November 11th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “sympathy”

  1. I don’t always like sympathy. I think it’s a rather weak word and character trait. I never particularly want someone’s sympathy. Then it means I’ve reached a point of weakness and lowliness. Empathy, there’s something much more powerful. Sympathy is for the privileged and disconnected to sigh and “aw” about some charity’s money-hungry sob story. Empathy changes the power dynamic.

    By Beth on 11.11.2014

  2. sympathy is when someone makes you feel better when your sad.

    By WriteNow on 11.11.2014

  3. I went to school one day to find my best friend sitting in the corne crying. When I asked her what was wong, she told me that her grandpa had passed away that night. I

    By bob on 11.11.2014

  4. “Very few people,” Professor Anway told me, “earn my sympathy. And before you ask, yes, sympathy is a thing to be earned. No crocodile tears sway me in any plight you have. You must suffer a certain kind of struggle to garner my attention.”

    He poured himself another glass of water, ignoring the drumming my fingers made on my chair.

    “That’s all well and good,” I replied, “but it doesn’t change the fact that my father’s death has hindered me quite a bit in my work, regardless of whether or not I have ‘earned’ your attention.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.11.2014

  5. I had no sympathy for her. This time she brought this doom on herself and I was not about to stand in again and take his wrath for her. I warned her, I really did but she just refused to listen. Well family or no family I am tired of getting burned for her foolishness.

    By Souls URL on 11.11.2014

  6. She had always hated sympathy, in any form. She’d always seen it as a kinder, more patronizing version of pity. People would always apologise when they saw her scars, when they were told about the Drowning. As though it was their fault. As though they could have done anything, anything to stop it.

    By Key on 11.11.2014

  7. I am not one to always sympathize with others. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t always appease me to do so. Like, I know why others do it, i know why I should do it, and I feel worse and worse each time I don’t do it, but I just can’t do it.
    Until, of course, I met him.
    I mean, god, I may be weird, possible a sociopath, but, I mean, sociopaths are humans too, right?

    By Jazmyn on 11.11.2014

  8. compassion, grief, healing, empathy consideration, listening, feelings,

    By Wendy Groomes on 11.11.2014

  9. “You have my deepest sympathies, of course, but that doesn’t change-”
    “Doesn’t change WHAT, maester? That most of my family is gone? That, after fifteen years of living in another land beneath an entirely different set of expectations, I’m suddenly the heir to a throne I never wanted?”
    He moved to interrupt but she cut him off with a shake of her head. “No, ser, you’re absolutely right. My feelings certainly don’t change that. Any of it,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.11.2014

  10. jf
    between heat and the moment a young girls eyes looking into me, like all the rest sympathy shone through. No! this is not what i want, stop it all of you.

    By janice on 11.11.2014

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    By janice URL on 11.11.2014

  12. Sympathy is something you feel when you look at someone and you want to help them so bad,. You just want to reach out and wrap them in your arms and never let them get hurt again. You feel it everywhere, mostly in your chest.

    By Amanda Walker on 11.11.2014

  13. he didn’t want sympathy.
    he wanted success, and power, and domination, and to win.

    god, all he wanted was to win.

    he didn’t want sympathy for his fucking faulty ankle.

    he didn’t want to be in this position; here lying on the floor of the volleyball court, staring up at the ceiling his eyes filling with tears.

    By babbitly on 11.11.2014

  14. sympathy

    i am sorry
    dear sir
    but i cannot find it
    i am looking under the folds
    of your skin
    and behind the sockets of your eyes
    but in the purplish blue gray greens
    i am just losing myself and i cannot find your
    though it lurks around your ears
    dank musty moist
    i cannot find it in-between your toes
    or on your teeth

    By sevenwords on 11.11.2014

  15. I couldn’t imagine not caring about my emotions. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to not feel sympathy. I hear that psychopaths are defined by their inability to. They must be like emotional lepers.

    By dan URL on 11.11.2014

  16. its about caring about peoples feelings. feeling sorry for others. putting yourself in another persons shoes.

    By Karina on 11.11.2014

  17. Sympathy is a funny word
    sympathetic to your cause, your worries, your stories
    sympathy and empathy and two very different things
    Through the white lens sympathy takes the place of empathy
    buckets could be filled with your white tears and white guilt
    I don’t need your feelings
    be active and save your sympathy

    By dj on 11.11.2014

  18. Sympathy for the devil, there’s a saying like that, no? And yet, I find I feel bad for someone who’s chastised for something they did wrong. Maybe I just like to believe there’s good in everyone, but maybe there’s also a flaw in that train of thought.

    By Ashi URL on 11.11.2014

  19. Everyone deserves it, love, necessity. Gifts. Community. Friends. Humanity. Life.

    By Maggie on 11.11.2014

  20. He nuzzled her shoulder, but Sanji continued staring straight ahead.

    “You know I’m here for you,” he said. “And I always will.”

    After a moment, she pulled her neck back from his touch and pulled his hand from her arm. “Thanks,” she said.

    By Yona on 11.11.2014

  21. It is hard for me to feel sympathy today when the world just turns its back on people’s problems as if they were just not there!

    By Greg on 11.11.2014

  22. I am a master of sympathy. I am so brilliant at it. I value you, you value me less. I still love you; you can hate me. I sympathize when you cry, you laugh when I do. Why do I love others more than myself? Why is it something that I feel so compelled to do? Why is sympathy one of my best traits?

