost of living in Maryland and have become the working poor in Maryland. I used to feel like a middle class citizen in Colorado due to the inexpensive rent. But in Maryland the rent is so expensive I feel that I am on the verge of homelessness on a regular basis. It is hard to love the area you live in when you feel that you are not wanted here because you do not earn enough money to be accepted as a “normal” person. I love to be around my family but it is a daily struggle to keep my head above water financially.

    By Jessica Anuszkiewicz URL on 11.13.2014

  14. Feeling bad for homeless people and people with no food.Especially Smelly Gabe and Ares. Its a good thing he is gone. I also feel bad for people with no food

    By Kameron Wilson on 11.13.2014

  15. being too soft and snuggle wubble caring too much about someone or something its just crazy

    By CJ Wilson on 11.13.2014

  16. sympathy is a crazy felling.

    By Preston Hunt on 11.13.2014

  17. helping people out feelings for the not so lucky ones helping senior citizens cross the street and getting up

    By Kenneth Rogers URL on 11.13.2014

  18. someone having some thing special and careing what they are doing support for what they are doing

    By destiny URL on 11.13.2014

  19. Compassion oozed out of his bones,
    All over the floor,
    Creating a slippery, yet cushioned surface,
    Which Rachel would fall into
    and Again
    and Again,
    Never leaving the house without it.
    Never knowing how to leave without it.

    By Siege URL on 11.13.2014

  20. All that talk of the devil and what he had done to her turned off most of the ladies in the neighborhood quilting bee. But Gloria, oh Gloria!, she was a real card and thought it was hilarious. The better part of the hour she kept prodding her to tell more while the others kept refilling their tea in the kitchen and gossiping under their breath.

    By Bryan URL on 11.13.2014

  21. I cannot help but feel sympathy for myself. I see myself in rearview mirrors, much younger and with no beard, much more free and with no fear. That is the me who holds sympathy, projected far forward through time. If only I could go back and recollect.

    By Wade Smit on 11.13.2014