    By Cortney on 11.11.2014

  23. To feel sympathy towards someone is to be human.
    It is to connect with another being.
    It is to live.

    By nyaaawn on 11.11.2014

  24. Coerce their concern!
    SYMPATHY is weak, fickle;
    Make our problems … theirs!

    […then results may actually arrive in assistance from
    those that cannot intrinsically empathize with another’s plight.]
    -L’ Apotheosis inspired.

    I have sympathy for few
    Yet empathy for many
    The few complain of boredom as if the only scourge they knew
    Yet the poor and threatened, the many, have no such luxury
    Daily we are tested, fight, harmed, and must will strength.
    True Redbloods, we ever to bluebloods, prove our superiority.

    By ! Haiku-mann ! on 11.11.2014

  25. There was always some kind of sympathy when one went down to the dock and looked out over the water, imagining fishes biting at your leg hairs, or just the sand between your toes squeezing up between them, never better than a day where time stood still.

    By Rmund on 11.11.2014

  26. The card sat at her bedside, daring her to pick it up in all it’s garish cheerfulness. She hadn’t read it. She couldn’t. It wasn’t supposed to be there.

    Dead people weren’t supposed to have sympathy for the living.

    She turned her back on it and pulled the covers up to her chin.

    By Lati_Da on 11.11.2014

  27. She was standing at the graveside, crying; like they all do. Everyone she knew was walking past her and giving her their condolences. No one else was crying. Her kids were angry. She wish she understood why.

    By Lita on 11.11.2014

  28. The catastrophe that befell them was the very worse kind. It was the kind that left them on their knees, fearful of almost everything. And yet it was the kind of catastrophe that did not evoke compassion from onlookers. There was no sympathy from the marauding crowd. There was more fun, you see, in being witness to the mighty who had fallen. So the voyeurs swallowed the lie, the great fat disgusting lie, because it was delicious and titillating and they could not resist it.

    By bb333 on 11.11.2014

  29. Sympathy is a thing that some lack and some have. I believe that sympathy is a very important thing for everyone to have because if you do not have sympathy, people will find it really hard to be your friend. I believe that because they want to have sympathy when people share with you, and sympathy is a thing that people appreciate. It makes people think that you care for them. Sympathy is an aspect, like empathy and compassion which elevates you as a being.

    By Eunice on 11.11.2014

  30. For me I give none.
    For you I give some.
    For me you give all.
    For you, you give.

    By NPCarter on 11.12.2014

  31. Sympathy means having the heart to feel for the other person’s pain, anger, sadness and difficulties. Often, people who have sympathy also have a higher ability to empathize with people. But it’s important not to confuse the two. The former means the ability to take pity, where as the latter is more about the ability to feel the other person’s feelings like your own.

    By lauren on 11.12.2014

  32. I don’t like the concept of sympathy. I feel like the moment I get someone’s sympathy, the person who supplies it perceives me as weak. I am not weak. Therefore, I do not need sympathy.

    By Erika-Anne Therese on 11.12.2014

  33. If he had any sympathy he didn’t show it. The daemon would pray on those sympathy’s and he would fall.

    By Ithilum on 11.12.2014

  34. Your eyes appeared sympathetic… they ripped their way into my soul. Your eyes, so deep, so blue, impaled me like steely, January icicles… a toxic blend of feeling sympathetic and nothing, or even hatred all at once melting… horrifically seeping, creeping through my veins. The pain and weight of that stare is heart breaking… bone shattering… The toxicity, excrutiatingly liquifying me… I absolutely cannot bare your sympathy…

    By Emily on 11.12.2014

  35. I laughed, standing tall above his prostrate figure. “Who do you think you are?”

    He grimaced, looking up at me. His eyes bore a hole into my conscience.

    As if by magic, I saw his past, laid out like a map. I faltered.

    By betaveros on 11.12.2014

  36. When sympathy isn’t real, it’s apathy.

    By Brenton on 11.12.2014

  37. Ohara didn’t expect any progress, or any sympathy, from the police. Their hands were tied, since defying a court order was not actually a crime. They didn’t like getting involved in domestic matters anyway, because there was rarely an independent witness, and thus little chance of an arrest leading to a prosecution. Cases like that made their case resolution statistics look worse, and a lot of time was wasted playing marriage counselors to people who would probably forgive each other long before anything got to court.
    But Ohara had to go anyway, as he had learned nine years before, to maintain the paper trail that would eventually prove that Dave had never given up trying to find his children.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.12.2014

  38. Sympathy is different thought then empathy.
    Sympathy is feeling sympathetic for someone, where as empathy is being in their shoes.
    Look? SymPATHETIC. Sympathy is not a strong as empathy.
    (true, emPATHETIC, but. You get my point.

    By No one. on 11.12.2014

  39. Her sympathy for the homeless was great. Even greater now knowing that lawmakers were making it against the law to feed the homeless in many cities. What is to become of our Nation as people if we are going to do things like this instead of finding ways to help instead and make a positive change.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.12.2014

  40. “You’ll get no sympathy from me,” said the buff blue-haired guy in a poor attempt to be intimidating. Cue meme that lasts for years.

    By Kirbop on 11.12.2014